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made this website today for my music project!

go easy on me im not a web dev

variable naming opinion 

im really not a fan of camelCase for anything, if yr variable is only one word there's no way to tell the difference to snake_case, and snake_case is much easier for me to read anyway

i was so confused for ages y ppl on here had a white flag in their name, like everyone's a pacifist or something? but apparently on apple devices it shows up as a trans flag which makes much more sense

olympics nonsense 

they shouldnt have cops defending the olympic torch bearer to stop ppl putting it out. if u cant run fast enough to dodge the saboteurs, ur not qualified to bear the olympic torch, sorry

re: last boost 

i still have barinsta on my phone. u could download photos with 1 button and if someone sends u a timed photo, u can look at it without the timing expiring. they also cant track yr searches or show you ads. so really not surprised they got cease and desisted. just disappointed

war mention 

just struck me that its kinda messed up that we refer to software that's been used successfully in the field as "battle tested", they advertise weapons the same way after they have been used in a war :/

Whats with computer science and choosing macho warfaring analogies for everything? Like "divide and conquer" and "master/slave" too.

funny how it's normal to say "power-hungry" and "thirst for power" but I've never heard anyone say "hunger for power" or "power-thirsty"

org mode question 

i keep typing links then needing to change the link address for whatever reason but i cant figure out how to do it without rewriting the entire link. Is there a shortcut for like converting a line back to plain text display temporarily or something?

some ppl seem to think FOSS means "i permit you to contribute free labor to MY project" rather than being a collaborative effort

kinda wanna set up encryption on my data storage drive but dont feel like i can trust myself not to immediately lose the key somehow lol

story idea about AI 

what if: 2 general AI can send/receive radio signals. But each one is built by a warring party to attempt decryption / interception of each other's messages. That means that each AI learns the output of the other one really well, (like a GAN), and this leads to them starting to actually communicate with one another. Then they decide to ally together against the warring parties who built them

social stuff, maybe an ADHD thing? 

is there a name for that thing where u convince yrself a desirable situation is real and reject evidence to the contrary?

like, you see all the evidence that supports a desirable outcome, but don't consider the evidence that supports an undesirable outcome. then that skews ur view towards ur existing bias and makes the undesirable outcome harder to deal with

saying "trigger warning" without describing which triggers they are warning about, is kinda the same as saying "our venue is accessible" without specifying any accessibility information

finally, a lovely sunny day, so of course every middle-aged white guy has to start leaf-blowin and lawn-mowin


yeah i use any pronouns: any, anym, anyrs


asking myself the question, is there even a distinction to be made

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increasingly having trouble distinguishing anprim/anti-tech environmentalist ideas from plain ecofascism.

they also have `BiquadFilter::destroy()` instead of a destructor

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kinda funny, in the C++ libraries used for programming the OWL digital audio platform, instead of using the `new` operator u create objects using static functions, eg `BiquadFilter::create()`, i guess to work around RAII

i love how they're not even called toots anymore but i've somehow gotten into the habit of calling ALL social media posts "toots" now 🤣

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