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u can screenshot and share my posts if you want, but dont include my handle or pfp in the screenshot


idk why free government flu vaccines isnt a thing (actually i know why but ughh)

classism, aus specific-ish 

rich kids be like "i will never go on centrelink, it would be so shameful to be a dole bludger" while living off their parents' trust fund

joke, i cant rember where i saw the post it's riffing on 

when will microsoft make "Direct for Wayland"

don't tell my girlfriends but i'm extremely gay

it's hilarious when straight ppl think they have a gaydar but when they actually get tested on it it fails completely

I love how even if im not "friends" w ppl on here it doesn't matter cuz I can still have fun friendly interactions and feel cared about


its called carbon cuz it helps power cars

vegan food, ph- 

i had a big vegan coconut icecream milkshake and it was yummy but now i feel so bleh! idk y but if i have a lot of coconut it makes me feel ill

youtube link video of a quoll in the wild 

they are very cute. they kinda drew the tail wrong on my earrings, irl they have long skinny tails, not fluffy ones

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selfie eye contact 

got these cute quoll earrings!! (quoll is an australian marsupial a bit like a possum but with behaviour closer to a cat)

public health 

i just wanna be able to play gigs again or eat out at a restaurant but i can't cuz so many ppl refuse the most basic courtesies of wearing a mask, doing RATs before/after going to public gatherings, washing hands etc

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public health 

ppl say stuff like "we cant be expected to do basic hygiene and wear masks and isolate forever" meanwhile their behaviour is forcing disabled/chronically ill ppl and their friends/carers to isolate forever


what the heck is the point of the melodic minor scale. it sounds good but how do u even write something in that??

windows really does feel like malware these days

i feel like the first two Thief games would be great candidates for the quake II style raytracing lighting thingy, i think the shadow maps were raytraced in the first place so it should match up quite well

pls help with dual booting windows/linux 

so with my experience of windows constantly overwriting the bootloader when dual booting, I decided to install one on a separate SSD cuz I think I'll need windows for a potential work opportunity. But it still fucking tries to boot windows every time i power on?? Even though windows boot manager is last in the boot priority list?? I have to manually select grub still. Whyy??


dang guess i have no reach on this website!! how is anyone supposed to market there products here :(

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(i mean plural as in, opposite of united, but we'd also support plural systems)

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