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Hey scientists! I work on the Distributed Compute Protocol, a grid computing platform for , , and .

We take the embarassingly-parallel part of your computational science and distribute it across many computers, handing each worker just the data they need to work on -- think BOINC or Folding@Home, but workloads are or , and onboarding is trivial.

HMU if this sounds exciting, we're still early days but building fast.

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I'm a queer and genderqueer socialist, an elder millennial, parent to a trans boy and a teenage girl, and I have a small anxious dog.
I suffer depression, anxiety, and some complex chronic crap I don't have a diagnosis for. I'm a believer in better living through chemistry, and a cannabis enthusiast - used carefully it's been a huge improvement to my quality of life.
Punch Nazis, compost the rich, celebrate life and love all you can.

Hmm.. before I continue.. Does anyone know a good nice open source HTML-ish template or cool CSS styles for Goldfish social?

I cannot use the current one so..

Btw any #Disabled trans folk, especially wheelchair users ♿, or even other mobility aids users would be nice to meet as well! I'd feel less alone.

Let's be mutuals if you want and use CWs, plus if we have some interests in common! Let me know what you like if you feel like it! :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

I'll read your answers as soon as I wake up. Have a good day or night, fedi friends! Love y'all

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@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into #OSHW

The other day, @stux proposed building "Goldfish", essentially a Fedi remake of Tiktok.
Based on my son's usage habits, that would be an absolute killer app for the queer tween & teen set; until that happens, can anybody point me at queer-teen instances I could suggest to him? I want to encourage *this* sort of community to him & his circle instead of the centralized channer-nazi spawning pits.

Spotted the cutest perfect little mushroom in my yard this morning.

There's countries where more people say they use "facebook", than "the internet" when polled. It's an obvious contradiction in terms for us here on fedi, but this is the sort of thing that can happen when large numbers of users come online without a working understanding of what they're using - the large tech companies get to them first.

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"It follows that the most important ethical and strategic question about any action is not whether it is violent, or legal, or coercive, but rather, how does it distribute power?"

p.s. If you use the WordPress ActivityPub plugin, it's a really good idea to donate to @pfefferle as they are the one who put the hard work in to create and maintain it.

You can find donation links on Matthias's donation page at:

(Thank you for pointing this out @mikka!)

#WordPress #ActivityPub

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Reminder that if you saw someone shoplift, no you didn't

gas mask advice, very long 

So, if you're planning to use a military gas mask for larping or for actual protection, there are some things you should consider:

- if there's a risk something's going to hit you in the face (e.g. CS gas canisters, baton rounds, airsoft pellets), use ballistic outserts, or cover the lenses with something else protective, you don't want fragments of glass or plastic in your eyes (plus masks obviously don't work with holes in them)

- try to use a somewhat modern mask which has a peripheral seal (a flap of rubber running around the outer edge which conforms to your face) - it dramatically improves the seal

- try to use a mask with an orinasal cup (a valved cup on the inside which goes over your nose and mouth, reduces dead space, and keeps you from fogging up the lenses

- if you have facial hair, shave it, it compromises the seal

- if you ordinarily wear glasses, remove them, they will compromise the seal. If you can't see without glasses, some masks do have mounting systems for optical inserts, failing all else, you can probably improvise something that doesn't compromise the seal. Contact lenses may be a bad idea, since moisture is stripped from the air coming into the mask by the filter.

- older filters may contain asbestos (anything from the warsaw pact), or chromium (C2A1, probably a load of others), get a modern canister instead

- there are two different standards for 40mm filter canister threads, these are GOST (warsaw pact during communist period, russia, few other countries) and STANAG/DIN (most of the world). Make sure you pair the right type of filter with the right mask, it won't thread and seal properly otherwise.

- pick an appropriate filter for the danger, for CS gas an unsealed surplus military filter will likely be adequate, for industrial hazards you should buy canisters new from a reputable vendor. Check manufacturer data sheets to find out which type of filter you need. Remember that filters do not protect against carbon monoxide or low oxygen environments.

- filters often have caps on them - make sure you check where they are, and remove them when using the mask.

- If it feels like you cannot breathe at all, this is
not normal, breathing resistance is not that high. Remove the mask, check that there's no issue with the filter.

- familiarise yourself with your respirator in a safe environment, and practice taking it on and off. Remember, hold the harness with your hands, and pull it over your head, chin goes in first

- when you have the respirator on your face, test the seal:
- - cover the inlet valve or filter inlet, breathe in. the mask should be pulled towards your face, if air comes in from elsewhere, refit it
- - cover the exhale valve, breathe out, the mask should be pushed away from your face. if the seal breaks away from your face (prob accompanied by a hilarious fart sound), that's fine, if it breaks closer, refit.

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