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The application's name is "River", as suggested by @fell

Here is a mockup for a post in the dashboard (only the post):

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thinking about going to an eastern european shooting range with many fedi people

selfie ec boosts ok 

hello homosexuals and homosexual affiliates

@videogame_hacker cishets r always complaining about skyrim getting rereleased but never skyHIM πŸ˜”πŸ€Ÿ

you're telling me a linus tipped this tech

selfie no ec, boosts okay 

feeling powerful
but not powerful enough to tidy my room

So the current idea for funding gotosocial, which I've been discussing with some friends, is to officially constitute SuperSeriousBusiness as a non-profit developer cooperative, registered in Belgium. Then SSB will generate cash money by selling hosted Parakeet services ( Then, work done on GtS or Parakeet by members of the coop, or by external contributors, can be billed to the coop.

if you still work for cloudflare after 8chan and kwfms and their inaccessible bullshit browser you better have a damn good reason tbh

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