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So, I guess it's time for a pinned toot:

* Black Lives Matter.
* At people doing font stuff: Please support Emoji 13 so more people will see the trans flag here: 🏳️‍⚧️
* Trans rights!
* Capitalism sucks.
* All Colors Are Beautiful (except *that* blue).
* Smash the Cistem!
* Nazis müssen draußen bleiben.
* Denkt auch an Enbies!
* Gegen Gatekeeping, insbesondere bzgl HRT. HRT saves lives.
* Für das Gesetz zur Aufhebung des TSG und Einführung des Selbstbestimmungsgesetzes ().

gen z + tech, concern vent 

@bouncinglime schools kill curiosity. i'm a curious person and i love to learn new things but nothing destroyed that desire more than the american education system. and with the very blatant attacks on intentionally leaving newer students blasted back to 1950s levels of ignorance about the world and american propaganda, i dont forsee it getting any better. i had to relearn how to be curious.

Gebäude im 🏳️‍🌈 sind eine nette Geste, was viele Unternehmen gerade machen ist am Ende nur Werbung. Geschenkt!

Was wir fordern ist echte Solidarität und Akzeptanz und zwar nicht nur morgen sondern immer! ✊

Und wir erinnern uns genau wer uns die Hand gereicht hat und sie dann doch wieder weg zieht!

safety recall on several BIPAP, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators 

Heads-up via on Twitter, who has further commentary: several breathing assist devices manufactured by Philips under various brandnames used a sound abatement foam material that can degrade and release carcinogenic compounds into the air the user is breathing.

The official recall page is and describes which devices are affected and the claims process.

hot take about "transmasc/transfem" 

Imo people can't "be" transmasculine or transfeminine, but their needs are.

i.e. someone might need transmasc HRT as well as transfem LHR. Or someone needs transfem HRT and transmasc top surgery (or ideally suitable blockers before that's needed). Or to be seen more (but maybe not all) in one way.

So don't just assume someone to "be" one of those. That doesn't mean one who only/mainly is binary can't call themself transmasc/transfem for simplicity of course.

Schwurbelexplosion, gendergerechte Sprache, etc 

@xpac Zu "mitgemeint" hast du A.Stefanowitchs Tweet gesehen?

@trisschen @sammy

@Erdrandbewohner Jo. Das strukturelle Problem wird auf die Radfahrer:innen projiziert. Bei selbst verantwortworteten Stürzen werden die Glieder lädiert. Die meisten Kopfverletzungen passieren, wenn deren Vorfahrt beim Rechtsabbiegen ignoriert wird. Dann knallt der Kopf gegen die Windschutzscheibe (Statista). Gegen LKW-Reifen hilft kein Helm.
Tatsächlich ist das Problem die reduzierte Realitätswahrnehmung der Autofahrer:innen. Das kann ich aus Erfahrung bestätigen:

Does anybody know any nice (English-speaking) organizations that advise companies on LGBT inclusivity / diversity?

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How the fuck did I just randomly have the song in my mind that happens to be the next one on my phone's last playback 😯

Cisco is called Cisco because it seems just as insecure as some cis folks seem about their gender.


Feels kinda weird to have lunch at this time

question for screen readers users, boosts appreciated 

Since I currently only got VoiceOver to test things and I was positively surprised by the text detection in images, I’ve got this question: does your screenreader read out text in photos?

I won’t stop writing alt text either way but it’s still interesting to me.

Also please feel free to comment which screen reader you’re using.

When I‘m encountering an image containing text, the text in the image is..

At least the whole not going out due to Corona doesn't seem to have inhibited my ability to notice barely visible pride flags: Just noticed one in Supergirl that was only partly visible for like half a second in the blurry background (S03E20 shortly before the grenade) 😅

loosing things (unrelatedly), re: exhibitionism 

Almost loosing my phone almost unrecoverably while typing the above: ✔️😨

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time for a poll,,

have you ever been outside of the country you live in? :boosts_ok:


:sayori_dislike: zusammen kommen
:sayori_like: zusammenkommen

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