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landlords, gripe 

For all those landlords with all that lost income I hear there's a job shortage in fast food why don't they go do that if their investment isn't working out?

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food mostly healthy snack 

Just from a box mix but theyre ridiculously not bad on carbs or calories. Somehow never used a donut pan before either. They are good warm, Im a hair worried they'll be a touch plain cool. May have to reheat them in the air fryer or chase them with some zero calorie pancake syrup later.

ethical software licensing movement 

The "freedom phone" using microg, lineageOS and the Aurora Store feels like a strong argument, that developers might deserve to have some say so on how their software is used and redistributed outside the usual proprietary/libre dynamic.

It's an argument from emotion mind you.

But I get that impulse; and id be hard pressed not to think about an ethical license if I was working in the android space right now.


I've been interpreting a lot of our worst political realities lately through the lens of a national crisis of empathy.

Nothing is a better yard stick for measuring our national lack of empathy than the federal eviction moratorium expiring; as the delta variant causes yet another surge nationwide.

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'Irreconcilable Differences' by me

My thoughts on the Mastodon iOS app and the frustrations within with a side of our long standing problems with Gargron.

food vegetatian 

Baked five mini calzones today to eat on. They didnt come out as pretty as I was going for but they are tasty. The dough was 100% carbalose flour. Stuffed with vegan pesto & alfredo sauce. Home made seitan and daiya mozarella.

Getting confused as to where hand pies end and calzones begin.

The tiny lady insisting I needed a break from work today.

You ever help someone else with anxiety issues calm down, and it leave your anxiety feeling off kilter? Like suddenly your anxiety is misscalibrated and your not sure if your worried (or should be worried) about the thing the other person was flipping out about?

There seems to be a growing sentiment in some linux corners that base system updates and userland applications updates should be decoupled if not handled completely differently.

Though I have seen very little acknowledgement that this seems like a distinctly *BSD idea.

Coworker: Wow we got through this whole meeting without your cat popping in on the webcam

*On command Hilda pops into view*

Hilda: Mrrrooowwwrr

Thinking about switching to tcsh and vim.

fam slightly humorous 

While visiting my Virginia fam every time someone said or did something baffling I typed it into my phone. I'm not going to share most of them, but I am going to share this one:

* Phyllis suddenly announces that there is a fungus infecting the people or DC in mass. It was a complete non sequitur. Its not clear why she brought this up or where she wanted to go with this topic. No one wants to probe it either to see what strange corner of foxnews she is regurgitating badly.

Just gave up trying to chase down a vendor on some technical issues, and called their corporate headquarters. Didn't get anywhere but the operator gave me the corporation's internal IT tech support line's direct number.

Confused both them and me for a bit.

Real Adventures in IT 

I was out of the office monday and tuesday, out of state.

I open my inbox wednesday morning. A vendor emailed me on monday going:

"We need the following data points on over a thousand classes, in 48 hours; otherwise their eTextbooks won't be ready for them come fall."

I suspect it might be somewhat impossible to not think about the "Take Me Home, Country Roads" song while rolling around the mountains and rocky hills of either Virginia (vanilla, or West). Mom and I definitely inevitability think about it on the drive. Subjected her to the version from "Whisper of the Heart".

People talking about homebrew and sideloading on the SteamDeck hurt my brain.

Stocking up on provisions for a trip into the shenandoah valley to see extended family. Got atleast one all potato salad and meat meal to navigate as a vegetarian, probably other traps too.

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