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Today's gender is none of your business.

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as i touched the brick to my ginormous penis a huge wave of dopamine washed over me. i threw it at a cop car

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Do you ever feel sorry for machine learning algorithms?

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Nobody gives a shit. We're hard to categorise as a feminist issue because we're mostly men, we're hard to categorise as a trans issue because everyone knows that trans issues is about toilets or teenagers. We have no value to patriarchy even as spectacle. pinknews.co.uk/2021/05/14/nhs-

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anyway often "honors" and "rigor" just means "you have the cultural and educational background to access this material the way we offer it" and that is not great

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[ 0⃣0⃣💁]

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The city is raiding George Floyd Square 💔

I'm legal observing

Fuck this

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This is the fake corporate pride BS that I can't stand. Cigna is out here saying "happy pride" while rolling back changes to their coverage policies to reimplement coverage exclusions for gender dysphoria care. They limited their coverage everywhere except NY. twitter.com/Cigna/status/13997

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I know it’s just words but it does feel completely fuckin surreal to grow up in the 80s and 90s and now the President praises Pride celebrations and like...mentions us positively?? Wild

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Remembering when I stated The Identity Function and got a lot of pushback that was like "it's OK to be gay, but why talk about it?" from other computer scientists. As if our field were not started by a gay war hero forced to take hormones for being gay until he killed himself

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i told my housemate the vaccine knocked me out and he said "ah yes, set pfizers to stun" and friends, i am ANGRY

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It's Pride Eve, remember to leave cookies out for Lil Nas X for when he slides down your chimney

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for pride month if you have friends who are part of the lgbtq+ community let them know that they are loved. give them all of your money.

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More anti-trans bills became law in 2021 than in the previous 10 years combined.

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The scrubdaddy was one of man’s best inventions. It’s like right up there with fire and computers.

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the amount of health care i am able to get shouldnt be up to the guy who pays me as little as possible to do as much work as possible. that guy does not have my best interests at heart

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i do not support gay marriage. i support gay sex. i do not support straight marriage. i do not support straight sex.

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me age 2: i love my data so much. my data is so fucking nice. if anyone stole my data id be pissed
me age 99: FUCK!!

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just saw an opportunity advertised to "women-identifying and afab non-binary" ppl ... you can go on and throw that in the trash

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