Hilda likes to be where I am at, but seemingly gets bored while I work. Ive been moving some of her toys into my office.

work, possibly related to 5g conspiracy theories 

Apparently a student came to IT seeking out help with their cellphone. As the student just knew it was making them feel ill and draining their life force.

Almost surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

Dunno know the student's identity. Trying to talk colleague into putting the student in touch with our psychological services.

NFTs , old RPG experiences , comparison. 

Once while running Pathfinder 1e, my players found themselves in a nightmare pocket plane. The contents of which got more real & substantial the longer they paid attention to them. When they escaped, the things they interacted with too much would escape to the real world.

I tend to think about NFTs in the same terms. If everyone just chose to stop interacting with it, and granting it legitimacy it would have no power.

My players couldn't resist though.

Been having a pang or two of desire for a vanilla not de-googled android phone the past couple days.

There is a part of me which would like to have fun just dialing up the new Pikmin augmented reality game. Pretty sure it's pointless to try with microg. Can't even get the Aurora Store to cough up the apk.

If NFC's capacity for raw data ever gets above 8kb. We might see a world where it is possible to distribute NES games over NFC. Balloon Fight was 16kb.

A much better use for Amiibo if you ask me.

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All right people, time for another session of... Ask Mastodon! 🐘 ❓

Does anybody know of a good tool that allows one to view & search through log files on the web?

Something open source that goes on top of rsyslog.

I don't want ELK - it is overkill for my needs.

I will not take anything from Solar Winds, thank you very much.

If possible, nothing based on PHP. Please.

Yes, I know about Greylog. It is one of the contenders.

Yes, I know about rsyslog LogAnalyzer. It is also a contender.

Was tempted to get one of those cheap HDMI->USB fobs that would present to linux as a webcam.

But the reviews on the latency keep giving me pause.

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Thinking about hooking up a Nintendo Switch dock to my office's KMS switch.

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trans, british broadcasting corporation 

The BBC published this anti--trans article recently:


They identified a thing. Let's take them at their word that this is a true experience for the women interviewed.

What *other* factors might be at play? How about social dysfunction? How about mental illness? How about personality disorders?

They could have just written "People with mental illness sometimes coerce others into sex".

What a crap article...

Anybody watch the cartoon Reboot in the 90s? Remember that episode where the user sends an upgrade?


Pretty much what I want the animal crossing DLC experience to be like.

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Retro emulation experts!

What android emulator would I need to play the old gameboy color Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble with actual gyro controls?

Boosts welcome.

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One of my best friends bought this for me as a mug from an artist on Society6 years ago.

I finally did what I expected to happen, and broke it. Now I am also heartbroken.

If anyone knows where this is being sold by the original artist, I'd love to get a new mug.

Ahead of meeting with other major tech companies, google internal communication applauds itself for slowing down european privacy rules


Using wallabag to share due to NYT paywall.

What non gecko floss browsers are folks using on their android and android variant phones lately?

Maybe it's some sort of All Saints' Day thing done early? I dunno.

Surely some sort of counter Halloween celebration wouldn't be done in the morning for crying out loud.

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Trying to remember from my youth what the hell happens on the liturgical calendar this week to call for such a ruckus.

But this is totally over the top for very somber Lutheran childhood memories.

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Our back yard faces the egde of our neighborhood, which has like 500 ft of trees, and then one of the largest christian churches in the immediate area.

Today there is some sort of outdoor event with christian DJ blaring an occasional screams of free pizza and "woohoos!" and we are getting very sick of it.

We were very sick of it by 10 am. We were downright ill by 11 am. Now it's past noon and this is continuing...

Was musing this morning about Valve and Proton and the history of wine in terms of commercial products aimed at consumers.

Was looking up TransGaming and Cedega, to dust off those associated neurons. Though the associated wikipedia article kind of surprised me.

"Findev Inc. (formerly TransGaming Inc.) is a real estate financing company, with its head office in Toronto..." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Findev

Oh what a winding path that must have been...

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new Judith Butler on TERFs 

Perhaps as an apology for cutting their previous article they really gave Butler space to stick the boot in this time:

"As a fascist trend, [the anti-gender movement] mobilizes a range of rhetorical strategies from across the political spectrum to maximize the fear of infiltration and destruction that comes from a diverse set of economic and social forces. It does not strive for consistency, for its incoherence is part of its power."


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