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I suppose since I'm on a new server, I should also put out my occasional reminder to build out a spice library.

Spices can last a while, especially frozen. Don't clear a shelf, but when you have a little extra, pop for "psst..." brand if you see it. Cheap and the quality is fine. It'll give you the basics.

Once you have the basics, maybe pop for something interesting. Good spices can make anything amazing. I have dressed stuff from a can into gourmet flavors without having to use much.

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RT,, Secretary

YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY release ALL #transgender people, people with #HIV, people with medical conditions, as well as ensure they have resources to live safely after being released!

#EndTransDetention NOW!



New Wearable Device Turns Your Body Into a Biological Battery

TL;DR: They know it sounds exactly like The Matrix, but it's only good enough to power a watch through the band.

Still, it would mean an end to watch batteries.

JKR: *releases book series about a school where a quarter of the student body are neo-nazis and they all hang out together in their own private common room and that's probably fine and should stay that way because neo-nazis aren't really thaaat bad, i mean, maybe you, the fan, could even be in Nazi House, take our quiZ!*

Fanbase: i can't believe she turned out to be a bad person

Cub mention 

An artist I used to frequently commission just sent me cub

If you follow Yomari on FA HIGHLY recommend tyou give him an unfollow

URGENT crowdfunding for HIV+ queer artist ($2155/$4000)

My friend's brother (an amazing queer artist) has just been diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. The family's insurance company denied their claims due to the nature of his complications but without insurance they cannot afford his treatment. Please give and/or boost within the next week to literally save a life.

Donate here:

If you're on birdsite you can retweet this post:

Alt-text for the image provided.


There is some dickhead academic at Melbourne Uni who has made a website with a form for people to submit evidence of “men invading women-only spaces” and the web form seems to submit straight to their email without sanity checks and it would be a real shame if a someone, say a friend of mine, hooked it up to an infinite loop posting random paragraphs of slashfic every 20 seconds.

"What have I told you about this?"

The princess wagged her finger at the dragon, who sadly removed her comical bowler hat and spinning bow-tie.

"No," the princess growled, "You know I'm fully supportive of your comedy career! I meant them!"
She gestured at the fearful serfs crammed into a hanging cage, "This is not what captive audience means."

"But nobody comes to my shows!" the dragon whined.

"Because you keep doing things like this!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Work (+/~) 

Like, the grass is always greener, and I haven't settled in yet, but I'm at a desk with one of those fake mask waivers hanging at the ready and I know the owner is exactly that kind of person, so I'm just sitting like I have the Sword of Damocles above me because I'm obligated to touch his equipment and can't get comfortable. And I won't have my old desk back despite it being unused, since I'll be at a float desk with my laptop. And I just feel exposed, too.

It all just feels wrong.

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Work (+/~) 

It just seems like as much as everyone likes me being here, today had a bunch of asterisks.

I had hoped to get authentic Mexican, but instead I ended up with chocolate addressed to me from Xmas (not opened, but would have been nice to know?) and a vending machine sandwich.

I just have all the mixed feelings. Never realized how much baggage was attached to this branch. And I just kinda want to escape, but I'm trapped.

Maybe my home branch will feel better. I'll be there, too.

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Work (+/~) 

Well, the CIO was all smiles seeing me.

Also realizing that I absolutely will be here alone after dark with a drive on country roads.

Also it feels wrong to not have an apartment in walking distance anymore. I actually had to eat in the break room because I didn't want to spend too much time (I forgot everything it took to get here TBH and was very late, but came anyway because I said I would, and also had to borrow a desk because nobody said I had no hardware or told me anything).

Asking for money, Food, Cannabis, HRT 

Okay, so maybe instead of waiting until the very end of the month I’ll ask now.

I don’t have enough money and need help. My bank account currently has $5 in it. I still owe my landlord $50 for rent this month. I owe my other roommate/mechanic $50 for changing my oil and doing some other work on my car (he also says my serpentine belt has lasted a remarkably long time, and recommends I replace it soon).

My new job has started, but they’re only giving me about 8 hours per week so far (at about $13/hour), so even if that picks up next week, I can already tell I’m going to be well short of rent ($600) by the end of the month.

In the meantime, I’m almost out of food again, both my estradiol and spironalactone ran out today, and I can’t afford to buy more weed for my anxiety.

As the saying goes, anything helps, including boosts. I’m gonna leave this pinned to my profile for as long as I need to.

Work (-) 

Although by the time I scheduled vacation and reached out to ask about transferring back, yes, I was blowing off meetings and absolutely drowning, trying to convince myself to clock in. Things are better, BUT, if I don't recover fast enough to make a go of it, then fine. It's not like I haven't had several backup plans for years. I've needed them. This is not new and I know what to expect.

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Work (-) 

Well. That was certainly a meeting. After a bunch of cheeriness, new boss made it clear she'd heard things about my time and skipping meetings and that she hoped it was just because of my situation and that if it was an issue again with her she'd hate to walk me out because she understands how much they need me and if that isn't whiplash I don't know what is.

TBH, I have no problem seeking an exit, but this was a first choice because I felt I would be appreciated. Which I guess?

this same mod (actually the instance admin! 🙂) goes on to frame the person saying "fuck off nazi" as The Real Violator. amazing.

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