i find it really fucken weird that Yoko Ono is self publishing new original music on bandcamp yet she has barely any purchases! Like this collab she released with Anohni last month, I counted about 10 supporter pics. i have more supporter pics on my own album! wtf!

does noone know about this? or does noone care/like it? I always thought she was leagues cooler than john lennon

does anyone know resources on designing undo/redo mechanisms for software?

I'm not sure if it would be better to do it like version control by storing diffs, or by storing a stack of reversible actions performed by the user.

keep pressing :w when i wanna save in applications where that's not a command goddamn it

U know that snare that they use in dubstep, its like a distorted 909 snare or something. Ever since I realized it sounded like a sneeze, i cant stop hearing every dubstep track like someone is just sneezing repeatedly

being mean to motorists, death 

i should clarify, i get liking cars from purely an engineering perspective. Just not from a driving perspective. When ppl like the "thrill" of driving cars on the road, it just tells me they're not taking responsibility for their surroundings and dont care if they randomly kill themselves or someone else one day. That thrill inherently doesnt happen wen ur driving safely.

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being mean to motorists, death 

imagine thinking its a good idea that we should all be forced to drive enormous, CO2-spewing vehicles which can kill you, your passengers and anyone in ur vicinity at any moment if u just make one tiny fuck-up. All this to access basic needs like food or going to a friends house.

Only time that makes sense is if public transit/cycling is inaccessible for u. Otherwise, fuck car culture, I will be perpetually mad at u if u like cars, sorry (not sorry)


incisors are called that because theyre the scissors that are IN ur mouth. As opposed to outcisors which are just normal scissors

gendered social dynamics among trans ppl 

theres certain AFAB ppl i know who noticeably treat AMAB women/enbies differently to AFAB equivalents, even when they themselves are trans. idk why and i dont think they even realise they're doing it.

its not like, obvious transphobia or anything, just the way they act noticeably changes. ofc i relate more to AMAB enbies since i am one, but i dont feel that the way i act is all that different compared to the way i act with AFAB enbies

management games niche opinion 

RCT 1 and 2 still have the best scenario progression system i reckon. for some reason newer games are way more linear, like parkitect and planet zoo. but i really like being able to choose from a wide selection of parks. if it were me, all of the parks would be available at the start with maybe a "suggested" park order

discussion of cancel culture 

reading this transcript of a clementine morrigan podcast that my friend told me to, cuz i wanna understand where my friend's coming from on cancel culture.

They keep using the word "identitarianism" as a synonym for identity politics. I dont think they know that identitarianism is literally a neo nazi thing of like "i must defend my white european identity"

which makes me think they're casually absorbing a lot more right wing language than just "cancel culture"

discussion of cancel culture, abuse 

tbh i think if leftists wanna talk about restorative justice and conflict resolution, we need to actively avoid using the phrase "cancel culture".

it doesnt matter how you personally define the term because its ultimately derived from right wingers and abusers who want to avoid proper accountability processes.

Its a lot harder to distort the term "restorative justice" into a way of avoiding accountability, because it IS an accountability process

google should have to give up its copyright and call itself something else since the verb "to google" is naturalized now

what should i have for dinner (vegetarian)

ppl (including past me) give singers with acoustic guitars a lot of shit but it actually takes a shittonne of practice and courage to play an instrument and sing on stage at the same time, without any sort of band or backing track. I think they deserve more praise

cant wait to be able to run a full RISC V desktop for the same price as x86 one day. Gonna be power efficient as fuk

also one of the things i love about free software is i dont have to worry about the migration to a different architecture as long as it's supported by mainstream compilers (which is much easier to do for RISC V than ARM and leagues easier than x86)

understand that stuff makes no sense when u remove the context challenge 2022

that little squeal when ppl b stretchin in the morning after waking up :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

asking technical questions in a facebook group: mansplaining, solutions you would immediately think of, arguments happening out of nowhere

asking technical questions on masto: responses that genuinely solve the problem, politeness all around

i learnt risc V in uni and i'd love to put that knowledge to use but the devkits are all just way too expensive compared to ARM devkits and the microprocessors themselves arent very widely available yet

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