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:sayori_dislike: identifying as a human

:sayori_like: identifying as a genderless cool robotto

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It's sleepy cyber enby times

Imma steal all the genders

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I might have some "bad stuff" I vent on here, i'll label anything negative/political/neutral-but-unprompted (except nerd stuff)

All of my random jokes/thoughts/stuff that I think is funny or comfy won't be labelled, I can be pretty impulsively random, but if it's lewd, spammy, personal or any of the things in the first paragraph, ill still cw it.

I'll be CW-first, I want this to be a safe & comfy space (for me and others)

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I generally just wanna have fun and snort memes, I'll cw my stuff if it's negative or neutral, but I am really random 99% of the time

Y'all better look out, there's a new gender-confused robo in town 🤠

suggestive but funny 

went through my spam folder and

Just learned a new word: exoversal

I guess it means "outside of the universe", but it's definitely an interesting as heck word

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Okay what the hell Atomic Robo is actually badass and cool as heck

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:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: ALWAYS HAVE BEEN
:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: :balloonline_s:
:beret_r: :balloonline_sw: :blank: :balloonline_se: :blackhat_l:
:body_phone_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :body_s_w:
:legs_stand_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :legs_stand_w:
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@david just updated our instance to v3.2.0, thanks a lot!

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@dankwraith this is only one of dozens of noise, drone, and field recording memes he has edited onto this one single photograph

Atomic Robo 

Just found the original comic panel and somehow it's funnier with the bottom panel

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ADHD is like “I’m more powerful than God, I can write a novel before lunch, I’ll fight a tiger, I can chew glass and shit champagne flutes”

and ten mins later

“I do not have the will to open this envelope”

honestly @mdszy now that im thinking about it

cw spoilers today are more like "this is what im talking about" sorta thing where you can be like "alright i care about that lets read that" *click*

tbh thats a good "neutral" position for spoilers to be in, the fact that it can pre-filter bad stuff for people who dont need it is a plus

you feel obliged to spoiler your shit when its something "out there" which people prolly dont really want thrown in their faces rn, but you still wanna talk about

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yesterday i went to the convenience store a🐦 oh jees. looks like we go🐦 Ho shit we got some birds in here. who let the🐦 se birds get i🐦 n here. Jesus it'🐦 s a lo🐦 t of them too🐦

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Just discovered Atomic Robo and I'm vibing

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