vim, nsfw 

I am inclined to believe that `Sexplore` is not an accident.

Cuba has it's own alternative to Wikipedia. Here's the page for the USA in it.

A translated excerpt from it:

> Recognized as the empire of this era, it is the most powerful nation of all time. Emerging as an independent nation in 1776, it has achieved remarkable economic, scientific and military development. Historically, it has been characterized by forcibly dispossessing other nations and countries of territories and natural resources to serve its companies and monopolies. With barely 4% of the world's population, it consumes 25% of the energy produced on the planet [1], and despite its wealth more than a third of its population is not guaranteed medical care.

anarchy without mutualism is individualism is competition is domination is the kyriarchy

Remember to change your gender every three months for security reasons


Monospace font but with serif.

so how do you reverse a linked list? wrong answers only please

If you need another version of the drake meme format

bored workaholic request :boost_ok: 

I've been bored and impostor-syndromed lately, and am interested in helping out with compsci-related volunteer work or helping out on a project, partially so I stop feeling so restless and inexperienced. If you're working on something or are otherwise interested in inviting me to do collaboration stuff, please lmk.

procrastinating while making productivity potion

occasionally typing "that's crazy" into the chat function of my online class so they know i'm engaged

Apparently, Goodreads tracks you when you block their signin interstitial.

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