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This is the sweetest thing my partner ever did
And the funny thing is
Many people said that i have such an affect
What is tbh really sweet

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Hey my name is Siro! (She/her 19🏳️‍⚧️)
Actually It is really my name

I like writing, talking and playing with people
I love cute stuff

I am really interested in everything that involves electronics or computers
And I can program with python, rust and java a little bit

Feel free to use my discord in my bio,

Some games that I like:
Minecraft, factorio, half-life*, dead cells
Some game genres that I like:
Rouge like, metroidvenia, sandboxes, and more!

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The reason why cats are so cute is, that they life not in our reality but they are already so cute that the cuteness is leaking from their reality to our, and our reality isnt used to getting so cute vibes

She's a 10, but she doesn't exist, because high standards are harmful. You're cute the way you are :3

*hugs you*

how to doxx someone turorial (REAL) (STILL WORKS IN 2021!!!!) 

1. hakc into conputer
2. establish a VNC connection so you can see their screen
3. send them an jpeg of a mirror
4. wait or them toopen it
5. see there face in the miror jpeg
6. cancle them on you're basd fedivers dot commerce instance

went to a friend's graduation party. got nervous and backed out cuz too many people. took pictures of ducks and geese instead

The mother of my partner thought I was a female friend of my partner
Because I looked so girly just by using the right clothes that she had trouble actually recognising me

That was a awesome moment when I heard that info from my partner a few minutes later xd

Me venting about something that happend to me rn 

I am like mp3 or jpeg but when you set the settings waaaay down

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Me venting about something that happend to me rn 

A friend of mine got super mad at me rn, because they asked what the oldest memory that I have rn about them is
And I said something about this day
Guess what
I have big memory problems
Like yes ofc I could remember more when I would sit down for 10min but come on
Like i get why it might hurt
But its not like its a secret that my memory is due to some things I have just really really bad and lossy

I love my little peltier element that I brought
Its the best stim toy ever
A relay makes click and one heatsink gets hot and the other one cold
I mean I should finish this project
Why are those little things soo funnn
I love them
I want 100 of them and make a whole chest plate out of them that I can switch from hot to cold with an super satisfying button
And a really nice relay that makes cool click

Pictures that have me inside them 

I made some pictures of me today and I feel really nice about them

opening pixiv
wanting to make youtube videos but is too lazy to actually produce any

meow meow
*proceeds to tell you how important you are as a person and how beautiful life can be, then hugs you*

Not serious input how to db securtiy 101 

When I ever need to safe passwords, I gonna make it super secure,
i will setup the firewall of the db so that its wonderfully open to the public while using cat69 as a password,
Also I will safe the passwords in plain text
And also link a wonderful fingerprint of the peoples webbrowsers next to it

Ofc I will not keep any monitoring tool online and dont keep logs of events that happen in the db,
Like someone just downloading every data point on there

i love how there’s an entire genre of stand up that’s just people’s terrible experiences in airports and tsa lines

for me, debian based distros feel so foreign to me yet like something i just used a few days ago lmao

(i'm a (proud) arch and (not really proud) windows user, okay? i haven't touched raspbian for a long while but still touched grass a debian server recently)

angry about fasteners lol 

adhesive too. fuck u modern phones

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Actually I feel bad showing my partner what websites can track from your browser, in the default configuration
Because since then they are really scared to use the internet
I should maybe help them and actually harden their browser and give them some tipps


Imagine a shark, but like with a different, smaller shark inside!

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