I'm enjoying playing around with ffmpeg filter chains for processing GIFs ...

someone that's good with nodejs help me budget my thread, my queues are starving.

Me, to the airplane infotainment system: "I'd like one of Comedy please"

Airplane: "How about Promising Young Woman (2020)? Look! A fun wig!"

Me, who never watches trailers to avoid spoilers: "Sounds good!"

_two hours pass_

Me: "so uh when is my next therapy appointment again"

consul-template is just "LISP but worse" and it'd be a lot better if they just owned up to it.

I am begging you - BEGGING YOU - my dear local brewery to please stop brewing so many IPAs.

We had some crab with our breakfast. We didn't eat them, they just kept us company.

Everything Patrick Stewart is in that isn't Star Trek is actually just a holodeck episode of TNG.

I will not be taking any questions.

I was really hoping for an easier way to do native app development for Android in Go... GoMobile doesn't do native widgets. Neither does fyne, but at least it has _some_. But it's super rough.

It happens I don't need this urgently, so merely amusing.

Bank of America sanitizes comment field when scheduling appointments. `documents` becomes `do##`. Way to make it weird, folks.

In the event of an emergency landing it is vital that you air guitar while you leap onto the evacuation slide.

After about two weeks and almost thirty hours, finished 2021 day 24. That one was rough. I don't even have a cool visualization to show for it.

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