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I suppose since I'm on a new server, I should also put out my occasional reminder to build out a spice library.

Spices can last a while, especially frozen. Don't clear a shelf, but when you have a little extra, pop for "psst..." brand if you see it. Cheap and the quality is fine. It'll give you the basics.

Once you have the basics, maybe pop for something interesting. Good spices can make anything amazing. I have dressed stuff from a can into gourmet flavors without having to use much.

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stickers arrived. colors look nice. finish is this matte "semi-gloss" instead of the shiny vinyl, which looks tasteful but less weather proof, though the shop assured me these are great for outdoors

US Ikea says no plans to discontinue Blåhaj plushies, seems to be a UK-only discontinuation

Frank Welker is the original voice for the animated cartoon character Fred from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (1969) and 52 years later continues to voice him (and now Scooby) for the new cartoon adaptations.

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Anyway, you should absolutely counterfeit. I’m Highly Invested. I’ve been playing since Revised and started EDH in 2012. I got my Mana Crypt by mailing in the coupon in the back of the novel. Etc. etc. But I don’t care. Go ahead and hurt my collection’s value. The powerful cards are fun and everyone should have access to them. Just mark the backs so they don’t accidentally enter circulation and rip people off down the line.

/r/bootlegmtg has info.


Players were frustrated so they put out an awesome set, their best product of 1995, Chronicles. It didn’t have Juzam or Lotus, but it had a lot of good stuff from the sets you couldn’t get. But it upset their true customers (stores sitting on reserve stock or expensive singles) so they declared it a mistake and created the Reserve List.

The RL is never going away. Whatever they could get selling Loot Drop dual lands wouldn’t be worth the loss in confidence from large singles vendors.


Starting in 1994 was so frustrating. The marketing material then was Black Lotus, Chaos Orb, and Juzam Djinn. The coolest cards were in Arabian Nights (nonexistent) and Legends (already over $10 a pack) when all you could find was Fallen Empires.

They could have made more immediate money printing Legends to demand rather than rushing out Fallen Empires. But sales alone weren’t the point. The cards were supposed to be expensive and hard to find. That’s always been the business model.

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There’s this myth that Magic was conceived in innocence. Garfield didn’t think anyone would spend more than $30 etc.

But Peter Adkison danced in the parking lot when he heard the idea. It wasn’t Garfield printing the very first edition on counterfeit proof cardstock, rushing out new cards rather than meeting demand for the early sets, taking away the Power 9 after less than a year. They knew they had a gold mine and the game was engineered to be an overpriced collectible from day zero.

#fediblock if you want to avoid crypto users spamming you. I've seen lots of people talking about them now - they're mass-following people and pushing the same cryptocurrency.

Show thread So uh... spammy? Four of these users followed me within a short time frame this morning. It's all bitcoin crypto crap.

*some players

OMG. Well, I was in a rush. XD

Regardless, I know I was complaining about it before, but contemporary media is too short on happy endings. Sad endings happen, but they need to be used as a tool like anything else. Otherwise they lose their emotional impact.

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I just came up with such an epic way to reintroduce a character who the player last sees with a tragic ending I almost cried in the shower.

And it makes so much sense for the world at large. Hell, I expect some characters to cry just seeing him alive in a large event as a cameo. Seeing him alive, well, and happy is probably going to get some real reactions.

anti-vaxxer meme, twitter screenshot 

not related to the anti-vaxxer i subtweeted, still funny and highly relevant though


The first Westerner to compete in a professional Tuvan/Mongolian throat singing competition was a blind blues musician who discovered the style through a Russian radio broadcast

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For children of anti-vax parents in the UK:

You can consent for your own medical treatments after the age of 16. If you're under 16 you can give consent for yourself without your parents' permission if the person providing it thinks you have "enough intelligence, competence and understanding to fully appreciate what's involved in [your] treatment".

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discontinuing blåhaj is a big mistake

RT Hello. I'm sorry that BLAHAJ isn't available at the moment, due to supply issues. It may only be available for a short period of time as it is set to be discontinued from April 2022. I shall log your comments in relation to this. Thanks - Alex


Voice actors in animation do several unusual things to better their performance in character roles, including putting ground coffee under their tongue, speaking behind a pencil and lots of gesticulating.

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Two scientists created the ‘Sea-thru’ algorithm that alters underwater photos to show what the colors ‘really’ look like.

Original tweet :

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