Uh I just got DMed by the COO of Tumblr asking about hiring contractors to make us fully compliant, and possibly even integration. Anyone out there looking for work?

can be anywhere on the planet, you need to speak PHP and/or React, pay no idea- def not Google wages, but not bad.

@chaosexanima maybe? My email is mike.walker aaatttt

@chaosexanima def interested in all kinds of contract work like this

@chaosexanima I do PHP contract work through my consulting practice (

Always happy to talk to folks about new projects, and this one sounds more interesting than most. My contact info is on the site if you/they want to talk further. Thanks!

I wrote against the spec after inheriting it.

My first PR against BookWyrm landed last night.

Can I DM you?

@RyunoKi go for it! we're currently in exploratory phases so i don't have numbers or anything, but i can def talk details

@chaosexanima what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck


@ShadowJonathan oh this ain't nothing yet. one day i'm hoping for full ActivityPub integration

@chaosexanima y’all are gonna make me get my tumblr sweatshirt out of the bottom drawer if this keeps up ! ✨

@mood do it and send pics!! i myself made one of our new t-shirts into a sleeveless crop top yesterday, lolll


but srsly, we're mostly a giant PHP backend that serves a React frontend via API. we definitely have some serious gremlins in this code tho, it's 15 years of PHP devs losing their minds slowly 😬

@chaosexanima oh lord speaking of losing one's mind slowly, I opened the link and (see image) :')

Snark aside though, I used to fucking love tumblr before the big porn ban, and the idea of tumblr implementing activitypub is really exciting. I am curious how that's gonna work with their moderation policies though 🤔

@tobi oof thanks for the screenshot. I'll let folks know that's overlapping!

Regarding moderation, I'm actually on the team that handles stuff like that! For one our policies are loosening up soon, so that helps. But in general I expect us to take the same attitude as we do for Jetpack - block an instance from our servers if they violate the TOS.

We may develop other approaches though - I'm working on an integrated CW feature right now myself!

@chaosexanima that's cool and exciting :) I'm curious what tumblr will end up being if it moves towards the fediverse. To me my tumblr account always felt kinda like an 'instance' already, so it feels like a good fit..

@chaosexanima the online Independent Musician movement became corporate faster than a rattlesnake bite (from TX, NOT fascist). I believe we cannot be blind, compliant, or complicit with any part of the #fediverse becoming usurped. I moved over here for some peace, privacy, and confidence that my data wouldn't be mined. See Trump's fiasco social site.

@marauder um. what? isn't the goal of the to theoretically replace closed social media? you can't have a revolution of just the ones you deem ideologically pure enough.

@chaosexanima Capitalism doesn't work that way. It is not a viable option for healthy existence. If there's a mass amount of $$$ to be made, somebody will find a way to exploit it. This is unbalanced primitivism. No higher mind working. Hence, my concern for federated platforms. The USA is a cautionary example.

@marauder @chaosexanima fedi is not private and if you are not already being mined then no one thought of us as valuable ... yet.
Log out and go to your profile page EVERYTHING is public like a normal website.

@marauder @chaosexanima but I do agree with everything you want, we just need to understand what fedi is and not is, and sadly it is not any more private then Twitter.

@marauder @chaosexanima Friend, if you're on fedi for privacy and data mining avoidance, you're in the wrong place. It's basically the same thing as Twitter, but federated, and federation *only* gives you moderately increased portability, enhanced moderation, and a few other niceties. Not privacy.

I mostly agree, except for one thing:
I don't know what Tumblr's game is in this.
Remember how Google and Microsoft stole e-mail? If a large enough company puts enough money behind their entry into a free ecosystem, they have a chance of displacing a lot of the current small, personal instances and start changing it in ways most current denizens of the Fediverse would hate.

Heck, the web itself used to be decentralized, remember those days?
@marauder @chaosexanima

@Mr_Teatime @marauder @chaosexanima I think a critical distinction here is that with email, there aren't supposed to be any horizon effects—anyone can talk to anyone. That produces major centralizing effects when there are incompatibilities. But on fedi people are just more tolerant of "you can't get there from here" as a starting point, and I think that will reduce those effects dramatically.

Of course e-mail is still federated ... but it's very hard to prevent e.g. Google from getting hold of some of your private communications, and Microsoft of your business mail. And they block some smaller providers/clients(!), thereby aiding even more centralisation.

Tumblr is not truly Big, correct, so it might be fine. But there are always more ways for something to go wrong than most people consider, and they're still part of the surveillance economy
@varx @marauder @chaosexanima

@marauder @chaosexanima any data that is publicly accessible on the Internet is collected, indexed, analyzed and sold in aggregate and raw formats. Companies pay big money for access to this data. Just a fact. Being on or accociated with a commercial service (e.g twister) makes no difference.

@chaosexanima I'd asked their support channel exactly this last Monday, and know precious little about either, but yeah, colour me interested

@chaosexanima omg that would be so sick, i could finally see my friends wordle scores that he posts on tumblr lmao

My timeline COULD use more shitposts and ancient My Little Pony blogs...

Sadly my experience with coding is, (I do not want to do this for a living,) amd I became a librarian instead. So I'll def pass. Still, real interested to see where this goes.

@chaosexanima Really?! This is actually incredible… Just yesterday I was an inch away from hitting publish on a post about how shitty I felt about tumblr cashing in on their queer userbase while also potentially endangering them via their role in surveillance culture. I’m glad I didn’t now that I know they’re actually trying to do better!!

@garish surveillance culture? How so? We're one of the few places that lets people be as anon as they want, so it's not like marketing data is particularly useful to sell lol

@chaosexanima My feelings were coming more from a dislike of their silence on the issue of surveillance culture. It’s not anything they’ve actually done in particular, but their Lack of action to protect their minority userbase from being made vulnerable by virtual advertising infrastructure (until now).

to clarify, my understanding of surveillance also comes from a place of paranoia, which I’m working to correct via grounded understanding of the issue. I don’t understand this well.

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