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Didn't put this bunch of links in my original because I wasn't sure what my employers were going to let me keep up, but that's sorted out now.

So, I'm also creating stuff at: (games) (mainly modules backing those games) (music, very intermittently) (non-micro blog) (serious photography) (less serious photography)

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s'pose I should here even if the handful of fedi-friends I have are over on

Been switching up gender+orientation and social internet platform every decade -- this is number 4.

tech: data parsing, DSL maintenance, NLP, any language you throw at me by day, ( by preference these days) by night, only (OK, ther's a MacBook under the sofa)

lgbt: (they/them) too old and tired () to be an activist anymore

If you're in the UK, one tiny thing you can do about #RoevWade today is to sign this open letter to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss:

next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people


Emergency commissions!!

Guys help please!!!!
I'm doing quick Chibis right now! 25$ each.

Will be completed in 1-3 days tops
YCH or custom.
I'm about 400$ short for my rent this month on the first.

My complex doesn't accept late payments and they'll evict if You're late. Help!



A wneithoch chi dala ein hysgrifennydd ni, Eira Ghiani, ar Prynhawn Da yn hyrwyddo ein digwyddiad Pride ni yn Llanymddyfri dydd Sadwrn yma?

Os wneithoch chi collu e, dyma link i’r sioe ble mae’r sgwrs am Pride yn digwydd am 20:00 a fideo E am 24:00 😍



Did you catch our Secretary, Eira Ghiani, on Prynhawn da promoting our pride event this Saturday?

If you missed it, here is the link to the show with Pride talks beginning at 20:00 and E’s snippet at 24:00 😍


Boost if you, too, are not conventionally intelligent but can be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie.

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Based on futile Twitter conversations I've had today, here are some diagrams about the #nonbinary pronoun situation.

so i accidentally hit a bunch of keys and got into source view on, noticed @tomscott left these little comments on the page i happened to be on, so i did a bit of digging, because of course i did.

then i saw this one.

you're brilliant, Tom. never change.


Join us at’s #NotSafeToBeMe protest to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights. ✊

By cancelling its first-ever international LGBT+ conference and excluding trans people from the ban on conversion therapy, the UK Government has showed us that we're not safe to be ourselves.



When people, including bioscientists, say that "sex is a social construct," we don't mean it's a random thing totally unrelated to anything else that we can just change willy-nilly. That "blank slate" position is a strawman. We mean something way cooler and more legitimate. 1/



Are the gay pirates available (legally) in the UK yet? #ofmd


cold take about right wingers on the net 

The way we should respond to right wingers is by identifying them, making them know they're unwelcome, and protecting any of their potential victims. "dunking on" right wingers or regurgitating their ideas and imagery in a different context does the literal opposite, it legitimizes them and connects them to potential victims.

there's so many better things we can make memes about lol

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