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boss make a dollar,
I make a dime,
that's why my algorithms
run in exponential time

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the other thing that saying things like "menstruators", " people who give birth", "people with uteruses" does, in addition to including trans people who aren't women who still need healthcare, is it includes children who need that healthcare without referring to them as "women"

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So the debate has become between "jobs don't pay enough" and "unemployment pays too much" but I'm wondering if one thing also happening is the pandemic realigned some values away from "hustle for every dollar you can get" and towards "enjoy the one life you've got?"

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Between March and April 2021:

165,000 women LEFT the labor force (meaning they stopped looking for work altogether).

355,000 men joined it.

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Women are being shoved off a cliff that will likely take generations to climb back up twitter.com/ChabeliH/status/13

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Hey, do you think twitter removing crop was because it took them 6 months to try fixing the old crop's racism problem and finally went "fuck it, can't crop out Black faces if you don't crop in the first place"

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yeah sex is great but you ever had a friend that you think is attractive (for many reasons, not just how they look) but you just enjoy talking to them and aren't going to treat them like a sex object and just want to appreciate how wonderful they are and live in moment?

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No level of fancy mathematics PhD preparation will prepare you for needing to correctly convert time zones.

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@flewelex@twitter.com no because this makes sense. we’re older than gay marriage. the iphone 6 is older than gay marriage. minecraft is older than gay marriage. my little brother is older than gay marriage.

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Winner of best pandemic project? Citizen science project 'If I fits I sits'. Cats like to sit in enclosed spaces, and treat illusory squares as if they were real. bit.ly/33f7KoQ

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you fucked up a perfectly good silicon crystal look at that it’s calculating bitcoins

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I'm sure most of you have seen that NYTimes article about how the U.S. probably won't reach herd immunity, and so I did some ~digging bc the NYT loves to clickbait anxious people and then put articles behind paywalls. 🙄

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(retweeted as screenshot with alt text because OP seems like a racist asshole and I didn't want to drive him traffic, but the data structure described is truly horrific and worth inflicting on people who follow me)

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@0K_ultra@twitter.com I once had to deal with a data format: JSON concatenated with HTML (let me call them outer). Inside outer JSON, there was a string also containing JSON, and inside that JSON, there was HTML with parameters in {} braces. Inside outer HTML, there was escaped XML with JSON in CDATA.

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Let's play "is this a cat colony or just polyamory"

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Your goal shouldn't be friendship b/c that's not always attainable. Your goal should be peaceful coexistence where no one is stressed or insecure or upset.

This doesn't always look like cats sleeping together on the sofa

Often, it looks like cats completely ignoring each other

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there is exactly one cyberpunk brain chip i would totally consent to and it would be the one that just lets me run R with my mind

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Most employers may not want their team to burn out, but a lot of them definitely want to keep doing the things that lead to their team burning out.

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