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You: Dragons are majestic, insightful creatures, full of wonder, magic, and power.

Me: Don't even talk to me until I've had my coffee.

Introducing the new Shyra. She's a mood and a half, huh? 😆

As soon as I have some new icons made up, I'll swap over my pfp. Until then, enjoy this intimate look at me in the morning, rendered by Miles (@mangajag on Twitter)

image cw: clothed fursona rendering

psa: your co-workers who have been there for longer and don't work as fast as you aren't ""lazy,"" they're exhausted. they were in your position once too, and felt like they had to put in all their energy ito the job -- and they burnt out. you should learn from them, and slow down now. take rest breaks and coffee breaks, let things take a little longer; your reward for extra speed will only ever be more assignments, inevitably grinding you down. your exploitative employer isn't worth it.

dudes will literally transform the genuine post-scarcity possibilities of software into a black box for all the empire’s devils rather than go to therapy

The evil owo blobcat has such a great energy.


This fucker's going to cause problems on purpose.

They're the literal textbook photo under "Be gay, do crime".

They know why that cop car has flat tires.

Best energy.

But did you two, you know...

*whispering* _scrobble?_

what was i assigned at birth? unrealistic expectations

Thinking about how the whole idea of “alpha male” wolves is a myth, based off behaviour only exhibited in captivity. Also thinking about how capitalism & colonialism are effectively systems of captors and captives.

When not in captivity, violent struggles between wolves for dominance are rare or non existent. Meanwhile, the majority of people live in some kind of captivity. How does this change our behaviour? What would we be like if the majority were instead free?

this is literally everything my os can do at the moment but it was totally worth it imo

okay, I've finished ravenously devouring Deltarune Chapter 2 and all I can say is my face hurts from the amount of smiling I've done tonight

It's brilliant

bank: you MUST register with your LEGAL name! none of this TRANS GENDERED CRAP
me: what if i register as a business?
bank: no problem of course
me: what if the business name is my actual name, the one you don't want me to use?
bank: absolutely not a problem at all


"The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks."

Jeff Hammerbacher, former Facebook engineer

SkateBIRD is out! I've been following it for three years, and it's exactly what it sounds like

Steam, Itch, Switch, and Xbox

a nonbinary person named Mx. Cherry Keyboard

request for advice about synths 

ok music fedi, I have done my share of recording but I have almost always stuck to your typical guitar+bass+drums because I just don't know anything about synths. I'd like to dip my toes in using some VST plugin synths but I'd like some advice about where to start.

so what do you think? Is there a good freeware or cheap synth plugin you like? Or do you generate all your sounds with external equipment? Or a combination?

I know about modular synths but I do *not* need another thing to spend money on right now which is why I'd like to start with VST

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