Thinking about when the wall of the salt warehouse collapsed and it turned out to just be full of loose salt, like a child might imagine

This was like a local version of the suez boat where the news was like “but what does this mean about the Supply Chain” and everyone I know was just “haha salt came out”

@prehensile So in the great maple syrup heist, they just had to drill a hole in the building, causing the syrup inside to pour out.

@prehensile Making a hole in the outer wall of Fort Knox and the gold bars start pouring out.

@prehensile @owl by drilling a hole in the salt building causing everybody to come to take a look at the salt pile, leaving the bank unguarded and unattended

@owl @prehensile you gotta be careful with that sort of thing, the city of Boston knows that you don't want to let large quantities of syrup do as it pleases

*showing up outside the warehouse*
Hey I'd like some *checks shopping list* salt

@prehensile it's when you see them moving it around with common earth moving hardware you get freaked out.

@LovesTha @prehensile a lot of salt comes from terrifyingly large underground salt caverns larger than many cities where it is mined with equipment the size of houses. some of it is made from evaporating various earth elixirs, i guess. if thats more ur thing.

@June @prehensile I'm familiar with the equipment, but I've only touched it when covered in coal dust

@prehensile I am surprised there's even a building, usually salt is just stored in piles in the open with maybe some kind of floor that will prevent rain from washing it into the ground

@prehensile they seriously dumped bulk materials against an unreinforced masonry wall? And somehow expected that this wouldn't happen???

@matias93 the best part is that the exact same thing happened 20 years earlier and they just rebuilt the wall the same way

@matias93 @prehensile reminded of the bit of every WTYP with “and it never happened again except in *worryingly long list of years*”

@prehensile imagining the phone call from the owners of those cars to their insurance

Yeah my car is full of salt. Won’t start now. Too much salt

@cinebox no no, more salt than that. a lot of salt. sorry, I can't check the VIN, it's under the salt

@prehensile god I must’ve passed by this building a million times. I had no idea the wall collapsed. this is incredible

@prehensile (in passive-aggressive voice) "now is THAT enough seasoning for you?"

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