Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

@prehensile well, I have to use this for something now. That's too clever of an idea not to.

@hoppet @prehensile Font nerds are the most creative people on the internet, it's amazing.

@prehensile nature is just cranking the bevel & emboss layer style to 100%

@prehensile this is just wonderful! there must also be useful data in here about wound healing in trees, too... :ferris_thinking:

@petrichor @prehensile ouchie yes the poor tree 😬

But also, this is so cool!

@prehensile when I was young, I learned not to carve into a trees bark. Why injure a tree to see how cool that might be?

@prehensile you familiar with Basque erotic art carved into aspen trees?

@heurism I am not! please tell me about Basque erotic art carved into aspen trees

@heurism oh these are amazing! I wasn't expecting this to be in california

@prehensile Basques settled in Nevada, Colorado, and Cali. Most were sheep herders. Nevada and Bakersfield, CA have a great deal of Basque folks and amazing Basque bunk house food.

@prehensile there is a little group of Aspen trees around my favorite Tahoe adjacent lake. The carvings are still there. Mostly vaginas or open legged women.

@prehensile Poor tree, but what an interesting idea! Obviously the result is strongly dependent on the original font.

@prehensile A font 'designed by a tree', wow. I'm way behind here and not an artistic designer, but the early deformations remind me of the supposedly dyslexia-friendly font 'Dyslexie', but less literally organic. Thanks for sharing!

@prehensile Amazing! I think it’s also a nice touch that the different weights are named according to the years.

Reminds of that time in the nineties that sometime did some actual Postscript programming (it's a Lisp dialect, IIRC!) to create a randomized typeface that was different each time it was printed/displayed.

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