my flatmate got himself a 3d printer so, ofc I asked him to print me a stand. Used a rainbow filament.

not my design, here is the thingiverse link.

@jkbr looks solid. Nice wallpaper. What are those things behind? What's the opening on the front left?

@ivanrancic thanks. The opening in the front is for the speaker. The holes in the back are there to put in coins, for weight. those are plastic coverings for those holes, that got stuck in an awkward position

@jkbr Glad you like my pinephone stand, and thanks for posting pictures! :D

@silver thanks for designing it! Should've expected the creator to show up under this post, fedi is a small world it seems

@jkbr Wow! Such a nice stand and I really like your wallpaper. I'm interested in the phinephone. Can you tell me a bit about your experience? (:

@SrEstegosaurio I've had it for bout a year and have been daily driving it with for a while. Mobian is pretty stable and solid, aside form a few hiccups every now and then. Ofc, it isnt the strongest phone performance-wise, but enough for my use cases. I use it for basic phone stuff, matrix messging, mastodon, podcasts, theres also a good instrument tuner app.

@jkbr Hmmm I will give it a more in depth eye. I only use my phone for chatting a bit an #Matrix, #Lemmy and that kind of stuff.

@asic a piece of plastic that fits the cable that was incuded with the phone, check the thingiverse page

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