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Saw someone say that dial-up wasn't "usable".

The modern web is the one that is unusable. You open a blank website and it has 478 trackers and runs some javascript heavier than Windows XP.

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transition goals: the killer queen from the hit song killer queen
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👾 today on Alice getting shit done we are grappling with the nuclear waste long term disposal site signs
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by the way, since i'm on a roll getting folks on Twitter to unfollow me, here's another spicy take: "intelligence" as a concept is ableist and racist, it exists primarily as a colonial classifier, and if you think of yrself as "smart", stop.

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are you aware it is trans awareness week

are you aware of me

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can't wait to wake up in the middle of the night right after i turn 18, create a new alt account where i only boost cute animal pics and put "🔞 minors dni 🔞 🔞 i block minors and nazis 🔞" in bio because can't have those pure little innocent 17 year old toddlers interact with a scary adult like me

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the unrestrained euphoria in consciously doing something that makes you undesirable

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🪐 Animal Crossing is a secret communist plot to teach the masses urban planning
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proposed experiment to mess with the transphobic harassment scraper 

We've been discussing how the transphobic spammers are finding targets and a current hypothesis is that they're using a scraper to find the string "trans" in people's bios. For instance it seems I got on the list for having "translator" in my bio.

So if you want to try and prove or disprove this hypothesis and possibly mess up their scraper, I suggest putting the word "trans" somewhere in your bio. Since it's easier to adapt the scraper to get get around trans being part of a word (like "translator" or "transistor"), it might be helpful to add both the words "trans" and "transgender." Example sentences:

"I support transgender rights. Trans rights = human rights."

"I may not be trans but transgender hating script kiddies are too incompetent to tell the difference."

Obviously do this ONLY if you're okay with potentially getting on the trans list. If you don't want to receive spam I suggest turning off DMs and notifs from accounts you don't follow.

If we can't stop the harassment at its source yet, we might be able to dilute or grow the list past usefulness, and hide our trans friends through sheer numbers so they can't be as easily singled out.

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hardening mastodon against scraping 

fellow masto instance admins of the fediverse:

by default, mastodon is leaky as fuck and there are a bunch of ways that data can be scraped and indexed from a mastodon instance

there are a few steps you can take to harden your instance against this; since there's an ongoing harassment campaign against trans masto users, now is a good time to review this

the following is not exhaustive, but it's a good start

1. Enable 'Secure Mode' on your instance. Without secure mode turned on, any of the activitypub endpoints of your instance can be scraped without http authentication -- this includes user profiles and users' public posts. This makes it ***absolutely trivial*** for a scripter to scrape all of the profiles of your instance denizens and look for keywords.

From the mastodon docs: 'When secure mode is enabled, all GET requests require HTTP signatures as well.'

It's insane to me that this isn't enabled by default. To enable it, see the 'AUTHORIZED_FETCH' parameter here: docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/co

This makes it more complicated to scrape, since scraping traffic now has to come from an instance that uses http signatures, and not just from some random asshole's computer.

2. Toggle some config options in preferences => administration => site settings. Here you can turn off the profile directory, disallow unauthenticated access to public pages, etc. See the screenshot below this post for the settings I use. You can make up your own mind about how strict you want to be here, but I think turning off the profile directory and the public timeline is a great idea.

3. Recommend your users disable DMs from people they don't follow. This is under preferences => notifications.

Any stuff I've missed, stuff you'd like to add, feel free to reply to this post.

Thanks for reading!

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PSA (transphobia meta), please boost 

for the past ~4 days there's been lots of mass harassment of trans people

if you're an instance admin:
- please turn off sign ups, at least until this is over
- keep up with #fediblock

if you're on the list, or just worried:
- lock your account
- in web mastodon:
- preferences -> appearance -> always hide media
- preferences -> notifications -> block DMs from people you don't follow
- in tusky:
- account prefs -> download media previews -> off

do not try this at home 

*replacing laptop gpu*
"oops I got thermal paste on my thumb"

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