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account stuff (+/~) and PSA 


i now also have @jboi, which imma dedicate to more serious system stuff (like that rrcip project i mentioned earlier)

also probably not going to move entirely, i still want to use this account to be myself more loosely, but i feel like boring everyone here if i start rambling about system stuff, and programming language oddities, ill use that other channel for that

but if you're interested in that stuff, give that account a follow :ms_robot_grin:

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bruh i intended to ramble for maybe 3 posts, i turned it into 11

see my rambling on some uninformed AI ideas lmao:

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I might have some "bad stuff" I vent on here, i'll label anything negative/political/neutral-but-unprompted (except nerd stuff)

All of my random jokes/thoughts/stuff that I think is funny or comfy won't be labelled, I can be pretty impulsively random, but if it's lewd, spammy, personal or any of the things in the first paragraph, ill still cw it.

I'll be CW-first, I want this to be a safe & comfy space (for me and others)

meta, masto ios 

okay WHAT is this mastodon ios app turning out to be

they're removing unlisted as a visibility option, and they got into an argument on adding fedi and local timelines;

i just opened SO many issues in the mastodon-ios repo lmao


Jesus Christ why does the mastodon iOS app not FUCKING MAKE A DM REPLY ALSO A DM

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meta (~+) 

Like, I see people I follow subtoot other people by making a similar joke or playing off of it, and it’s really interesting

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meta (~+) 

Tbh what I like about fedi is that instead of big broadcasting things happening by few accounts (like Twitter), it instead becomes a low-rumbling game of telephone where funny jokes get reused in new contexts and *that* gets sent out into a natural social network

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agatha said "im just a silly tiny bug-sized kitten!" and i made a pog face in real life

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my gender presentation: i will wear anything, as long as it has pockets

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another tip to suffering europeans in the summer: best parts to cool with an ice bag when everything else seems unbearable and a cold shower is not possible are the nape, the wrists and the feet. it's like magic, trust me.

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my number 2 friendly (and quite obvious, i know) tip to suffering europeans in the summer: drink water. actual water. not juice or soft drinks or sparkling water. just plain water. lots.

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my number 1 friendly tip from a brazilian to europeans suffering with hot summer:

sweat is good. embrace the sweat. that's the body doing it's cooling job.

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low IQ: matrix is about cool hackers go pew pew
average IQ: matrix is about transgenderness
high IQ: matrix is about cool hackers go pew pew

sexuality, aceness 

Im currently thinking I’m on some degree of grey ace or demisexuality, cuz while I do indeed have some enjoyment out of it, it’s not like… the absolute world to me or something

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sexuality, aceness 

I’m probably on some degree of ace cuz I’m constantly like

β€œYou know, sex is cool and all, but y’all are overdoing it a little. Now *human progress*, that’s sexy”

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