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I'm due for an post

Hi, I'm Praxis, and in no particular order I am:
- a member of the IWW,
- a Software Engineer with experience in web development and a passion for Rust and Godot,
- autistic and still learning the extends to what that means for me
- in my mid-twenties, I guess
- screwed over by a private university in a country where education is "free"
- european
- looking for a job
- a furry (duh) and queer (duh)
- a bit of a stoner
- trying my best

Hollow Knight, Godhome 

The broadcast will resume on a later day

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Hollow Knight, Godhome 

Okay I'm giving up for today, after Nightmare King killed a perfectly fine run, I got sloppy and got killed by Markoth on the second run.


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Hollow Knight, Godhome 

Okay I am in the middle of a pantheon run but gotta take a break so uh live update pause

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Hollow Knight, Godhome 

Okay, i think i trained Nightmare King and Pure Vessel enough to get past them on my next pantheon of hallownest run

Has the construction gotten quiet enough that I can start working on Hollow Knight?

Falls ihr zum Jahresende noch Geld drüber habt (weil ihr ja jetzt keine Weihnachtsgeschenke mehr kaufen könnt lol)
Das Volksbegehren Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen geht in die zweite Phase. [...]
Dafür brauchen wir Plakate und Transparente, Flyer und Aufkleber – alles in allem mindestens 15.000 Euro. Spendet jetzt für unsere Kampagne und sagt es all euren Freund*innen, Verwandten und Bekannten weiter. Denn wir brauchen jeden Euro. 💶

#dwenteignen #berlin #crowdfunding

"So every time we want cereal we got to pay for it? That right there is a scam" - Canon Wulf I think??

"I used to not be capable, but that was today. This is tomorrow." - Lazor Wulf

does VS Code not allow you to keep a workspace open if you've closed all files then restart the app? I just don't need those files open, doesn't mean that I don't want that project ready to go.

as it's winter I figured I should change my name

And later I really wanna grind the pantheon of hallownest

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As for today, i gotta set up my routines in a visual schedule, should help me function

In a way I have to reinvent my public persona after disconnecting myself from my masked public persona, all without alienating the people I call friends.

Then again not being on here for months will alienate in itself, so maybe I missed that mark

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I mean it is how I made most of the people I know on here friends, and it's hard to transition away from that while staying in the same place??

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Social media was easier when I was still actively masking

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