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So, I guess it's time for a pinned toot:

* Black Lives Matter.
* At people doing font stuff: Please support Emoji 13 so more people will see the trans flag here: 🏳️‍⚧️
* Trans rights!
* Capitalism sucks.
* All Colors Are Beautiful (except *that* blue).
* Smash the Cistem!
* Nazis müssen draußen bleiben.
* Denkt auch an Enbies!
* Gegen Gatekeeping, insbesondere bzgl HRT. HRT saves lives.
* Für das Gesetz zur Aufhebung des TSG und Einführung des Selbstbestimmungsgesetzes ().

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v gay, cute hrt things 

My girlfriend just showed me how to open a Gynokadin bottle to get the most E out of it. 🥺🥺🥺

Absolutely #couplegoals 😍🌈🥰🥺

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Gayyyyy, accidental flirting 🎶🌈 

Freundin im Bett neben mir:
"Let's hear some music!"

*song starts in the middle of Bestie [sissy rocket] :
🎶"I wanna fuck you!" 🎶

*gay silence* then *gay laughter* then *gay kissing* 🥺😍🤭

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TFW you can't handle how gay you are and how hot women are.

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Signal is down. I can't stop laughing.

Hey Moxie! Tell us again why centralization is the best way to deploy internet messaging for the masses.

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PSA to all the website operators:
2FA relies on a secret "you have". You don't "have" a phone number, you rely on a third party to protect it.

Please implement real 2FA standards like U2F/FIDO or OATH (the protocol behind Google Authenticator).

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"Bitte legen Sie alle Artikel auf das Band" *reisst Schild ab, schneidet "das" aus und legt es aufs Band*

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taking people's gender privileges until they've done at least some questioning

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Sure, queer catgirl WG sounds nice.

But consider this:
Every single person in a commune has their own private bedroom, with a private storage, kitchen and bathroom (that's important). It does not have to be large, I think 20qm is enough.
And then there are common spaces - communal kitchen, lounge, coworking, hacker space, etc. But one does not _have_ to use these communal spaces if they're not in socializing mood right now, their own unit is self-sufficient.

(CC @elilla and @aurora I think?)

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Wtf in #Dubai they have #LED lamps that are twice the efficiency as the rest of the world gets. These lamps use 4 times the LEDs inside and run them at lower voltage where they are more efficient.
Side benefit: They last way longer since with half power usage the circuits run colder. #lateStageCapitalism #climateCrisis #electronics

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trans? on hrt? feel unsure if your endo knows what they're doing, or just want a second opinion?

i'm willing to look over what your endo is doing, just shoot me a pm c:

Oh gosh that feel when your leg brushes your nipple

So, bras be like: Holding ya boobs like a good gal pal

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Flight mode with every connection off but an ongoing phone call. Sure phone, you're totally not confused.

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