OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring #Tumblr up to full #indieweb standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity... #openweb

@tchambers @humanetech

I'm really interested in integrating Tumblr into open source standards, but I'm having trouble picturing how that would work effectively. Has there been cases of monolithic platforms having an effective integration? Does content flow into Tumblr on a per-blog/inbox basis?

If any web engineers want to collab I'd be delighted to talk! I work at Tumblr and am already thinking about how to do this, but lack experience.

hi @tchambers @humanetech @cdevroe @django!! following up on this, i grabbed the official Tumblr Theme (which any user can access the markup of!) and threw it in a gist here: gist.github.com/ChaosExAnima/0

also found this, which may be helpful: indieweb.org/Tumblr

we have little bandwidth right now, but i'm happy to take any changes y'all make and internally open a PR to get that merged in to prod. once up, this should hit ~385 million blogs :meowcowboy:

@chaosexanima @tchambers @humanetech @cdevroe @django The Tumblr page there is a good place to look.
Adding microformats markup to the default template would be great. If you do that, do add a CI test to check that it's still there for future redesigns - that was done for Mastodon's h-entry markup. github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p
The indiewebify.me tool is good for checking the markup, but test with an existing parser for your CI

Which would be more helpful for you, a set of issues in the github repo, or a narrative on what we'd like to see to make Tumblr more interoperable on the wiki?


@kevinmarks GitHub repo please! The issues I'm seeing in the repo are already great 💯

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