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found another thing

s3/object-backed virtual block device storage, local caching

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currently thinking about doing this:

use LVM snapshot feature to "stop time" for a second, mount the snapshot, use borg (dedup and backup tool) to backup to a longhorn distributed drive on my k8s cluster, and then have be backed up regularly- wait

hmmm hold on lemme look up if i can dedup lvm snapshots more effectively

The most gross thing in all of the universe 

I encountered soggy young cheese which has been outside of the fridge since 8 AM this morning, it's 11 AM, and I can't slice it just because it's so soggy

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currently importing data into my dedicated database server

...i think a dedicated database server should have a SSD drive or cache or something, but eh its an old DIY desktop thingy so this'll do

writes around 300-400 documents per second lets gooooooooooooooooooo

i went to apply for a new github student pack thingy (free benefits) and at the "how will you use github" box my brain blanked out and decided it was Funni time, so next thing i know i am looking at "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS" spammed in that box, and i was already clicking send


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"C is a small and simple language" they say as they reimplement OOP using macros

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kdenlive has an effect called 'nervous' which first off mood and secondly, is basically just a YTP effect

too bad it doesn't doesn't work on audio because then it really would be a free YTP effect™

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in planning out my computer security setup I have reduced my threat model to "evil maid", "laptop thief" and "npm package maintainer"

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how often do you clean your downloads folder

Meta question: is "EC" in selfies/photos cw "eye candy" or "eye contact"?

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