Were getting a new CIO at my day job.

Theyve narrowed it down to two candidates. Neither of which seems like a psychopath or a used car salesman on the face of things. (Just had the meet and greet).

So already somehow doing better than I would expect.

I guess the former is OK. It serves a function.

But not why I tune into a politics podcast.

Like in principle many of the questions were KINDA relevant and ALMOST interesting. But like I pretty much find that everyone's calling in to secretly bitch about their conservative uncle; or trying to explain/defend their own underdeveloped sense of empathy.

Tried a talk-radio format politics podcast this morning and had to unsubscribe from it immediately. I forgot how irritating and stupid taking questions from random callers actually is in practice.

Realized I flipped the names of the card captor sakura movies yesterday. Can't believe no one called me out on it. Internet is slacking off on it's 90s anime trivia.

My fiance: Anime villains are so terrifying because they talk softly.

Following up the Steven Universe Movie with Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card for maximum thematic resonance.

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🎮🎲 starting the Reform Gamer movement to take games back from the Straight White Male Christian/Atheist so-called “Gamers” who are ruining all of the fun for us normal people 🎲🎮

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I had many requests for better pictures of my #floppyDisk #camera.

So here we go! Here are some high resolution shots of the Mavica FD5.

It's about the size of an Instax wide. I might pick up some photo paper later and try some photo prints at 3x5 of the VGA images this thing produces.

Thank God: Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and eBay all quit Facebook’s Libra in one day arstechnica.com/?p=1584207

post mentions non-endorsed websites. 

Went down a philosophy rabbit hole last night reading up on situational theory. Seeing a lot of today's troubles reflected in the text of "The Society of the Spectacle".

Then read about how the author drank himself to death unable to see a way out of the cultural death spiral he predicted.

Time to try to be optimistic today.

Which unfortunately means. We will repeat it. I do not believe we are capable of having that conversation.

That is not to lay blame per se. Just acknowledgement that capitalism is a bitch.

That being said the entire tech sector is complicit in human rights abuses in china. Microsoft has been caught opening up outlook email of activists to the chinese government in decades past. The general public failed to blink when Google started helping the government censor knowledge of Tiananmen Square in china.

If and when the immediate crisis passes. If we do not have a larger conversation about the roll of major tech institutions within the context of human rights; we will repeat this.

Not to say they shouldn't be mad at blizzard anyway. Just that we tend to be miopic on this subject.

I do hope all these gamers supporting free speech for Overwatch players, make sure they support free speech for NFL players next time that makes headlines.

Somehow I doubt we will get 1:1 correspondence there though.

Images isn't mine. I've got a good friend doing litter cleanup and art over here patreon.com/Cardea

But it seemed like an evocative image somehow and I thought a few tech folks who follow me might also get something out of it.

Coming out is a weird freeing harrowing rewarding lifelong process that is full of tears and laughter. I highly recommend it, assuming if it safe to do so.

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