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1. hello! here's a thread about the tiny squirrels that lived in my window in the winter of 2009. meet our protagonist.

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The Arecibo radio telescope, the largest observatory in the world for 50 years, collapsed today. Here’s a latch-hook rug I made of the message it broadcast in 1974 and the globular cluster that was the target of that message. Rip you big ass telephone

Just learned how to do the "Twisted German," one of the most fiendish of all knitting cast-ons

health related 

There are highly scientific-sounding names for all kinds of disorders but every once in a while it seems like doctors gave up and said "idk let's just call it.. Night Terrors"

work - 

The fact that my deadname seems to be permanently affixed to my slack name and the login I use twenty times a day and IT doesn't know or care how to fix it despite repeated requests is a pretty good motivator to find another job soon

Animal Crossing game where you play as Blathers and run the museum

re. personal news +++++ 

An important thing to note is that we got engaged the day after we climbed the nearer of these two hills

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re. personal news +++++, very sappy 

I'm a fiancée lol. I'm engaged to be wed lmao

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@prehensile @maya I wanna swap neighbors. This is the staircase of our building.

Then again, I'm originally from Transsylvania, so maybe I'm not the best of comparisons.

personal news +++++, very sappy, ec x2 

This news is actually a couple months old but Katie and I are gonna be each other’s wife and I can’t wait

It’s mastodon official now

Our neighbors just installed a bunch of these at the corners of their property

Watching the original Halloween for the first time and I have to say I didn’t expect Michael Myers to spend so much time driving around in a car

Reposting this ridiculously cute commission @scoots made for me now that it's seasonally appropriate (cw: furry, eye contact)


Dreamed I took a psychology test that was just one question: “what animal is the biggest fan?” The person giving the test refused to elaborate or answer follow up questions

trans + 

The urgent care tech doing my vitals asked me the date of my last period and I had to tell her twice why I don’t have them before she believed me

A small victory I can always celebrate is that i outlived the band Kill Hannah

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