This leaves me with either C (bleh no thank you) or Rust.

I've avoided Rust because chasing nightly sucks.

I feel like Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes non-stop.

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ugh the GNAT compiler is giving me relocation errors for riscv64, and it seems to be impossible to get a good aarch64 GNAT build.

I can make the GNAT build for aarch64, but I can't use the bb-runtimes repo to build a runtime because it requires files that AdaCore hasn't released to the community

I give up.

Yeah, I had an 800XL as a kid. I have a Ultimate 1MB in my current one, but I've never gotten around to installing the VBXL because mine is a fully socketed model. The case will not close with a VBXL in it.

And now we know how Tim Sweeney is maintaining that net worth of US$9.6 BILLION


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After all this time complaining about Apple’s App Store fees, Epic Games announces that they charge 95%:

> An Epic Games Store example: if your supporters purchase $100 of games, you’ll earn $5 (at the base Epic-funded rate).

Ain't that something.

yelling at the pizza tracker: "MAKE PIZZA FASTER PLZ"

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I wish you could make Firefox sync the "never ask for my location" setting across browsers

I bid on a DEC Pro 350 hard drive controller that popped up on eBay. Starting bid was $25.

Went for $262.

hahahahahaha NOPE

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RT @RetroBC_Pete
Does anyone out there remember or even still own one of these double drives? Do you know what machine or system they were used with? Both @NotObsoleteKent and @computermuseum have one with no information other than it is marked “STC” on the back. Please RT if possible

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Thanks for breaking my CI builds by renaming keys in the config without a deprecation period, GitLab! So developer friendly of you!

I was going to go to bed but I feel compelled to watch the last episode of The Umbrella Academy

I've giving up on BookWyrm for a while - it's not storing things I post (like, when I start reading a book and finish it)

The music director for The Umbrella Academy is fantastic!

This remodel of my basement has a bunch of stuff to be fixed. I don't even want to live here anymore.

And I loved my house before this.

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It's time to start selling off my furniture and some other stuff.

Time to reduce what I have here to get ready to sell the house and move.

A few projects to finish around here first, and then I'll get the house emptied out and move in to mom's house while this house is listed.

I am legit obsessed with dashcam videos of dumb ass drivers.

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