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I'm due for an post

Hi, I'm Praxis, and in no particular order I am:
- a member of the IWW,
- a Software Engineer with experience in web development and a passion for Rust and Godot,
- autistic and still learning the extends to what that means for me
- in my mid-twenties, I guess
- screwed over by a private university in a country where education is "free"
- european
- looking for a job
- a furry (duh) and queer (duh)
- a bit of a stoner
- trying my best

ya no brain isn't good today. It's not a mh thing, it's a sensory thing

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jobhunt (-) 

can't believe it's months later and I am still at this point jfc

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jobhunt (-) 

Gosh most of these listings give me anxiety. Can't someone just pay me alrightish for react/node stuff??

What... does personal use mean in this context? Are they asking if I am a business? are they asking if this is gonna only be my account? I am really confused, please help

Okay so reddit said is a good resource to find software work. Any insights?

See I should try to get some money but like I also feel intimidated by anything like that??

If you aren't supposed to eat raw dough why it taste good??

Kipo (S2E6) spoilerish 

Finaaally, I caught onto this reveal probably like 4 episodes ago and it was just such a slow drag until the show finally revealed the thing they revealed. To be fair, I didn't see it coming last season


Heck yeah. After waking and baking for a good two weeks, today it's 3:40 PM and I am still sober

In other news: I will cease this right now

"Not to DM you out of nowhere, but..."
- DM I got out of nowhere

I'm gonna start a business selling second-hand fedi accounts

Gonna get myself some vitamin D for the dark months. Also this cat can have a little bit of fish oil

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