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hi there it's charlotte meow

i'm movin to @charlotte for my main :) please accept my follow request

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selfie video ec affection lesbianism 

📣 chemelia

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hey! welcome to my office

i will accept your follow request if:
- pronouns are made visible
- i get good vibes
- u are politically un-cringe

i am a uhhh non binary (girl (not girl)) trans programmer computer security bisexual lesbian polyglot catgirl who is really sexy and likes {playing,listening to} music & doing cursed computer things

i am actually a communist girlboss so i am always On My Grind but i would much rather nobody have to. anyway i mostly make money selling videogame cheats

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hi there it's charlotte meow

i'm movin to @charlotte for my main :) please accept my follow request

i hate among us i just misread the word 'ambiguous'

Hey yall, sorry for the issue with being down for most of the day. Our host had an issue that just go resolved a few minutes ago.

I took the liberty of updating the instance after restarting, so we're on the newest version at least!

blackmagic design could do a funny "new year's resolve" marketing strat for their video editor

im glad schratze is okay; i'll put a warning on my mixtape next time

bitwarden + vaultwarden + sqlite + sqlite3 .dump + borgmatic

in my imo

dress selfie again, boosts ok 

ok the sunlight is here so i can do this Properly

&'static str is a pretty neat stand-in for, like, elixir or racket-esque symbols

ya know?


and He said unto them, "judge one not by the length of their member, but by the girth of the compassion of their soul."

the LESBian stack (linux, [E]nginx, sqlite, bash)

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