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? trans 

choosing my new career path be like

- model
- painter
- trans woman

infohazard; big screenshot with a lot of text (transcription in several replies)

this band is called frederic (フレデリック) and they fucking Bang

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and we're all so confined
by the need
to always make ends meet
'cause if you're not earning
you could end up on the street


fork of cargo where if you don't pass a subcommand it blocks the suez canal with a new cargo ship

fork of fedi bits where if you dont pass it any arguments its about types of skirts

fork of cp where if you don't pass it any arguments it draws a cute ponie in your terminal

fork of gnu parallel where it puts its citation in all your tex files on its own instead of prompting you to do it

no more rock & roll mcdonalds
now it's time for
indie pop mcdonalds

fork of winamp where if u dont provide any arguments u have to manually whip the llama's ass instead of it doing it for you

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