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The Arecibo radio telescope, the largest observatory in the world for 50 years, collapsed today. Here’s a latch-hook rug I made of the message it broadcast in 1974 and the globular cluster that was the target of that message. Rip you big ass telephone

I broke a bowl which is a bummer but it’s kinda cool how it broke almost perfectly in half

Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

(Ftr this is moshe safdie’s Habitat 67 in montreal, it’s a masterpiece of midcentury utopian brutalism, I booked a tour weeks ago and did not just stumble in)

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@prehensile @theotheroracle what are the cosmos if not glow in the dark stickers on the firmament

Also: do all Canadian post offices sell like used skis and books and stuff or is this one especially cool

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It feels like a timeline glitch that Cole Porter wrote a song that mentions the Kinsey Report

@ranjit @prehensile If anyone wants to read his unpublished book and notes for comfort house, you'll have to haul ass out to Stanford to find out more, as they have his archives in a couple of boxes, apparently undigitized.

Okay, the short bio of the guy who wrote Hunt The Wumpus is kind of wild. There are unspoken volumes here

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