I might watch Everything Everywhere All at Once tomorrow.

Caps, kind of 


I fucking love being infodumped at by cute nerds tbh

Capitalists would rather create a market for carbon certificates than question capitalism.

Everyone: Big Tech should support #FLOSS developers, who develop tools Big Tech was built on, so that important FLOSS projects are well-maintained, quickly patched, and secure.

Google: pay us to access versions of open-source software we audited ourselves.



oh my god i just found out about mastodon.green

how do they manage to have worse racism and capitalism vibes than any .com instance

whats up with these "uwu we're a small company we cant afford to pay for servers you cant sign up if youre not white enough sorryyyy not our fault uwu we cant afford it"

also love how there is a specific measurement unit rule and you cant use anything else. dont you think its great to have an instance where you accidentally say 2pm and get vaporized

There is a difference between

1. using markets to optimize for what we want


2. letting markets decide what we optimize for.

Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

It's called "medium.com", cause the articles are neither rare nor well done.

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June: pmail.com/newsflash.htm

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

Lofi Girl is all good, but where is Lofi Boy?


Almost all of my IRL friends are on Instagram, and what they post there is mostly their selfies, photos of them eating out or visiting places. It is not a bad thing per se, but unlike here, I do not find any conversation on Instagram. I wonder if it is because of how Instagram works, or just a cultural thing.

An organized society is one that has organs in it. For example, as found in churches.

@haskal still makes no sense why monday had to be first, like why'd they put the worst day at the beginning like that?

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