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I’ve noodled my way up from quieter parts of the fediverse to talk tech (and increase my general visibility to and of the fediverse)!

I’m a helpdesk tech who loves retro computing and videogames. The more obscure the tech, the better, and I’m a big fan of underdogs and unloved machines. Here’s a rare Cyrix-only motherboard I picked up recently as an example of just that.

Nice to meet you! Hopefully I’ll see you around? 👋

A quick VRChat PSA, please boost:

Large meetups can be resource-intensive, so clear your cache beforehand. Here's how you do it:
1. Open the Settings menu.
2. Open Advanced Settings
3. Click "Clear Downloaded Content Cache".
4. Log out and then log back in.

If your memory usage is under a gigabyte, you should be fine. If it's more than 10 gigabytes though, you should definitely clear it.

Since I don't know how to make strikethroughs on my rars, have my To-Do list formatted through Discord

alcohol, tf 

I didn’t pick any up but this brewery also makes the most blatant tf trigger I’ve ever seen in a commercial product

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- buy one (1) Blahåj
- install Kali Linux onto a Raspberry Pi
- embed Raspberry Pi into Blahåj
- plug in Ethernet



- buy one (1) Blahåj
- install Kali Linux onto a Raspberry Pi
- embed Raspberry Pi into Blahåj
- plug in Ethernet


was gonna shitpost about how i'm a fishwife (wife who is fish) but i checked real quick and the actual definitions are also true so

it is a crime that the "fin" in "fintech" is for finance and not fish

I want a TAIL
T: Tail
A: A Tail
I: I want my gd tail
L: Let me get my damn tail

The Switch is getting a beginner's gamedev toolkit similar to apps like Scratch

downloading taurs? make sure to use a vpn when you're taurenting

apparently you can adjust animations in vrchat based on whether you're in VR or not (VRMode)

you can make your avatar wear a VR headset when you're in VR

Athens, Georgia’s local government is doing some sort of reparations for a black neighborhood that was cleared out in 1960s “urban renewal.” First reparations of any kind in Georgia in anyone’s memory, quite possibly since Reconstruction. Friends & comrades from orgs I used to organize with have been very involved in making this happen. I’m extremely proud.

Hey so the Seattle Police Department is holding a free Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner next week!

It Sure Would Be Terrible if all the seats were taken up by people who aren't law enforcement officers and don't intend to show up! :blobowoevil:

My career prospects will forever be limited by the fact that I cannot say "we're transforming from an IT company.. to an IQ company" with a straight face

I have the Sonic 3 end credits music stuck in my head this morning

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