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fediverse meta on faving negative posts 

Because I just saw a post about this: Me faving someone's sad/ph-/… post is of course never meant as "great your feeling so bad", but as something like "wish you well" or "yea that's sadly relatable".

Also, yes I’m perfectly fine with other people faving my negative posts in that way.
(Thanks to everyone who's doing this, and also to those who are just thinking like that in response to my sad posts, btw ❤️)

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following PSA, subtoot 

Ok so how hard exactly is it to read someone's profile before follow-requesting? Isn't that like, the default thing to do? Or do some people just like to get blocked?

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So, I guess it's time for a pinned toot:

* Black Lives Matter.
* At people doing font stuff: Please support Emoji 13 so more people will see the trans flag here: 🏳️‍⚧️
* Trans rights!
* Capitalism sucks.
* All Colors Are Beautiful (except *that* blue).
* Smash the Cistem!
* Nazis müssen draußen bleiben.
* Denkt auch an Enbies!
* Gegen Gatekeeping, insbesondere bzgl HRT. HRT saves lives.
* Für das Gesetz zur Aufhebung des TSG und Einführung des Selbstbestimmungsgesetzes ().

You don't have to sacrifice yourself for nonbinary rights.

You're needed alive and as well as you can manage.

Your days with us as another friend, neighbor, or even a passing stranger are necessary. More importantly, though, you deserve to live and enjoy your life for your own benefit.

#activism #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #nonbinary

queer event, negative, binarism 

Oh no, it's the gender binary all over again :(

My phone: *spontaneously does the music at public street party to finally make the music more queer*
also my phone: *plays Bubblegum*
people: *decide that's way too slow and calm (agree, it really is) and switch phones instead of skipping to next song*

oh well 😅

Enough internet for today. (Just read random queermisic slurs in a random discussion)

German, food, shitpost 

Saft, jetzt mit Angabe des Furchtgehalt

We figured out why windows are called that way: Because when wind they can make ow.

(No ouchie was done for the realisation of this fact)

Many labels for gender and orientation are very difficult to navigate for people who aren't binary.

It's ok if you get frustrated with these labels as a nonbinary person.

Your frustration is justified and deserves to be known.

You don't need to stay quiet for the convenience of others.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #labels #orientation ..

: "Netzwerktechnik? Klingt so ein bisschen nach Mathe"


Ist irgendwie Fußball oder sowas? Hier ist ne Gruppe rauchender Männer im Zug, die queerfeindliche Beleidigungen umhergrölen :/

can it please simply be fully societally accepted to go out in underwear or naked

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sometimes I really do be that cliché girl who takes out half of her wardrobe and still doesn’t quite find the right thing 😳

@celesteh @seth @AmyZenunim why would anyone think constant monitoring or surveillance is better than teaching kids how to navigate this shithole of an Internet and help build better and safer internets?

this is literally the same thing as people taxiing their kids everywhere in their car, because they live in a suburban hell that's too dangerous to walk in

Transgender jongeren door lange wachttijden overgeleverd aan zelfmedicatie. Dat komt door het cis centristisch denken en handelen: je moet eerst langs een psycholoog die eigentijds circuit of je wel trans* genoeg bent, en die psych is vrijwel nooit zelf trans*. En dan begint je (tegenwoordig verkorte) real life test: hoe goed gaat het met je veranderingen. De professionals weten het best wat jij nodig hebt. Rot Toch Op -

Das kommt jetzt doch etwas überraschend, hätte ich nicht erwartet.

Der Deutsche Fußball-Bund (DFB) lässt trans- und intergeschlechtliche sowie nicht-binäre Menschen selbst entscheiden, ob sie in einem Frauen- oder einem Männerteam spielen.

If you get your estrogen through a doctor & they are giving you a little bit more supply than you need, like 2 months of supply that renews once a month - make absolutely sure you're stocking up as much as possible. It can take weeks to figure out how to get it offline if you don't know how and it can get taken by customs if they're being particularly assholish. EEn lasts for 2+ years if stored correctly. It just makes sense to stock up if you can :blobcatheart:

If you're not being given raises in line with inflation, you are effectively being given a pay cut, it's that simple. Inflation in general is just a bizarre concept, it seems like a great mechanism to devalue wealth at the bottom of society and concentrate it at the top but what do i know lol

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Queerfeindlichkeit, Morddrohung 

Sichtbar queer sein bedeutet übrigens auch, sich im Bus Mordfantasien anhören zu müssen, und keiner greift ein.

„Ihr dürft doch heiraten, was wollt ihr denn noch“, ah ja

german, pointless gendering of words, misgendering 

Incredible trick to make health articles a bit less horrible to read for trans people (ans everyone really)

🙅🏼‍♀️ Bei schwangeren Frauen
💁🏼‍♀️ Bei Schwangeren

🙅🏼‍♀️ An der Eichel des Mannes
💁🏼‍♀️ An der Eichel (des Penis)

@ binary world: ich meine, wenn ihr eh glaubt es gibt nur Männer und Frauen dann sollte es euch doch auch nichts ausmachen damit aufzuhören bei Allem das Geschlecht zu betonen das das kann/macht/hat... uhg

Ye gods, people who want to not give a shit about others' feelings have really poisoned the "Relationship Anarchy" idea

RA is not "all relationships are eternally undefined and I should be able to act however I wish without you getting upset at me". You can do a that if you want, but calling it "RA" is dishonest at best

RA is, fundamentally, rejecting predefined relationship roles/types and saying "only the people within this relationship get to define what it is and how it works; and we don't have to commit to never changing that"

exactly how you approach that idea is up to you. But if you choose to do something inimical to the concept, then calling it RA is dishonest and I have no reservations about calling you out on it

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