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queer description thread 

We feel like formal definitions of words like "queer" are always reductive, especially since the concept evolves with the community. We thought it would be cool to have a thread of different descriptions of different "shades" of the word "queer", from the most formal to the most vague or like subjective one.
You're welcome (and encourged) to comment whatever queer means for you!

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conlang idea 

we had an interesting idea for a conlang that only has verbs, more or less, and only exists in written form. we're not sure we can explain without drawing but we wanted to share (also it's still a pretty early idea, still need to find a way to have abstractions like "the act of doing x" and a bunch of other stuff)
Do feel free to tell us if you're curious about it, we'll try to be clearer.

Eviction. Need money for food. Mutual aid. Boost. 

So we are getting kicked out of our house. During the time we are moving I won't be able to work for food. Also my mom doesn't buy food for me despite living with her so I'm underweight and go starving a lot. I just started my job so i don't have a lot of income yet plus what I said above. So any help is really appreciated.
If you want to help but don't have PayPal or cashapp let me know!$LunaCampbell

it's 20 seconds
but it is on youtube
so your discretion

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conlanging question 

hey does anyone have advice on where to start constructing the vocabulary of a language?

As a Pacific Islander & Asian, I don't need your liberal platitudes & corporations plastering hula dancers on products to seem woke for a month.
US police MURDER / mass-incarcerate #AANHPI constantly, your wealthy make us homeless, & your military is bombing Mauna Kea. Leave.

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hewo fediverse we enjoy being here plz keep being easy to curate and comfy

school, test 

haha I got a 6.5/10 bc I forgot to finish one of the three exercises and I made some very easy to fix mistakes
I have one month left of this bs
Let's hope souls can grow back bc I don't have much left

i think enbies deserve to be kissed if they want it

we've never played warframe and it's not our type of game but we'd like to have a standalone program that just lets you design custom frames bc the aesthetics they have are top notch

ok well I finally gave in and made a gofundme to get me top surgery bc I am feeling relentlessly horrible with dysphoria

boosts very much appreciated!!!

(to everyone who has put money in my ko-fi: I've set it aside to put towards the costs, I'm not just pocketing it for treats! thank you so much)

If your leftism isn't antiracist, its not really leftism hope this helps.

your telling me the team in british copaganda show "line of duty" is called "AC12"??? your telling me the name of the team is "AC12"??? thats the name of the cop team???

school, exams, negative 

turns out
she thinks she said
we need to take that exam
but like
I already have an ok avg
and it'd be abt an unrelated topic
and you framed it as though it was optional, to avoid having a failing grade

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