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I suppose since I'm on a new server, I should also put out my occasional reminder to build out a spice library.

Spices can last a while, especially frozen. Don't clear a shelf, but when you have a little extra, pop for "psst..." brand if you see it. Cheap and the quality is fine. It'll give you the basics.

Once you have the basics, maybe pop for something interesting. Good spices can make anything amazing. I have dressed stuff from a can into gourmet flavors without having to use much.

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Also, all brands are decidedly not equal. I drank Folgers for years because that's what Mom always got before having the best coffee of my life up to that point at my uncle's. I immediately assumed it was some specialty brand, but she encouraged me to ask him anyway and the answer was... Maxwell House. Just plain, off-the-shelf Maxwell House.

Seriously, it's legitimate to not like coffee, but if you're drinking it anyway, there's probably one you like better.

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Okay, this is amusing. This person is taking advantage of Rust not having built in protection against cosmic ray induced memory bit flips to have a software based cosmic ray detector.

Hi, I repair and restore all kinds of electronics from the 1960's to the present day, and right now folk are saying some absolutely bonkers things about cheap secondhand graphics cards that have been used for cryptocurrency.

Normally I'd say aye, buy secondhand electronics, every time. I haven't bought new electronics in years.

Secondhand electronics that were designed to run about 3 hours a day for two years and have been running flat-out 24/7?

AVOID. I know what I'm talking about here.


I decided to buy a dark roast of coffee along with more medium roast just to give it another chance. Answer: I mean it's drinkable, but I still vastly prefer a medium roast.

I know this is like the quintessential story on people not actually knowing what they like, but I would encourage people to try medium and light roasts before they decide they just don't like coffee. Not even just black; cream and sugar aren't dirty words. They might interact with a different roast in a way you like.

@Siph semi-related, they found the bug in the SMB code that led to 'minus world' and it's actually related to a scrolling bug

Let me tell you the parable of the counting bone

There was a bone found in Africa at an ancient site. Carefully inscribed around it were deep scratches in measured groups

The man who found it declared “aha! This bone is the first evidence of mathematics!”

A few years later, after careful study another man declared “aha! This bone counts days to help understand the phases of the moon!”

And a few years later a woman studied the bone and said “aha! This bone counts days so a woman can track her cycle, to make it easier for her to get pregnant!”

And a few years after that another woman studied the bone and said “aha! This bone counts days so a woman can track her cycle, to make it easier for her to AVOID getting pregnant!”

This is the parable of the counting bone

please boost, money beg 

I might finally have a job in the next little while, so hopefully won't have to do this much longer, but as it stands I still don't have enough income to pay rent again for next month, so if anyone can help out at all it would be much appreciated

💜 Thank you very much for any boosts or donations

Second coat. The other side took either three or four coats, I can't remember.

Originally these would've been sprayed in one pass using a compressor-powered automotive sprayer, metal stencils, and some kinda horribly nasty paint that wouldn't be legal today.

Lead paint in houses was banned in the late 70's, but was still legal in commercial applications like this. Don't sand pinball cabinets inside your house!

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The European Space Agency is preparing to upgrade the software of the Mars Express orbiter, currently in orbit around Mars.

Its current software is based on Windows 98 and was last updated 19 years ago.

Very in-depth social engineering Discord scam, PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY :boost_requested: 

I've never seen a Discord scam like this, and I almost fell for it. A hacked account will DM you with "bro idk if you're being impersonated or what but they exposed your dms in [INSERT SERVER HERE] with that girl and like what the fuck?? im sorry but i dont associate with those types of people so if you cant explain it then i will be blocking you." and immediately block you.

Upon joining the server, it'll ask you to verify with Wick bot, but it's a fake Wick bot that asks you to scan your Discord mobile app for QR code verification.

I’ve done this poll already a few years ago but I don’t really remember the answer.

To you, which of these video game glitches feel the most well-known? Do you think a video game glitch not in this list is more well-known by the public?

Vote and boost if you want!

looking for work, boost appreciated 

Hello Fedi can you get me hired?

I’m looking for #jobs, preferably as #contractor, in #translation. I do Chinese—English and vice versa.

I have experience in translating news articles, political opinion pieces, research papers, technical documentation, and poetry. While working for a news website, I also took on additional fact-checking as part of my job in translation.

I have no trouble tackling the most dense jargons of theoretical physics, nor massaging the rhyme and metre of a verse in order to evoke the original‘s aesthetics.

I believe strongly in cultural sensitivity and empathy in a translator’s work.

In addition to English, I’m also learning French, Russian, and Sanskrit for fun.

Under the tag #VerseThursday you can find some of my translations. Be warned, there are gay stuff.

I am currently employed full-time, but I am looking for additional sources of income and satisfaction.

DMs are ok, thanxx

using duckduckgo's app tracking protection and one app stands out from the crowd

Three months, two hotels, and two room changes later, I’m in something resembling stability for the duration of the rebuild.

I don’t want to go into detail for personal security reasons, but if you’re here, you probably came through one of my many shares on Mastodon where I occasionally mentioned the people I live with make me fear for my safety.

One of the scenarios I worried about happened.

[continued @ the link]

I'm not even going to BEGIN to attempt to pick apart Anvil of Dawn. Only like 3 people have ever heard of it anyway for the sake of footage or forum threads and it's one of the few games that old I have very few spoilers on, so I'd like to eventually experience it all the way through in relative innocence. XD

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2638. Extended NFPA Hazard Diamond 

title text: With most labs, the hushed horror stories are about something like dimethylmercury or prions, but occasionally you'll get a weird lab where it's about the soda machine or the drop ceiling.


That's actually something I really like about Anvil of Dawn: all 5 choices are champions; you just happen to be the one chosen as the secret weapon.

Anvil of Dawn is like, the last dungeon crawler of the era and basically tried to fix all the problems of its forebears. It has plenty of its OWN, not least the myriad ways it lets you screw yourself over, even minutes into the game, but it certainly is a THOUGHTFUL game. Not better than Lands of Lore, but still good and with very good ideas.

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Though to be entirely fair, playing the game with all 4 in parallel doesn't sound terrible? The game never does say what the others end up doing. Does King Richard pick one and tell the others to go home? Seems odd that 3 would-be heroes would just go "WELP" and live a comfortable life on a farm milking cows.

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