Self hosted flickr?

Oh yeah it's just WordPress.

Trans and homophobia 

Literally this is the most derranged thread I've ever read on HN and I regularly prowl for the most awful takes buried in the comments. There are some choice quotes such as "I would play catan with a trans person" etc.

Wrestling was so much easier to watch on the west coast. When it starts at 8PM I can't watch much before I need to be in bed at 9 :( will watch the rest of this tomorrow on the plane or something.

Man Fairphone 4 is getting CalyxOS support. This news is making me regret my Pixel 6 purchase.

Rsync is more expensive than backblaze b2 but they have better locations for my usecase, geographically speaking. Backblaze just has US west and EU Central, both of which are far away from me.

Um lugar so sol 

Tou assistindo com a minha mae e a merda q eles fazem a Nicole sobreviver em relação seu peso me da um nauso horrível

Missing the "good Sudoku" app after having switched to CalyxOS. Clean Sudoku comes close but I miss the little training modules. I learned a lot of cool Sudoku techniques playing it.

Really enjoying worldle in a way that wordle never appealed to me

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