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fediverse meta on faving negative posts 

Because I just saw a post about this: Me faving someone's sad/ph-/… post is of course never meant as "great your feeling so bad", but as something like "wish you well" or "yea that's sadly relatable".

Also, yes I’m perfectly fine with other people faving my negative posts in that way.
(Thanks to everyone who's doing this, and also to those who are just thinking like that in response to my sad posts, btw ❤️)

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following PSA, subtoot 

Ok so how hard exactly is it to read someone's profile before follow-requesting? Isn't that like, the default thing to do? Or do some people just like to get blocked?

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So, I guess it's time for a pinned toot:

* Black Lives Matter.
* At people doing font stuff: Please support Emoji 13 so more people will see the trans flag here: 🏳️‍⚧️
* Trans rights!
* Capitalism sucks.
* All Colors Are Beautiful (except *that* blue).
* Smash the Cistem!
* Nazis müssen draußen bleiben.
* Denkt auch an Enbies!
* Gegen Gatekeeping, insbesondere bzgl HRT. HRT saves lives.
* Für das Gesetz zur Aufhebung des TSG und Einführung des Selbstbestimmungsgesetzes ().

corona, intimacy, silly 

Und jeweils nicht die jeweilige Auffrischungsküssung vergessen und gelegentlich ne Boosterküssung machen!

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corona, intimacy, silly 

🤔 Küssen stärkt ja das Immunsystem. Und Immunsystem ist wichtig in so ner Pandemie … Also möglichst viele Leute küssen, richtig? 🙃

Keine PCR-Tests mehr bei roter CWA, ist ja ne tolle Idee, wenn man bedenkt, dass das eines der besseren Mittel ist, Infektionsketten aufzudecken und zeitnah einzudämmen, damit potentiell Infizierte überhaupt einen Anspruch auf PCR-Tests haben.


If you have a robust skincare routine you have demonstrated aptitude in many core skills of data science. I will not be taking criticism of this idea. Girls who have developed personalized skincare routines know more about multivariate causal inference than many engineers.


: "That I’m sitting on you lap doesn't mean I’m a top"

ed, vague food mention, non-lewd implied 

: "It's very gay that we can $DoThing later." – "But that would require us to have breakfast first." – "Oh fuck. Maybe we won't do it then …"

corona, people, re: - 

correction: there just as I wrote this actually was one person wearing a mask who wasn’t in the middle of the process of entering or leaving a public transport vehicle nor inside one

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corona, people, - 

city centre be like: literally no one wearing a mask …

If boob is great, why are there no 2 boo… oh wait there are 🥺

lewd joke 

her: *pulls me with her while turning around, so I’m above her*
me: "Am I a top now?"

@trwnh wondering about cis men in this society. I mean I'm fed up with spending so much time trying to hold them accountable. Are they computers after all

a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

corona, depol, question 

Wo man ja immer wieder mal hört, dass Gesundheitsämter normalerweise keine Kontaktverfolgung mehr machen … Hat hier jemand ne Ahnung, ob/wie man noch wenn jemand mit positivem Test bei ner Veranstaltung war an eine TAN für die Warnung über / @CCTG / kommt?

(Also für den Fall dass die positiv getestete Person Papier genutzt hat und/oder beide Systeme angeboten wurden. Bzw funktioniert in dem Fall dass das GA nicht mag überhaupt noch?)

omg what someone actually kissed four or more people at once‽ I wanna hear more about that, how did it happen, how well does it work position-wise (and in what position)?

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out of context lewd 

: "Irgendwie bin ich ja sehr empflich mit harten Sachen."

Everyone is talking about movies and I'd like to join in but I'm basically this guy

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