the more time goes on the more i think that magicacsg basically is the standard sdf modeling format like magicavoxel is maybe we do actually have a standard for this? def wanna do more experiments, this seems to use marching cubes but i wanna raymarch

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Made a test export from file. 220kb file turned into 104 ply files that took 3.25gb. Luckily i have houdini to wrangle those into on clean mesh file. Otherwise might have been painful. Quality has improved immensely since now you can control resolution of pieces.




So, yeah, we just announced a team up with Disney to bring TRON back to video games. Lots more to come and talk about, but today we exhale. Our first collab, Tron: Identity, is wishlistable on Steam now! I'm so proud of my team, and grateful to be here.


My talk got accepted!!! guess who's doing an updated talk about :3

I'd like to add that IMO it's not better to spend time fighting for freedom on windows because the entire system that is responsible for making it is against you having freedom, replacing it with a better system like Linux's decentralized governance isn't giving up at all.



If you want to engage kids nowadays, the solution is pretty clear: sandbox games with social components and a very well defined style are the big thing. Instead of playing games like in Rec Room, let them make their own stuff like in Minecraft/Roblox.Even Fortnite lets you build!

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Gotta agree here, if we don't want kids screaming in VRChat all the time they need some place that's more fun. Noting the appropriate age won't help, nor will even parent awareness. No Coolmathgames or Poptropica really exists in VR right now, we need platforms kids will flock to

ya know, if it actually ever happens and we can settle on a definition! the web's name was made AFTER they made the thing itself, not like what's happening now :p

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Ok can i just say that the idea of "metaverse will replace the internet" is dumb because:

a) the internet is computers connecting together
b) the web is a platform built on top of the internet comprising of search, discovery, and content

so really, "metaverse" is a new web.

I'll make a bold claim: I think this is the case for most people too! Having infinite different things across infinite different platforms that work together in infinite different ways sounds like a total unconstrained nightmare scenario. Clear, defined boundaries are good!

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The most I'll ever try to predefine stuff is just a tiny component in a much bigger stack, specifically Stardust in Linux! and that's something people can swap out or reimplement, and the community is way better

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If I see another platform I like, I'll just write a script or such to convert assets between the 2 and save the stuff I like, the pressure of defining how EVERY platform has to work just to make tiny things move between them is a headache and honestly sounds like chaos!

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honestly i'm just thinking of totally removing myself from that space, it's too stressful for me. I'm glad I can work on stuff I enjoy like Stardust and a project in Neos to remake Tron stuff, there's no pressure there and it's just fun.

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Can't we just do things like in web1 where people just made stuff they found useful, others started adopting those things because they found them useful, etc? make tiny bits we can plug in together and not predefine the universe like architecture astronauts?

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I want standards of course, but not like how it's happening! There's thousands of voices of companies and projects and people, all clamoring to be the center of attention, the next big thing! I just want a nice place to hang out. VRChat actually did that pretty well before EAC.

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It doesn't need portals, doesn't need crypto integration, doesn't need worldwide standards. It's just a nice place where people can build things and talk with each other.

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The more I hear about some new "metaverse" platform that does everything in its own way and is trying to dictate how everyone does everything I always get MASSIVE anxiety, I just want a nice space that does its own thing and doesn't have so much pressure, like Neos always is.

and I mean edit as in "go into blender and paint on it", not just swap out the nose or such.

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