The preexistence of the soul is in fact a fairly widespread esoteric doctrine, so yep.

Dolores Cannon's hypnotic regression studies come to mind.

We might all actually be Lovecraftian aliens who forgot who we were and now get terrified every time "our people" turn up in our dreams to check on us

which would be utterly hilarious and also very much in keeping with the whole slapstick comedy-disaster theme of this planet.

If I could ever get a GIF to bloody work, anyway...

I'll deal with it in the morning.


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To anoint this account with a little before bed, here's Lucas, a Geomancer, casting.

His right hand represents the stone, magma, and hard and turbulent aspects of the land. Despite its roiling appearance, the loops are quite solid. His left hand with the rising haze represents the soft aspects of sand and soil.

By engineering a glowing Venus flytrap, researchers were able to visualize how the plant signals itself to close.

asking for financial help, urgent, plz boost if u can 

hey y'all, sorry to do this again. we had a reduction in benefits due to me getting a small adult dependant's grant from student finance, and it's gonna be a 2 week wait on my student finance

we now have less than £20 to last until it comes through and i'm stressed as heck rn and it's messing with my health

my commissions are open but i'm only taking on a couple of them cuz of my workload right now and there's a 2+week wait

or if anyone can donate that would be awesome paypal.me/n7loren​

you: "I need some kinda material to make my costume out of..."

me: *shakes all my shedded fur off* "I'm helping"

Some of ya'll fit into one of these two categories 😉

"War(ehouse) of the Worlds" A social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings trying to build Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Neofeud 1:
Itch: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
#cyberpunk #cyberpunkisnow #adventuregame

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Reminder that companies do not want your fan art, and the only proper way to create anything using Nintendo properties is with a fucking contract: feedproxy.google.com/~r/techdi

COVID, e-begging 

Also buying prints also helps, If you'd like a neat t-shirt or something.


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COVID, e-begging 

We no longer have an income.

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COVID, e-begging 

One of my bf's coworkers has self-reported COVID symptoms. I'm disabled (ASD, OCD, PTSD, etc) and have asthma and a terrible immune system, and he's our only income earner.

There's a good chance we might have been infected if this kid actually is tested positive, most of my bf's coworkers think this is a hoax and don't bother with hygiene. We might lose our income and need to get tested ourselves soon.

If you have the means to help, we're needing it.



Chloe Eudaly and Jo Ann Hardesty are pushing in city hall to defund the Portland Police another 18 million dollars. Specifically targeting defunding the riot cops and SERT (portland's SWAT team). They are directly citing the protests as the reason why.

@Tailsteak Where is the option for "research the correlation and find the cause, because it's probably not the gum"? Because in real life these scenarios are 90% not the gum and all these measures are time-wasters until research turns up the real cause?

This thing has been sitting in my greenhouse for a few years now unfinished due to other parts issues, but with those resolved I might actually be able to use it.

Assuming it's compatible with Windows 10...

It was an older unit when I bought it, TBH. And it needs pretty specific 3D software (not included) to work.

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