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I just got made aware of some fake OctoPrint merch being linked to in an (unofficial) OctoPrint Facebook group. The only official merch that actually supports OctoPrint is listed on Anything you find elsewhere is NOT and should be reported as such.

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A brilliant kiwi comes up with an efficient engineering solution to the Queen's coffin queuing problem.

(These come from a reddit I'm not linking to to avoid Royalist brigading)

I should have explained further: the pronoun was on the official company made staff name tag.

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At Wegmans pharmacy (Virginia, USA) for 5th shot and I noticed that the girl behind the counter had her under her name.

While waiting for a friend @ Target, I ordered a small latte from Starbucks.

I had a oldish Starbucks card with money still loaded.

They can no longer swipe the card; they manually type the number from the card into the register!!! ?

How does this benefit anyone? Slows the process.

Then. Then.

After 20 min, I still did not have my coffee and I had to leave.

It's their only purpose on this earth - make a and they can no longer do that.

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is a good time thank all the people who showed interest in SQL & his troubles last month. After the snake bite in the head & then the poisoning which was touch & go, he's had a full recovery & it seems there is no permanent liver damage.

A miracle cat.

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