life is telling me to get a job. but i feel like i'm too fucked up and disabled right now and i haven't had the energy to keep up with the healthcare that i need and advocate for myself so that i feel like i can work. this sucks

talking about healthcare and stimulus bullshit 

well, i thought i was going to be able to have my dad not claim me as a dependent this year and get the 1800 i missed out on by falling into the '18+ dependent' loophole by filing for the recovery rebate credit but it looks like that might fuck up my health insurance in some way and i really do not want to change my insurance

i want to get some rca plugs with screw terminals but it's like 5 dollars to get them domestically. i guess i'm going to cut up an rca cable after all. disappointing

it's not like they're in short supply though if we ever need more i can probably pop down to the local charity thrift store and get another set for like, a dollar

okay arch wiki has a bash script to toggle between an 'external' and 'internal' screen for laptops and that actually works perfectly well for this if i can figure out where the font size config and junk for xfce is stored so i can switch that out on the fly. yay

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i should really make some sort of script i can run to switch my xfce settings + xrandr configuration so i can use my desktop in bed with the laptop display im using as a 'monitor' at the end of my bed without the ui being a massive eyestrain. i figured out what settings would be best for it on the computer i have connected up there now

if i had a little bit more money i would probably buy one of those 10x lots of the screens and 5v mod them to flip to other people for 15-20 bucks since that seems to be the usual going price for a 3.5" composite lcd anyway

i am putting this here as much for my future self as for the rest of y'all but if you need a small 5v compatible composite lcd, well here you go buddy

Show thread ebay link because i dont think someone is going to snipe ~150 screens out from under me especially because they have 10x lots of these as well.. here is what people have to say regarding a 5v mod as well. i don't know what's considered "pin 2" here but i'll figure it out especially since i have a little usb logic analyzer thing compatible with sigrok off aliexpress. thats gonna take a bit to get here but still

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i think i just found a cheap lcd on ebay that is going to be perfect for my stupid raspberry pi in a gameboy project. it's 10 dollars (or less if they decide to accept my lowball offer) and is easily 5v modded..

i feel like i have been accruing the parts for this for almost a year without working on it lmao... anyway the only thing i think i really needed to finish it was the screen so this is good

two discoveries:
1. our heat gun melts hdpe just fine on the lowest setting
2. ow hot object hurt to touch (i touched the nozzle to the heat gun to take off the attachment not too long after i turned it off LOL)

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i scoured nearby thrift stores for like 3 MONTHS trying to find a panini press but all i found was a folding griddle and that makes sheets that are like... 1cm thick which is much too thick for my purposes. maybe i can figure out something that conducts the heat fine to use as a 'shim' between the plates to thin out the sheets a bit more. maybe silicone will work

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god damn a cheap swing-away t-shirt press would be perfect for pressing hdpe into decent sheets but i dont exactly have the money to spend 100 dollars on something like that right now

intel need to stop being cowards and release an unlocked celeron/another unlocked pentium. one of my first builds was on a pentium g3258 and that was some great value.. only dual core but that was fine at the time, and overclockable to 4ghz on the stock cooler without any instability. some people pushed those things past 5ghz and even (with some quite overkill cooling) well above 6ghz

i kind of regret cheaping out and not doing research before this build but hey my PC broke a few days before christmas 2019 and i was kind of rushing to get a new build running. it's not like it's... insufficient for me i just could have spent my money a bit more efficiently if i upped my budget even 100 dollars

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its going to be interesting trying to find a use for an i3-9100f if i ever upgrade the cpu in this build. i guess my options in terms of usage (other than buying a spare gpu to use) are to temporarily install a gpu and then run it headless, or get fancy and try to use a serial console

i need to pick up an ssd bigger than 256gb one of these days to put games on because path of exile is asking to take up more than a fucking tenth of my home partition

my political affiliation: anarcho catboyism

this entire album slaps. i got it on a whim from one of the record stores in the downtown area in the nearest city and i was NOT disappointed. david byrne is one of those absolutely masterful musicians, i love him so much

(partially because he's been like... "yeah i probably have aspergers. i have trouble understanding people sometimes" and talks about how it kinda influenced him. which is nice to hear)

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