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you know what else was made for faggots like me. cock

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nintendo is not your friend trust me i added them onto discord and they posted my address onto twitter
do NOT trust them.

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this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it


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feel so bad for the other people on the instance who have to look at my disgusting posts 💔

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you guys dont mastadon enough i can't refresh my shit and immediately see something new like wtf this shit is wack

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toot is a very fun app though, like all the fancy animations and gestures, I love it.

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People who use Mastodon on an iPhone, I've got a question, how? I've tried about 3 different clients (Mast, Tootle & Roma), Roma has a nice UX, but is quite buggy, Tootle is stable, but a UX nightmares, and Mast has OK UX and has a few bugs.

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