wickr me question linux 

anyone got wickr to install on arch linux? ive tried using the AUR package but it fails silently. then i tried the snapcraft package and it says some stuff about not being able to setlocale and segfaults. the android version also fails silently on my phone.

job search, vieple (-) 

it actually feels really inhumane and demeaning tbh. someone still has to take the time to watch the video responses, so why not organise a real meeting instead? then it will show that prospective employee can communicate well to organise a time, and they're not just a robot who can read out some generic employable-sounding responses

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job search, vieple 

i cant be the only one who utterly hates vieple right? not having a real person there and the timer gives me so much anxiety. feels more like an exam about my ability to speak confidently when put on the spot, compared to a video interview that feels more like a discussion about things actually relevant to the job.

(fyi, vieple gives u ~30s to read an interview question, then immediately records video of ur response with a timer. you cant edit or redo it after)

whats the best linux distro for a newb with average computer experience to self-install ( as in, they use computer for browsing, msging, email, word processing, and maybe games)

HACKY programming 

i wanted to bind a function button on my new mouse to drag windows around in i3. I couldn't bind the button within i3's config so I wrote a python script to call i3's IPC system to move the focused floating window to the mouse position within a neverending while loop. Then i used xbindkeys to run the script on button down, and kill that specific process when the button is released. Haven't encountered a bug so far, although I'm sure it will happen eventually


yesterday I was procrastinating chores by programming, today im procrastinating programming by doing chores. wtf

petty programming language stuff 

theres a common pattern ive noticed in C programmers who dislike C++. They seem to think the only features added in C++ are related to OOP, and since OOP is bad those features suck. Just saw someone in a discord server say that C++ was crap, then go on to complain that in C they have to write the same function multiple times to handle different datatypes, which is a problem solved by templates in C++.

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aspect ratio nitpick 

tbh im really annoyed i cant seem to find any monitors with squarer aspect ratios than 16:10. its actually kinda awkward programming on 16:9 screens cuz there isnt much vertical scrolling space. I dont think 16:9 has any advantages besides watching movie/TV without letterboxing. Would love a 3:2 aspect ratio, because it would neatly fit two A4 pages side by side, but this only seems to be available on laptop screens for some reason

capitalism: If I didnt exist, there would be no innovation
me trying to find pants that fit my very slightly out-of-the-ordinary body shape: 👀

i just realised that the misalignment of camera and screen in video calls is actually kinda cool cuz it means you can both look at the other persons face without any eye contact occuring

is there a graphing calculator app for linux with equivalent or better features compared to the Desmos web-based graphing calculator?

more code syntax things annoying 

Other thing I hate is pointer syntax.
"int *foo;" creates a pointer to an int. the asterisk means "this is a pointer"
"int bar = *foo" accesses the value of the pointer. now the asterisk means "this the value of the pointer, not the pointer itself"
They're literally opposite meanings depending on context. If i wanted this kinda confusing syntax I would've studied English :P

C/C++ ranting 

I think my least favourite syntax of C/C++ is the fact that I have to put brackets around 'if' statements, no matter what the contents is. When I write "bool foo = bar == 3;" it doesn't need brackets. But then I can't write "if bar == 3" without brackets, even if I use curly braces syntax. I get doing it for consistency but I really think it looks nicer and more meaningful without the brackets sometimes.

thought about crypto 

so crypto has a huge carbon footprint cuz of all the mining servers and shit right? just crunching numbers for the sake of propping up a made-up economy. But like, our regular made-up economies are propped up in a big way by mining and gas industries and colonial land ownership. I feel like we can say money itself is bad for the environment irrespective of the system used to manage it.

so many ppl from the other side of the world on here like "woah im up sooo late i need to sleep" and it takes me a second to realise its not 10am where they live

when will r/ProgrammerHumor find a new joke besides "programmers google stuff they dont know XD"

adhd meds 

i feel like when im using my adhd meds they really define my sleep cycle. it can help me get up earlier and plan the periods when i'll be awake and active. but im incapable of staying up late unless ive planned in advance so i can take my second dose a bit later than usual.

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This was the other big story today in baffling rainbow capitalism

job search, fucked up australian mutual obligation welfare thing 

Please LinkedIn DO NOT advertise me jobs when I am not required to apply for them by government mandated mutual obligations that is my dole bludging time thank you very much.

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