covid aus politics 

also really hate how share housing or crowded extended family housing is practically mandatory for most poor ppl here due to rental prices, yet the government totally ignored this when coming up with quarantine policies.

Like I can't avoid going to the shared spaces like the bathroom, and my housemate can't avoid going to work and spreading it there cuz there's no paid leave.

dream, richard stallman 

dreamt RMS was teaching a class i was in. nothing really interesting happened except that the students kept asking bad faith questions to work him up until he got really mad

i rly appreciate my disabled friends cuz if i tell them im too tired or struggle doing something, they always just believe me. whereas lots of non/less-disabled ppl act like i'm just doing it wrong or something

does anyone know a good website/blog to find detailed write-ups of real cyberattacks? Preferably from a hacker's perspective, focused on web/network attacks, and focused on common vulnerabilities rather than really obscure/clever ones

luigis mansion 2 review (havent finished it yet) 2/2 

what if the mansion had a backstory, a unique protagonist with a relationship to the mansion. There could be environmental storytelling and a mystery to solve - at the moment, theres not much motivation to keep going apart from fun gameplay.

The scientist guy is just annoying imo, i wish he wasnt in it.

also so weird how i thought the ghosts didnt fit mario universe well, then suddenly a mario Boo appeared? apparently boos are not ghosts?

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luigis mansion 2 review (havent finished it yet) 1/2 

ok so the gameplay is fun. But i feel like it would be like, hundreds of times more enjoyable if it just had its own story.

The whole mario universe is fun, there's no logic to anything, it's all silly and thats great for meaningless fun platformers.

But i dont think it works for a game like this. I like that the atmosphere is not super spooky or sad, and i like the powers luigi gets and the vacuum cleaner thing.

linux gaming 

like i get it might be inferior to windows in that it cant run some AAA titles on the first day but ppl act like there's just no point in using linux if u like video games which is like, i am quite into video games and dont even have a windows install at all

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linux gaming 

im a bit confused y ppl think linux is so useless for gaming, ive played deus ex mankind divided, all the dishonored games, planet zoo+coaster recently and they all worked without a hitch. most windows games i try work absolutely fine or just need some minimal setup.

only one that i havent been able to get working fullstop is monster hunter world, and i think thats more due to me pirating it than a problem with the game itself

dream freaky 

it wasnt like a nightmare where i panicked irl, dont worry. im pretty stressed out IRL which is prolly where it came from but usually in dreams im aware im dreaming so im not too worried about stuff like this.

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dream freaky 

i broke into a very old disused backalley. as i was walking down, i noticed an old man in the distance behind me. oh well, not like he could keep up with me. i kept walking, then as i was nearing the other side, i looked behind me again. the old guy was closer, and now i could see his unblinking eyes and frozen toothy grin. he had been silently speeding up behind me as i walked. i made a break for the exit but it was too late, i saw his creepy face again then woke up

Using indigenous place names online instead of colonizer ones has a nice side effect that it makes it way harder for automated scrapers to figure out where u are

taliban, weed news 

what the fuck
the world is fucked

"The Taliban have signed a ($450M) deal with Australian company Cpharm that wants to set up a cannabis processing center in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesperson said on Twitter."

the company makes a medicinal cannabis cream apparently.

one minute they're sending troops to go die fighting the taliban, next minute, they're just accepting them as the government of afghanistan and legalizing trade with them???

one thing i like about fedi is that boosting someone's post doesnt feel like you're advertising that account, it just feels like ur passing on the info

always feels weird sharing stuff on other social media cuz it's usually specifically designed to be shareable to make profit for some individual or business

windows xp nostalgia 

watching danooct1/rogueamp videos just makes me so nostalgic for windows XP

goddamn why is there a clicking sound when you click. the mouse already makes a clicking sound. there's no need for that. but somehow that clicking sound is like a shot of oxytocin to my brain

anyone know what type of plastic is used on thinkpads? i wanna know stuff like, will it degrade in sunlight and what chemicals i can use to clean it (isopropanol seems to be fine)

isnt it funny how phone reviewers constantly complained about bezels on phones for some reason, then as soon as they started making phones without noticeable bezels they started complaining about the cutout for the front camera

its really funny how many security-focussed websites ive found that dont allow HTTPS and come up with a big warning saying "this site is insecure"

wat should Nintendo name the next switch

i think its really sweet that Nintendo made the parental controls an easily brute forceable 4 digit base 10 pin, so kids who are determined enough can figure it out no problem

transmisogynist slur (joke involving one) 

bold of cis ppl to assume that traps want to trap cis ppl

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