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Do you need a license for those pro nouns, but don't want to pay for one?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/lunasorcery/status

markov chain generated toot 

i am,,, going to Strangle every cryptobro

Hey, if you're a Nazi shithead just go ahead and unfollow the bot, thanks.

operating system is kind of like gednder for compuetrs if you think about it but not if you think about it very much

And give credit
for John Smith
Texure pack and
MC patcher

markov toot 

in case you're wondering why i'm already awake it's because i'm still hecking gay

daily tech tip

it's halloween today!!! hapy spooky season :witches_town: 🦇 🎃

⭐ < average cryptocurrency fan vs average tiny kitten enjoyer ⭐

US civics 

OK kids here's your 3 branches of government at work

Congress refuses to act, so

The White House produces a weak half-measure that

The Supreme Court declares unconstitutional and defers to

Congress, which refuses to act

come to think of it, the "year of the linux desktop" meme has been around forever, and, looking it up, apparently has origins in the 1990s
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