(・ω・)ノ hello!

my name is Amy, & I am very new to mastodon. I joined because I’m a bisexual front-end developer, so it sounded apt hah

When I’m not breaking the front-end of websites and software, I like to draw comics, make zines, and wander around in nature.

Currently, I post comics on instagram:

^ working on syndicating from my website, eventually.

@amy Welcome to the fediverse. I saw on your resume the bit about working on Firefox's new page tab and the 400 million daily sessions and just instantly went. "Mmmmm, sweet sweet anxiety." 😆 Hopefully you handle that better than I would!

@distractedmosfet thank you! --and big mood!
I actually looked up the general figure once I moved to a different team just so I could update my resume. Am low-key glad I was fairly unware, because I was rather new to working on the browser at the time. 😅

@amy As you have moved to the good side, ;-), have you thought of posting your comics to ? #fediverse

@arin_basu :ms_eyes: oooh, that looks very cool. I am still wrapping my head around the fediverse -- can you post from mastodon? It looks like some folks have their mastodon server username.

@amy Hi Amy, sort of. In reality, you will need to create a separate account at pixelfed instances and then post your photos there. Then you can link it from Mastodon. This is the advantage of #fediverse, where one account can access everything everywhere.
So, say my acct at is @arinbasu and say I post something there. If I follow "me" at, I can pull in that post here.
Or, you can use the #tusky app on android or #mastodon app on IOS to post using a single acct

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