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The Arecibo radio telescope, the largest observatory in the world for 50 years, collapsed today. Here’s a latch-hook rug I made of the message it broadcast in 1974 and the globular cluster that was the target of that message. Rip you big ass telephone

@meena in the British colonies that would later form the United States, when an elected official's constituents were unhappy with their work, they would sometimes descend on their house and take it apart piece by piece, leaving all the materials stacked neatly next to where the house used to be

A while back I saw someone post something like “do Americans really get little stickers when they vote? Seems pretty childish :/” and the answer is yes we do and also fuck off, stickers rock

chicago politics 

fwiw it's a tie between Mary Bernadette McMahon and Thomas More Donnelly for my shamrock judge award this year

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chicago politics 

it's this one btw:

Might also be an interesting read for my non-US followers who can learn about cool stuff like how we elect judges based on who has the most irish sounding name

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chicago politics 

I don't always agree with her but I'm glad there's a jewish trans lesbian who hates cops that puts out an exhaustively researched voter guide for every local election. more places should have this

right now it's The Couch, which is weirdly a place she's never shown any interest in before except for when I'm also on it

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a very relatable thing my cat does is discover a new place to sit and get completely obsessed with it and just sit there all day every day for a month

The domestic cat fulfills the long established need in the human psyche for there to be a weird little gremlin nearby that you can look at

I don’t think I expressed this thought clearly. Like either consistently have an extra s or don’t, cmon

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Messed up that the uk-us spellings of maths/math and sports/sport don’t match up

What if I just sent a screenshot of this toot to the group text

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Did you know? Squirrels’ long, agile tails help them balance as they ride their little bikes across town to cribbage club

@prehensile i feel like a squirrel would keep making new throwaway accounts, posting incredible content there, and then not writing down the ID or password to log back in again

dall-e 2 ai art 

and God said, "let there be electric-type mouse pokemon"

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dall-e 2 ai furry art 

I think human artists are safe for the time being

I do appreciate that it turned my hand into some kind of tentacle in the top right one though

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dall-e 2 ai art, freakier than the other ones 

playing cover versions of classic DeepDream art

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dall-e 2 ai art 

Teehee, Land and understand the adorable bender, a lich rests, to.

Limeaide, a mild won art. Ler load at the albino right a catheter armband is the wound poet.

These, the not WA actual pho did Vader meter died, albeit a reminder.

Tried was unravel het the and he left Thanos year. A rev-dad the world tired of.

I lost if loved tenor, sometimes manga rid tubers my can hour trans mat he perogis tea

(continued, ran out of character space)

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