As well as @FediFollows, @feditips and @FediVideos, I am now running a small website called Grow Your Own Services:

You can follow its account at @homegrown

GYOS is aimed at people interested in having their own indie online services, but who don't care about the techy stuff. All of the content assumes you are using a managed hosting company, where the hosting company handles the tech.

Hopefully this approach opens up self-hosting to a wider range of people.


The earliest home computers were just circuit boards. You had to be techy enough to supply your own case, keyboard, monitor, OS etc. There was a huge technical barrier that stopped people participating.

There's been a similar barrier in self-hosting for a long time, an assumption that you can do stuff on command lines etc. Most people (myself included) will never want to do this.

Managed hosting can remove barriers the same way ready-made computers did. I think it deserves attention!


@FediThing what if...
i live with someone at home, this person pays for me electricity bills so i cant have my lap opened 24/7 ? hmm? add also that im underaged... thank you :/

@FediThing @hacknorris I think you have the wrong idea.

While you *can* host stuff from your own home, it’s often not the best option. Firstly, you would basically dox yourself to anyone accessing your services, and secondly, it’s trickier to set up properly.

Really, the best option is to rent a VPS (mine is cheap, costs just over $5/month) and host your stuff there. Being a minor might be an issue with certain providers. Vultr didn’t ask me for ID, but others may.

@hacknorris @wandering_girl

I don't think underage people should be hosting anything.

There are too many legal responsibilities involved.


@hacknorris @FediThing Ah ok, I wasn’t aware of that part. Now I know and thanks for informing me.

@FediThing oh guy... for the now using replit + github as hosting...

but anyways - thanx, one more reason to leave development (except of lacking good tools and tons of bugs :/ . And that wasm doesnt look like nasm :/ - wouldnt care then :/ )

Is it too late to change the abbreviation to GYrOS? :0510: @homegrown


Oh no, don't tell me it means something horrible?? 😱

No, no! Gyros is a greek dish so it would be funny, that's all. It's meat, though, if that's a concern.


Okay, phew! 😁

No don't worry, not a concern! Mmm... a fresh pita wrap thing? Looks nice! 🤤

@FediThing @homegrown

Hope I cropped the "to-line" right...

Thanks - that's a really nice place to start!

Do you know if there's anything similar, but usable for those of us who have a LAMP stack hosting service available? Is there any fediverse software that will run on that?

@for @FediThing

Yes! Have a look at the Related section, it is similar projects that are a notch more techy:

Things like @yunohost are really easy to use if you're able to install it on your server:

@homegrown @FediThing @yunohost


What I have is a hosting service, where I've can't install new things. I've mysql, apache and php. I can also do some basic stuff like setting up cron jobs, but it's all web-interface and no terminal. So basically my bit of a shared hosting service.

@for @FediThing @yunohost

Hmm... 🤔

Does your hosting service have any kind of managed hosting or "one click installation" options for specific platforms? Maybe WordPress and Nextcloud?

@homegrown @FediThing @yunohost yeah, they do. I've a couple of wp sites running there already. Can't remember if I used their template, or just ftp'ed the code up there

@homegrown @FediThing @yunohost sorry, if that wasn't clear - the question was if there's fedivers implementations that can run on a LAMP stack.

@for @FediThing @yunohost

Hmm... I think Friendica supports installation on shared hosting without command lines? ( It's a nice platform, a bit fiddly but with lots of features. It uses ActivityPub so you can interact with Mastodon etc.

Most Fedi installation guides do mention the command line though, so I am not sure how widely this is possible. You would have to check each platform's installation guide.


Just to clarify, Friendica supports installation by uploading an installation file through FTP, and you can then run this through the web browser:

No command line needed.

Yes, friendica it is you should have a look on. It will work on LAMP (PHP should be at version 8.x though for current releases).
You can copy files using ftp and configure everything from web interface later.
It needs a cron job, but you have that feature so I read.
@homegrown @FediThing
It is more elegant, if you have a usable shell, when it comes to updates (having git would be a good thing then), but I guess there will be update packages you can transfer using ftp again. :)
@FediThing @homegrown

@grischa @FediThing @homegrown thanks! I'll see if usable, it would be nice to be able to retire my wp-blog and have something easier to share (without having to set up a box)

@for @FediThing @homegrown
Well.. If it is only about sharing your content: There is a very good plugin for WP too ("Mastodon Autopost"). But that needs a mastodon (or simliar) account too, and it has no back channel (sharing, but you need to go to your fediverse account i.o. to read responses.

But yes: Friendica is able to handle long "blog style" posts, too. It has an interface that looks a little like an old version of Facebook (and has similar features like posts, comments, events and what not..)
Maybe have a look first at an open instance to check if you would like that. ( i.e. I have a testing account there too).

@grischa @FediThing @for

I think the Mastodon autopost is no longer maintained?

But you can add the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin which makes the WP blog into a Fediverse server that can be followed from Mastodon etc:

@homegrown @FediThing @for

True. Autopost is not maintained any longer, but it works w/o problem in my WP 6 blog.
I don't like that "ActivityPub Plugin" because it creates and maintains its own fediverse account. So you are not able to interfere what it does (can not delete posts in fediverse, answer with that account and so on). But on the other hand it fetches reactions on post back to the block, what ist nice.
But in that way communication is somewhat broken.
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