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You: Dragons are majestic, insightful creatures, full of wonder, magic, and power.

Me: Don't even talk to me until I've had my coffee.

Introducing the new Shyra. She's a mood and a half, huh? 😆

As soon as I have some new icons made up, I'll swap over my pfp. Until then, enjoy this intimate look at me in the morning, rendered by Miles (@mangajag on Twitter)

image cw: clothed fursona rendering

Imagine a bird. Picture it in your mind. Okay now tell me 

How big is it

Staring complete.

No answers found.

Soul still made of void 🤷🏻‍♀️

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What *am* I?

*narrows eyes*

*stares into her own soul*

Be back in a bit

*clacks teeth together rhythmically*

What. Noise. Do I. Make.

C’mon brain

💡I just published Airglow, a beautiful, parametric, and open lamp design, powered by Neopixels LED strips and a WLAN-enabled micro-controller.

Get it here and start printing your own awesome lamps:

Made with #OpenSCAD!

computers bad? no, computers good.
computers /under capitalism/ bad.

Why would it be weird for companies to embrace NFTs? Because NFTs are a scheme for rich people to get richer by exploiting poor people? That's what big companies do?

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