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I’ve noodled my way up from quieter parts of the fediverse to talk tech (and increase my general visibility to and of the fediverse)!

I’m a helpdesk tech who loves retro computing and videogames. The more obscure the tech, the better, and I’m a big fan of underdogs and unloved machines. Here’s a rare Cyrix-only motherboard I picked up recently as an example of just that.

Nice to meet you! Hopefully I’ll see you around? 👋

So, ball’s in your court, web server developers.

Are you going to add a one-line header, by default, to your server responses to protect people from being tracked by Google or not?

Adding it to Site.js took 5 minutes or work:

Do you care?


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just spotted a hotel parking lot with about 15 army transports camped out in it on my way home before the police curfew, if you’re wondering how Minnesota is handling a racist cop shooting happening during a racist cop trial

Wing-it for @Balina

I'm starting to think I just really like drawing short characters and lots of arms

get rich quick scheme 

Start a country called Jasmonia or something, get IANA to assign me the .js TLD, and sell domains to every frontend dev I can find

do you ever think about how a huge software industry writes code in a programming language originally made in 10 days

So yeah, as I alluded to this morning... it’s my birthday today.




Confirmed: the FSF's sole purpose is to serve as RMS's amplifier.

Taken as is, this is a complete slap to anyone who directed the FSF in RMS's absence. If the organization is so rudderless as to be cast adrift without one man then the bus-factor of that organization is too great for long-term survival.

The FSF needs to consider what their mission is, because right now their mission is in jeopardy and the folks willing to carry water for the FSF are vanishing.


"Posting" is the process by which mentally-ill queer people leverage their intrusive thoughts to make their friends laugh

Today is my last birthday of my 30s. I’m still processing this fact.

monthly subscription gender box. for only 49.95 a month we ship a different gender right to you door

outdoors ppl please give me your outfitting/gear wisdom. boostable 

I'm just a little dude signed up for a six week backcountry field camp on Lake Michigan and in the surrounding states

I need to acquire clothing and gear appropriate for long hiking days, field ecology surveys, and mostly camping. All I confidently got are trekking poles and shoes.

Can I have: backpack recommendation for weakass me, clothing recs for 70% stealth trans guy, thrifting tips for clothing, well wishes

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