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arm holdings 


(ahem) Apple has got US$ 102 Billion and Google US$ 110 billion in cash on hand. That's cold, hard *cash*.

They both have a strong interest in low power chipsets, and Apple was one of the original founders of, and investor in, ARM Holdings.

The rest is left as an exercice to the reader.

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arm holdings 

via financial news:

SoftBank Group Corp. is exploring alternatives including a full or partial sale or public offering of British chip designer Arm Holdings, which the Japanese conglomerate bought four years ago for $32 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

y'all wanna go in on a chip design company?

May Zordon bless you and keep you;
May Zordon make his face to shine upon you
and be gracious unto you;
May Zordon lift up his countenance upon you
and give you peace.

Im having to take this management class this summer. Anyway we are supposed to be discussing cultural norms different from the U.S. that we might encounter in international workplaces.

Other students are discussing super serious things, like the japanese tradition of meishi koukan or the concept of guanxi.

Meanwhile im like: The swedes have these cultural institutional coffee and pastry breaks called fika, both mid morning and mid afternoon in many workplaces.

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Congratulations #Ecosia for reaching the milestone of planting 100 million trees! 😄 🌳

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I think trans people should get thrown transition showers like brides and pregnant people get. All your friends come over to celebrate this big moment in your life, gift you things you'll need to start living your true gender, and just have a big party. Can we make that a thing?

I've struggled lately with the fact that a lot of cultures and leaders around a lot of my hobbies and interests, are frankly terrible dumpster fires.

So I thank the scrabble association for reminding me that this is true for everyone right now.

Scrabble Association Bans Racial, Ethnic Slurs From Its Official Word List

"Some members threatened to leave the association if a single word were removed"

I have pretty much insisted for the past decade, whenever it came up. That I don't have time or desire to debate the merrits of the paradox of tolerance.

I am perfectly happy to be intolerant of the intolerant.

Still not going to do it, now that it's clothed as a critique of cancel culture.

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Cancel culture has always existed, it's just that it's historically punched down at women & people of color who dared rise above their station. It wasn't until it started punching up at powerful white men (and some white women) that it suddenly became a problem. Weird, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Finished Magitech Chronicles #4 last night.

Started, Star Wars: Shadow Fall.

Alphabet Squadron might be my favorite corner of the current star wars bookverse so far.

Talking to a friend again about macOS security, sent me down Apple notarization rabbit hole again.

I kinda grok how this process doesnt run afoul of GPLv3's provisions, for mandating signing keys. I think.

But it's awfully counter intuitive. It feels like it should run afoul.

I've followed this writer on birdsite for a most of a decade now. Very great guy. I like his work. He got hit by a car a few years back, and he stopped working on this thing for a long while. I'm excited to see him finish this project finally. (Actually hope we can get another volume down the road.)

It's a detective-noir graphic novel, gay protagonist. Pretty fun stuff.

Will we see Pine64 based hackintoshes? Or will Apple's ARM platform be so locked down, the ARM version of the OS won't boot on platforms without their hardware DRM?

Kinda wondering about all the linux folks who run on macbooks (and need things like Steam), and all the hackintosh fans post WWDC. I suspect there is some pearl clutching going on.

I've been experimenting with not using my adblocker to sanetize youtube, and with actually logging in to youtube to watch the creators I enjoy. Probably for the first time in a decade?

My brain has been nagging at me that I kind of exist outside the ecosystem some of them use to generate much needed income, while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

But Christ, thats a lot of ads and shameless cross promotion, I had been filtering out.

Driving an hour and a half north to do some laptop repair for some friends.

Im shopping for an enclosure, for a full sized raspberry pi, some speakers and a battery?

Anybody seen one from another project I can rip off, or have 3d printed?

As I understand it, no one panicked about erasing history, or the slippery slope to destroying all monuments; when they took down statues of Lenin in Berlin some 60+ years after his death.



Im diabetic, and my fiance is asthmatic.

The county my university is in, is rapidly becoming something of a hotspot compared to the county I live in.

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It's been made clear to me that any week now that ill be yanked to campus when administration feels like it. Despite the fact that I can do all my job duties remote; and underlying health conditions be damned.

It's a hell of a thing to have hanging over you every week.

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