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If you don't believe in yourself, I'll believe in you until you will too.

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reminder (for myself too):
It's ok to question,
it's ok to be unsure,
it's ok to be confused,
it's ok to change you mind,
it's ok to be vulnerable,
it's also ok to be completely sure about yourself with nothing to question.

If you're having dark day, I hope there's somebody for you to reach out for. If not, reach out for me. I can't do much, but we can be confused together.

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I'm Tuula and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

I'm somewhat confused who or what I am, so you can expect steady stream of toots about that if you decide to follow me.

And I'll try to be generally friendly and safe person to be around.

at least it's not stapler and glue gun this time 馃槀

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sewing these by hand and pretending nobody will notice

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mending clothes is really satisfying, but this particular sugar glider poncho has very frustrating seams.

Fun fact: I survived to this day without learning what camisole is
(I could have survived longer, but now I have learned it anyway)

Good going Tuula, next you're gonna learn that there's more than 16 colours in this world and peach is actually one of them.

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re: #ChooseOurOwnAdventure Part 11 

After the shadow figure disappear, you head back to the desk to look at the documents.

There is a diary, a to do list and a letter.

Which do you read first?

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There's two approaches at that "try not to be the smartest person in the room" thing...

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Posting tier?

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It's time again to make a call for #HPR shows. I would be great if others could contribute some shows rather than relying on the "old regulars" to fill in the gaps.

If you listen to #hpr then to continue the project, we *need* to have a deep pool of people contributing to the network.

Contribution is easy.

Open the recorder app on your smart phone and talk.
Got to and upload the show.

I'd appreciate it if you could spread this message far and wide !

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The word "trigger" refers to something which sets off memories of past trauma in individuals with PTSD and other similar psychological conditions, resulting in panic attacks or other physiological stress responses.

The word "trigger" does NOT mean something which makes someone a little bit angry.

How are there people who still aren't understanding this very basic concept??

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hi posting the powderpaint EP again so i can pin it on my profile

but if you havent listened to it yet,,,,,,,, go on!!!


so, when I told our 8 year old kid that I'm transgender woman, she wasn't exactly thrilled about it. But when she sat on my lap and I told that I wouldn't be going anywhere and would still be helping her like before, she was fine. And now she's sometimes talking she wants same kind of clothes I'm wearing and how their colours match together really well (previously I didn't care colours at all, clothes were for protection, not for looking nice).

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Anyone on here know Latin? I want to make a motto.

#ling #Latin

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Subtoot, give kids rights 

Parents are inherently authoritarian because it's an ageist hierarchical institution

I mean, it's true

I know giving children rights and actually caring about their consent rather than assuming that children should be treated nonconsensually until they turn 18 seems incredibly radical to some people, but like, no for real

Fucking give kids rights, stop treating them like property. Allow them to choose their caregivers

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re: #ChooseOurOwnAdventure Part 7 

"I have no ill faith, I'm just selling this junk."
"Yeah, I'm a real estate agent, let me just get my card, I know I have it somewhere...."
"Thisss place is not to be ssssold!"
"Ah, but it is. That's what I get paid to do."
The shadow starts to hiss and the fire in fireplace seems to dim and the shadow to grow taller.

1: Run. I'm not getting paid enough for this.
2: Shine at it with the flash-light.
3: Hiss back.

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kid and my partner are playing Moo Moo Movers in different room and I can hear her explaining what's going on while I sit here in my debugging dress and coding cardigan, poking code and feeling happy.

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@dragon the fact that people keep asking that question implies they're either looking for a way to stop us existing, or at the very least demanding we justify our existence. the starting point needs to be that we just exist and that's actually good

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I always hear people ask: is being queer a product of nature or nurture? Are you born queer or do you become queer?

The answer is in fact extremely simple: whichever one makes it so we don't get eugenicized or have more of our rights taken away


I saw really nice quote recently. Something along "I don't really know that much about sociological or biological theories of being trans, but I know it makes me happy and that's enough for me."

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Last Friday I wrote a coming out mail for work. Not going to send that anytime soon, but wanted to put some thoughts down anyway. And now I have a (bit disjointed) draft that I can later fix up and send when I feel time is right.

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