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Blåhaj Hype?
Amazing looking mod by @uhHibi for Quilt and ported to forge by @agnor99

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Added more frogs to uh More Frogs ..

Welcome Dusk and Dawn, a Frog system of two members. Slimes drop the Skybox block when eaten by em, a very special light and darkness block.

Available for , & on Modrinth & Curseforge

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As of a few seconds ago, the @quilt_mc native port of RPGStats is running entirely on QSL except for a single API!

Awesome to see the progress getting done :D

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RightClickHarvest V3.0.0 has been released, with a new feature: harvesting in a radius.

Downloads and Changelog:


(apparently people use those!)

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New mod - Quick Coords Copy! Get it now:

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A new version of Quick Connect Button is out, adding a bunch of new features! Get it at #quiltmc #fabricmc

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Wanderers Catalogue adds a small booklet which can be bought from the Wandering Trader, and can be used to order items for the next Wandering Trader to stock up on.

Inspired by @JokeyPokeyNZ's bedrock sky block series and the Wandering Trader RNG pain.

Download Links in Reply.

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RT @amy_mialee
Also released Piercing Paxels recently (also for Fabric);
Adds in some pretty simple multitools but also lets you upgrade them with a bunch of abilities and passives, making them a good bit more dynamic than most multitool mods out there.
Links in reply.

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I'd like to announce our first mod release: Aileron!
Aileron is a unique and targeted overhaul to Minecraft's Elytra, with the goal of bringing it in line with other transport systems and requiring infrastructure to extract it's full capabilities. Out now!

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ICYMI: the ModFest website is now updated for ModFest: Singularity, with a full ruleset and registration instructions! Check it out at today!

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Congratulations to the newest members of the Quilt Admin Board, CheaterCodes and @LambdAurora!

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It's happening again in exactly 55 minutes!
RT @quilt_mc
Our regular bi-weekly developer meeting is happening today! At developer meetings, teams take turns to give updates on their projects, after which we have a community Q&A. Everyone is welcome, including non-developers!

Join the fun at at 4:00PM UTC.

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My expansive Fabric/Quilt Minecraft content mod just recently got a 1.18.2 port and is available on Curse and Modrinth if you'd like to try it out:


More detail available on the Curse/Modrinth pages. Here's some screenshots from my test world:

RT @ModFestEvent
Introducing ModFest: Singularity, a new timed modding challenge from ModFest, @quilt_mc, and @modrinth! One week, one feature, August 13-21. Registration opens soon!

RT @Dinnerbone
To those mailing/tweeting/DMing/etc me blaming & insulting me about some Minecraft stuff: I've been off work for 1.5 years for my health. I physically can't get out of bed most of the time and it's getting worse by the day. I have nothing to do with anything you're upset over.

As a reminder, if you're tweeting about us and would like to get noticed, please use the hashtag.

A few of you have been using , meaning your tweets are getting lost in a sea of actual blankets - though that's still cool if it's what you're going for!

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