advent of code day 4 

Regex is a dumb way to validate numbers but no one can stop me from doing it anyway

Shout out to everyone who spent lunch period playing Little Fighter 2 in the computer lab

It can replace one of the unnecessary letters. I don’t think anyone really needs K. It’s just a sharp C

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Good morning! I think we can all agree that my new av should be a unicode standard emoji

My avatar looks like I stepped away for 3 seconds and came back to see the cat drinking my water

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I just ran across the phrase "Dragon trainer" at work and it took me a good minute to figure out it's a reference to the speech-to-text software

Didn't think I'd wrap up today as a pseudo-legendary dragon/flying type but life comes at you fast

Like I’d be tempted to name myself after this album if I hadn’t done it preemptively

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These lyrics are precision engineered to make trans girls cry on late autumn afternoons

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Thank u spotify for drawing my attention to this album, which was made specifically for me

I will do the pokemon av thing if someone photoshops my fursona’s hair onto a dragonite

First time: opening weekend, theater was almost empty, discovered Cats was all we were hoping it would be and more

Second time: spur of the moment “let’s go see Cats again” on a sleepy Sunday in January. Sat near multiple other people just as delighted as us, this was the best one

Third time: packed midnight “rowdy screening” with singing and dancing that was semi-ruined by two extremely unfunny dudes loudly mst3king the whole time

I am an unironic cats superfan btw

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advent of code day 3 

I was 100% sure part 2 was going to be “find the least-tree route, you can use any angle and also any starting point in the first row” and might have overprepared a little

Me, when I finally come out to my parents: "So I rerolled my character"

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