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Didn't put this bunch of links in my original because I wasn't sure what my employers were going to let me keep up, but that's sorted out now.

So, I'm also creating stuff at: (games) (mainly modules backing those games) (music, very intermittently) (non-micro blog) (serious photography) (less serious photography)

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s'pose I should here even if the handful of fedi-friends I have are over on

Been switching up gender+orientation and social internet platform every decade -- this is number 4.

tech: data parsing, DSL maintenance, NLP, any language you throw at me by day, ( by preference these days) by night, only (OK, ther's a MacBook under the sofa)

lgbt: (they/them) too old and tired () to be an activist anymore

Scrum Master is one of the giants from the bfg

trans girl joke, tech adjacent 

Trans girls be like: "This username is not already taken, please choose another one"

Another question 

So I'm hoping that by spending my free time developing FOSS software, I could also make enough money to afford to live, finish my education, and also start on hormones so I can start to feel like myself.
I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions I could get for this so feel free to boost if you think it'll help find some answers

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Another question for my followers 

I've been considering moving to a FOSS model where my source code is open and under a permissive license, but the compiled version have a fixed price point. So I'd be selling the compiled versions, but anyone is free to download the code and compile for free with no downsides.
Kindof a personal issue I've had is I can't afford both school and HRT so recently I've been just going to school. Which has had some negative consequences to my mental health. (to be cont.

Even if you have other primary pronouns, do you personally mind being called "they/them"?

(e.g, if I called you they would it offend you)

I made a small tool in Godot for generating SDF images. I have seen a lot of stuff for how to use SDF images in your game but not enough for how to actually make them. This tool uses a fairly naive approach to get the job done.

Tags for reach:

Boosts greatly appreciated!

tech companies at hackathons needs to diversify the swag they give out. if you want the best talent to remember your name don't give us cheap nylon bags and t-shirts. the inclusion of cat ears and thigh high socks will help you find some of the best programmers around. trust me.

Didn't put this bunch of links in my original because I wasn't sure what my employers were going to let me keep up, but that's sorted out now.

So, I'm also creating stuff at: (games) (mainly modules backing those games) (music, very intermittently) (non-micro blog) (serious photography) (less serious photography)

Eurovision winners' music video released, war 

(Originally wasn't going to post anything serious on this account, but this is such an unusual moment. CW:d to allow discretion.)

The winners of Eurovision yesterday have released the official video for their song today. It's unique, filmed in an actual warzone by those being bombed and fighting back:

Sharing it here as I think there is hope and pride in it as well as despair and horror.

"Dawning Of A New Day" (or, how I discovered Ren'Py and fell down a rabbit hole)

Eurovision, drugs 

Moldova putting the second M in ...

And bonus points for a song about inter-city (and international!) high-speed rail, as an fan I have no choice but to stan.

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#OpenUK is asking people to fill out their survey for 'state of open 2022'.

Just don't blame us for the fact they are using google forms for it hahahhaa

Medical mention, positive fat mention, health at any size 

I went to see my PCP today, and clocked in at 200 lbs. She congratulated me on my beautiful lab results, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and muscle mass. In front of 3 residents she said "you are healthier and in better shape than you ever were at half your size. Please keep doing what you're doing."

I have never felt so seen by a physician in my life.

Subtooting birdsite, queer gatekeeping 

Listen. I get it. I don't like all queer people either. There are even queer folk who I can't stand to be around. Cause that's how interpersonal relations work. We don't all have to like each other.

But we do have to have each other's backs. Even when it's hard. Even when it leads to pain and frustration. We need to try to make space for each other.


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random thought on cats 

u know when you're giving a cat scratches and they seem to be enjoying it a lot but then they suddenly bite u and stop? I wonder if that feels similar to when someone's touching u and u suddenly get ticklish, I feel like that'd make me bite someone if i was smol and they were big

@cadxdr @WeirderAdmin Feel free to copy from my instance :butterfly_lesbian::butterfly_ace::butterfly_bi::butterfly_pan::butterfly_trans::butterfly_nonbinary::butterfly_intersex:

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