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Been reading these scifi/fantasy books with heavy metal album covers lately. Not exactly high brow stuff but very very fun, and kind of comforting in a way.

Finished my homework. Did all our census crap. Made the the helpdesk documentation and did the rest of ze chores yesterday. Going to try and veg the remainder of today and ignore all those work tickets I accidentally saw coming in for me this morning.

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Now for the morning walk (since I remembered!) I saw this in front of a neighbor's house before dawn this morning and it made me smile.

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Quiet day. Little writing, read some more Terry Pratchett. Up to Pyramids.

Pondering supper.

Spending part of my weekend working on documentation for our helpdesk, so we can support all these online classes spinning up better. 😫 I am so exhausted still, despite hitting the bed hard last night.

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give a man a hamburger and you feed him for a day

teach a man to hamburgle and you feed him for a lifetime

Im suddenly terrified that we're just now thinking about moving the last of our beaucratic IT paperwork online. And im the only one at our university who knows our system for that.

Im in trouble. I find bad audio on WebExs migraine inducing.

Ive got this vendor playing the "it's just a little airborne" gag with their conference. Hell the hotel just closed and canceled all reservations but their still debating the conference.

Im painting liquid stitch / fabric glue over my stitching this time to see if I can get more than a week out of it.

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Another weekend another oppurtunity to try and practice stitching up Hilda's "Baby".

Im not good at this shit, but the fabric isn't even or square anymore either so...

nc corvid 

uspol / elections intersecting with epidemics 

Boss drafted me into a meeting today, so I could use logic and debate skills to ruthlessly stop anybody else from proposing anything too stupid.

Meeting was nowhere near my wheel house.

It was wierdly cathartic.

The wierd whirlwind of trying to help faculty plan and prepare for next week, and the need to keep planning for changes coming down the pipeline this fall simultaneously, was really intense today.

Still wierdly getting used to the loss of my work from home days just a few weeks ago. Im still not fully used to commuting on fridays. Though I guess shortly im going to be working from home nearly full time.

Lots of confusing transitions.

Thing I never thought would buoy the economy: Trump declaring a state of emergency

Hot take: Stock markets are pretty damn dumb and bipolar.

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