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Basically, I'm asking for recommendations on hobbies/projects that I can try to pick up that aren't on the pc, are easy to intermediate to learn, can preferably be paused and resumed at any time (aka. are flexible time-wise) and also preferably don't cost much getting into or continuing. Oh and maybe stuff that just generally gets me moving or outside.

Are there even such things?

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Heyyy peopleee, how does one easily pick up a hobby or project that's easy to do and can be paused at basically any time, yet doesn't involve a computer and maybe even does involve going outside or just general movement?

And if that thing is something along the line of making stuff, then how does one do it so that they don't just make that stuff for the sake of making that stuff but also that it has some purpose like even just decorative purposes?

Odd questions with Tami:

If I order a box (like for packaging) online, does that mean I get a 2 for 1 special (sending my box, packaged in another box) or would they just ship me one empty box?

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what is gender, I just wanna be comfy

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From birdsite 

RT @NowWeAreAllTom
2000s iTunes:
"hey buy this content! It has DRM!"

2010s Bandcamp:
"hey buy this DRM-free content!"

2020s N F T marketplaces:
"hey buy this content-free DRM!"

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why do people not CW their posts? ugh

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Do people actually delete emails that they think won't be relevant in the future which they have already read through?

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Ezri: I had no idea alcohol makes people horny.
Ezri: It makes me sleepy.

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how are trans people so incredibly cool and pretty

im so gay

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