jesus its like theyre just chopping off all their limbs to own the libs. im sure this is going to decimate the number of freenode users based on connected clients lmao

also this has a really creepy cultish tone

i will either just sync individual folders or i will move these stupid cache folders out of .config and symlink them back in and not sync symlinks

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my dad always has the weirdest issues related to the windows start menu. i keep telling him to install open-shell but he won't listen. despite the fact that he complains often about his strange issues and talks about how the windows 10 start menu is flooded with shitware

the w10 start menu honestly gives me a little bit of vertigo when i run into it on someone else's computer just because it is so visually bulky yet busy at the same time

its cool seeing where all the repo mirrors for your linux distribution are all around the world.

man i'm glad i don't have to do any sort of tech support or sysadmin work on windows 10 because it is an unrepentant trash fire

i really need to think about how to manage these dotfiles now that im starting to get custom configs for programs set up the way i want. dont want to sync my entire .config folder particularly because apparently discord and chromium both keep their caches in the fucking .config folder which is... kind of shitty to be honest. .config is for CONFIG SHIT GET THAT OUTTA THERE

the touchscreen works OOB as a mouse. no multitouch that ive been able to activate. and the mouse + trackpoint don't come back online if i detach it and reattach it. everything else works rather fine though which i'm kinda surprised by

i wonder if i could get the 3g/4g (not sure) card working under linux. if that is the case i could maybe utilize the card i have from the spare i broke in a router build later on down the line

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the other weird ass thing about this laptop is that it has a capacitive touch button windows logo on the bottom of the tablet part of it (its a detachable convertible tablet thing but that doesnt work so well by default on linux) and that capacitive button just sends left super. thanks very useful

that feature seems to be present on many convertible tablets from the windows 8 era, probably by order of microsoft or something

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i was thinking i might quickly try out sway but i would have to screw around a bit with my config to make it work properly because my i3 config has a few xorg-specific things in it

all of the multimedia keys on my laptop (thinkpad helix 2) seem to be recognized as the same scancode. that kind of sucks but that's fine. i have enough keybinds i can make due to making my capslock a modifier key (mostly just using it for quickly launching programs tbh)

actually i think that picom is doing *something* for this...

you know maybe i should figure out a decent panel program that works under wayland to use and use sway instead because this kind of stuff is ass and i want to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side

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it might still be a graphics driver thing. i don't get that sort of screen tearing on my desktop which uses the proprietary nvidia driver with a config that i made to solve screen tearing already. but i tried some configuration with i915 that people recommended to fix screen tearing and that's what made xorg get stuck in such a bad loop of trying to repeatedly restart itself i needed to get a live usb to delete the config lol

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okay, i totally don't know what i'm talking about bc i just looked at the template file and it's definitely not pulling down weston, i'm still confused as to what exactly installed wayland though because i just looked at the dependencies and reverse dependencies (which xbps makes nice and easy) and i can't immediately tell what exactly installed it and i was bad and didnt pay attention to what all dependencies the xfce -devel packages were pulling in

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speaking of compositors i just did a look to see what void offers in their repos in terms of that and... while installing the devel packages for compiling the i3 workspaces xfce panel plugin it installed the 'wayland' compositor package. whatever that is, because i was under the impression that wayland is just a specification and isn't a compositor in of itself, and weston has its own package in the repos

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i fucked up xorg. i SAID i wasn't gonna break anything while my boyfriend was here but i did it anyway l m a o (i was trying to fix screen tearing and tried to do some goofy xorg configuration. i realized i probably just need a compositor. good job me)

turns out... i just needed to install the -devel versions of the dependencies and then the directions work exactly as the readme said it would. which is something that the readme said you might have to do. i am not great at reading. anyway putting void linux on this computer was a weird spur of the moment choice but its fine im flexing my muscles

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i finally compiled the xfce-i3-workspaces panel plugin on void linux. i can have eternal peace once again. i will figure out how to add it to xbps-src eventually so people dont have to clown around like i was

it looks like it runs on steam via proton so the answer might be "uhhhh no". i can try it if i like my dad has a retail copy of it kicking around somewhere

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