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Masto church goers.

There has been a threat of violence against progressive churches this week. As "they are an affront to God"

If you somehow go to in person services, please, please, please be careful.

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Drop Android and move to Apple.
That is the question.

Reminds me of this fallacy: which color do you like best? Blue or Black? As if there was not a million colors out there...

Seriously, though, how come these 2 dominate the entire phone market? As we say in French, "Choose between the Plague or Cholera".

Also: spending thousands of US$ for a (shitty) phone is way out of my financial possibilities. So it's probably going to be Android. Which the worst for privacy. Sigh.

Walked my husband and a few others through character creation of this Magitech thing.

Relatively new. It's a high fantasy meets military sci-fi setting. Spaceships vs Space Dragons. Lots of dead gods orbiting celestial bodies. Interesting spellcasting system.

It's slightly crunchier than I normally like but not overly so.

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uspol, near future events 

so the next week or so is likely to be hectic.

my greatest hope is that each and every one of you has someplace safe and warm to be without needing to leave for at least that long.

barring that, keep yourselves safe to the best of your ability.

check on your folk. really check on 'em - people are worn and confused and afraid and a few moments connecting with another caring human can go a long way to easing some of that for a time.

disconnect when you can, rest when you tire, and know that there is still love and you're a part of that.

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So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.


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breaking news, google hq 

Google in Mountain View has been evacuated due to a suspicious package according to KRON-TV

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Given #Signal 's current infrastructure issues, I started donating $5 a month to the Signal Technology Foundation non-profit behind it through my company's donation-matching platform so they will get $120 a year from me from now on.

Please donate with me
Signal Messenger: Speak Freely

Anybody got any PeerTube instance recommendations ? Seems interesting but I have a lot of choice paralysis looking at the instance list.

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Better example of playing around with falling blocks in love2d.

videogames new pokemon snap 

The car-thing in the new trailer reminds me of the jeeps from Jurassic Park.

Suddenly want to see Jurassic Park, but with all the dinosaurs removed and pokemon put in their places.

uspol, impeachment, press, language 

"Most bipartisan impeachment in history" is a weird thing to say or dwell on.

The US has only had four impeachments in history, one that didn't happen in the past hundred years; and two in the past four about the same president.

Past impeachments are not going to tell us a lot about this one. There have just been too few to draw inferences from.

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Self-built IBM-XT compatibile #mini8088 #retrocomputer is up and running! Couldn't find a 28.636Mhz crystal, just a 14.318 one, so I'm stuck with a 4.77Mhz clock and a turbo mode of 7.16Mhz (no 9.55 for now).
Serial port, CF, audio, floppy and VGA all tested fine! Now I just need the smaller 8bit backplane and to drill holes in the brackets. #homebrewcomputing

Sat down to hack on some lua code. Was convinced that I was going to have to spend some serious time on a bug I found a day or two before.

Changed one line of code, and its fixed.

Now im like, can I be done for today?

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USPol, Aftermath, Family, Emotions 

Governor of my state is mobelizing the National Guard. I've got a younger cousin in the guard. I've not seen her since I came out of the closet. She was a teen last I knew her.

That side of the family doesn't talk to me or my immediate fam. Last I heard (before complete radio silence) she was pursuing a full-time career there.

I wonder if she's going to be punching Nazis in a few days and if she ended out a person who feels reasonable emotions about that?

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USPol Trump riots aftermath 

So, Mitch McConnell (human turd) is now supposed to support House Democrats efforts to impeach Trump again.

Because, of course, Mitch is a weaseling backstabber human turd.

And that sentence is insulting to weasels, turds and backstabbers everywhere.

uspol, impeachment 

There is a part of my brain which doesn't quite grok why voting to impeach trump takes this long.

I guess its good to be seen taking it seriously and with all due consideration?

But it also feels like... if there is still any question as to if it's needed or should be done. We have already failed?

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