It's really weird putting together a computer wihtout any drives in it. It's a first for me.

I mean Im repurposing an old NVME drive for this build. (Will probably spring for a new bigger NVME next month, and clonezilla everything over.)

But im opting not to supplement it with any SATA devices. No IDE. No MFM. No optical drive, no flopppy. Nothing but the NVME and the USB ports.

Im using a semi modular power supply and I did not need any of the modules.

Ryzen 5 system w/ integrated Vega 11 graphics now booting.

We will do the OS tomorrow. Work has me burnt out, was surprised that I had the energy to do the hardware.

This weekend we see how well Proton impresses these days.

Work is chaos for me today. But everything is better with the right sound track.

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The current FSF feels to me like the late (1980ies) government of eastern Germany (GDR):

disconnected from the real world, looking backwards to past glory and clinging to old comrades.

I like Free Software, GNU, GPL and the like, but the FSF is completely derailed and needs a new, fresh start.

Me: My computer case just arrived. I should put it together. I now have all the parts.

Me Again: But I am le tired.

Also Me: You don't have to put it all together now. You could just assemble some of it?

Me As Well: But you live with a cat. A half assembled computer invites chaos.

I've heard a lot of conflicting things about the . For those folks I know who enjoy or support them, what do you make of stuff like this:

I see the have chosen the path of a slow decline into irrelevancy.

We need to build a new org.

Haven't touched assembly in decades and that was 8086.

Mucking about with cc65 and the X16 emulator now.

Got the Commander X16 emulator installed, and built the cc65 assembler. Time to goof around.

3. While it may not be true for early versions their ultimate goal is to produce a sub $99 version. Things like the ZX Spectrum close have been around $300 USD or higher during their crowdfunding campaigns.

4. It's also in the club of being built to be shipped with a case. A lot of stuff in this space is sans case.

5. It's VGA not composite.

6. They seem really focused on boot strapping a software community around it before it even launches, via emulation and plenty of tutorials.

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Some things I like about this Commander X16 project, which is trying to build a new 8 bit computer.

1. It's very influenced by architectures of the past, but they don't seem bound to backwards compatibility. It's ultimately an all new architecture build on easily sourced parts in the present.

2. Their is an emphasis on making the hardware easy to use from the assembly level. Which is dictating things like their GPU design.


Think im going to put together a desktop machine now that I have an office with a desk again in the home.

Thinking ill get a one of the AMD APUs and lean on Vega graphics till GPU prices are sane again.

That will happen one day right?

Definitely was hoping to pounce on my feet with me unaware.

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Work finally gave me some time to breath.

And I immediately tripped over this cool Commander X16 8-bit computer project.

Shit I want that bad.

My brain hasn't been this burnt out by work since that crazy rush in education and IT at the beginning of the pandemic.

Been avoiding playing Morrisey's solo stuff for a while now; but today is kind of a day where I need it bad.

Work continues to kick my ass. Ive been doing a lot of 10 hour days lately. Project go-live is next week so thats going to end before too long atleast.

Last night I had a sudden and very intense memory of the book "Letters From Atlantis" by Robert Silverberg, that I read as a kid.

Wasn't a 100% I had gotten the title right till I saw the cover.

If I remember correctly its about time travelers, who travel backwards in time by inhabiting the consciousnesses of past people.

And their inhabiting Atlanteans.

And now I want to run a based around this concept.

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