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two girls saying meow

two girls saying meow

my hand

my hand

involuntarily pets
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worried about your mastodon engagement numbers? 

stop it.

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Imagine there was a video game where the whole point of the game was to create roads that worked perfectly for cars and pedestrians and trains

Imagine you gave this video game to a bunch of neurodivertent people

In 6 months they would have created systems to perfect the flow of traffic in the game in every conceivable scenario

We all know that this is true

And yet people still believe that folks can't do anything extraordinary unless they're under the threat of poverty and death

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Social experiment done.
Post saying "Girls 🥺"
13 Boosts, 19 Favorites.
Post saying "Boys 🥺"
2 Boosts, 8 Favorites.
This says a lot about our fediciety.
(Experiment done COMPLETELY non scientifically.)

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when you toot about someone, but don't mention them directly, that's a subtoot

when you post about someone, but don't mention them directly, that's a subpost

when you dispatch a missive about someone, but don'
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I know I give Microsoft a lot of flak, but the Windows 7 boot screen is definitely the most nostalgic boot screen for me out of all the Windows boot screens. 🪟

daily status report from hell:
the screams are considerably less deafening today than usual. still deafening, just not as much

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when she whispers [object Object] in your ear 😩

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Watching my federated timeline and seeing weird domain names makes me happy

I mean, like, godforsaken.website? plush.city? magicalgirl.party? cybre.space? chaos.social?

This is the good internet

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it's MY gender reveal party and I get to choose what we burn down!!!!

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Pathologization of asexuality 


Asexuality is actually in the DSM twice as like, a pathological disorder? I shouldn't be surprised because like, history, but why don't people talk about this? Like, non-asexual people in particular I don't know if I've ever heard them mention this

I've seen it discussed in passing in ace circles.

Honestly this is so fucking disgusting and illustrative of how coercive society is around sex. Anyone not wanting to engage in it must be disordered and need fixing

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broke: sad about not having big tiddy

woke: post-traumatic breast disorder

I said "We've gotten too damn good at leaving, Sue", she said, "Harry, you're right."

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1. Find out about the Brave browser via a news article
2. Download Brave
3. Search online for more information about Brave
4. Uninstall Brave

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