«mort de RIIR» est quand on a "terminal rust evangelism affliction"

going live with more rambles on twitch.tv/antiproprietary in like 20-30 minutes!

to join in on the voice chat head over to our discord discord.gg/GTE8jGFUmz

seriously this is a COLR font this should work??

I'd get it if it were SVGinOT but

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i'm about to do something that the Unicode consortium calls "invalid but well-formed"

markov chain generated post 

if you use your phone's autosuggestion feature at all while composing a toot you are legally allowed to use this cw

selling a non fungible token over the set of natural numbers

re: tech, shitpost 

obviously i don't endorse any tech product or anything. this is probably literal garbage

if you want a portable SSD that's THAT fast just get an NVMe -> USB 3.1 Gen2×2 enclosure or something

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here's another periodic reminder that "IQ" is racist pseudoscience

tdov mood is hiding under a blanket but like... aggressively and loudly

trans day of would rather sleep but has to do homework later

It is trans day of visibility give me boosts

careful out there everyone. today is the day our invisibility spell wears off

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