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Oh... I copied my bio and links and iamges over, and made a new intro post but I forgot to replicate my pinned posts.

I'll do that when I'm over covid but suffice to say:
1. I cry every time I watch Terminator 2
2. Computer are the dumbest thing in the universe
3. My accounts on every website are a safe space

I also ran another overnight bleep bloop stream, if you want to see the most up-to-date versions of the modules in action:

Anyway, good morning, hope your day is going well 💜

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I've since styled and named the sync-divider, it's called "divib" and has fancy LED-lit jacks now.
The random CV module isn't named yet, and I need to design some custom knobs, jacks and LEDs to match the 🤘RAD🤘 90s aesthetic. And think of a name 😅

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Spent yesterday developing a few virtual modular synth modules for Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular😊
They're the 2 unstyled modules in the upper left:
1. A ultra-compact sync-divider that does the standard power-of-two divisions (2-256) but also a few odd ones (3,5&7) and "halftime" versions of those (e.g. ticks in a 3-4 tick pattern).
2. a random CV source based on a 16-bit buffer a playhead loops over and has a chance of flipping each read bit. Inspired by things like Marbles and Turing Machine.

Found a fancy melon in the store called "Limelon" that claimed it tastes like lime. The skin was like a honeydew, but greenish, and it wasn't super expensive, so I picked a small one up.
Happy to report that it tastes EXACTLY like lime and is a bit of a mindfuck to eat, because the texture is 100% honeydew, but it tastes like you'd squeezed a good quarter of a small lime onto every bite.

Fun hybrid!

selfie, no eye-contact 

I usually only post selfies on my instagram, but have broken this rule a number of times on the birdhellsite so might as well do it on here, too, when the look is this good :3

languages are stupid

crow and raven are reversed in finnish

crow is varis
raven is korppi

this is not ok I want to see a manager

A 100% fucked up thing I realised today:
We as a society have been so deeply indoctrinated into thinking the most important things are productivity and profits that even unruly partying teens have an unconcious respect for those values.

This is apropos of me defaulting to saying "I need to work tomorrow" as a reason when going to ask loud partying neighbours to quiet down.
The fucked thing is: IT WORKS.

A drunk 19-year old punk will fully just go "oh, god, sorry sorry! Yeah we'll quiet down".

we have a beautiful language w/o gendered pronouns; people who have some weird obsession w/ injecting gendered terms into nouns like professions or titles are people whose ideas are bad and who should feel bad

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Finns who get upset about the use of terms like "esihenkilö" (gender-neutral "supervisor") instad of "esimies" are losers and deserve to be upset.

DALL-E interpretation of "robot romance novel"

I would've liked to see more r4r (robot 4 robot) content, though

I'm making breakfast, and for reasons I cannot explain, this melon is definitely queer.

Happy pride!

It's not so much that I'm sleepy or tired, but that I'm just extremely exhausted w/ being awake.

This is slightly concerning at 10AM in the morning after 9h of sleep and having been "awake" for a grand total of 8 minutes 😅

Going out to a tiny picnic to a nearby park. :)

My wife is travelling, so I'm borrowing her bento box. Ham-hummus-grated salad sandwitches, some yellow nectarine slices, a handful of sour gummy-worms, lentil chips and a Capri-Sun ☺

you, a simpleton, an absolute rube: "shinmai hasn't watched the latest 4 seasons of Dimension 20, there's no way they're going to re-watch Fantasy High"

me, taking a drag from a menthol cigarette on a cigarette holder at least a foot long: *presses play on Dimension 20 S1E1*

Thanks for coming to my DREAD talk, and sorry for the bad vibes, but this was something I had to get off my chest.

(luckily SoMe being what it is, barely anyone will see this rant, lol)

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mentions of SH/SI, medical stuff, pain 

And _THAT_ is what scares me the most in this whole entire world.

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mentions of SH/SI, medical stuff, pain 

But... My other pains can sometimes last for hours on end without a fraction of a second of relief.

I can't help but think, what if one day that Pain will start, but NOT stop after three seconds. Just keep going. How long would I yell or scream? Would my body stop convulsing at some point? What would happen to The Thought?

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mentions of SH/SI, medical stuff, pain 

Again, I do _not_ have SI or thoughts of self-harm.

However, for the ½-3 seconds I'm experiencing this Pain, there is a thought in my head, NOT in the foreground, not my "main thought" as it were, but somewhere in there, that goes
"I wouldn't be feeling this if I was dead."

But like I said, the Pains have, so far, only ever lasted around 3 seconds at worst, and as soon as the Pain subsides, tha thought is gone, too.

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