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For anyone who visits this profile, my new mastodon main from now on is be

This account will remain up because I hate deleting accounts 🙃

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What is your default post visibility?

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Good day, reader! This is my that nobody asked for.

I'm Wanderer, a tech-addicted, paranoid, , hopeless romantic gal.

Currently studying for the A+ cert.

I also have a website; link in bio!

Feel free to dm me on here. Ask before emailing me.

If I follow bad people (racist, queer-phobic, MAP, etc.), please let me know!

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== Corporate / Not Corporate ==
This soap dispenser is corporate
- It's installation has been decided by the hierarchy without asking it's users
- It's over-engineered
- It's a money sink
- It's closed (by a key)
- Only few people can do it's maintenance
- It needs batteries so:
- It's not ecological
- Needs constant maintenance
- When the batteries are dead, everyone is screwed
- They had to put an instruction on it because it's use isn't intuitive
- When you use it, the led lights up correctly and it makes noise, but it *doesn't dispenses any drop of soap*. So it's entirely useless… and unused.
- But as it been decided by the hierarchy, and it's expensive, it stays there.

The bottom one isn't corporate:
- It's been put -without hierarchy approuval- to serve users needs
- It's low-tech
- It's ugly but:
- Everyone can use it. No need for instructions on how to use it
- Everyone can maintain it
- Needs minimal maintenance
- It's robust and never breaks
- It does it's fucking required job

You might see parallels with your IT job.
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i can't believe society literally just spoke underage binge drinking into existence by tabooising alcohol consumption
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and last but not least


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and of course

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US crisis hotline news: #9-8-8 

@packbat Suicide hotlines, with few exceptions, are surveillance institutions that send cops to people in distress, often resulting incarceration.

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US crisis hotline news: #9-8-8 

In the US, dialing 988 will connect you to a local crisis call center. This replaces the old National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number. Parallel to this, a big boost in funding for crisis hotlines has been introduced.

NPR news story with details (cw: discussion of ableist police violence):

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For anyone who visits this profile, my new mastodon main from now on is be

This account will remain up because I hate deleting accounts 🙃

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There is no such thing as a trans debate. It’s not a casual argument you win or not. It’s trying to change existing policy to literally kill and erase people who do a thing you just kinda don’t get (or you get and have decided does not deserve humanity).

I’m so tired.

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I think one of the worst wastes of time on the fedi is arguing back and forth over which fedi software is better

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someone make a “steal emoji” button in pleroma

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Remember that you can check a fedi user's origin by checking their full handle, commonly located next to or underneath their display name. The part after the second "@" is the server domain they are posting from.

You can use this to check if someone is being an imposter! Do not get fooled by sussy bakas on mastodon instances.


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your honor, my client has “people who are referred to as “your honor” DNI” in their bio

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shameless advertizing 

@tomxcd @forever If not, our instance has it enabled now. :blobCatCool:

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