i think imma try to write a coming out letter and send it to teachers n stuff tmrw

my cat ears are gonna arrive in 2-5h!!!! fjskdkfkdnngnfdn

is there a permanent and not deadly cure for sleep if so i want it

me before holidays: "i'm gonna be productive!"
me now: mm gravity falls binge

unhealthy coping mechanism 

aaaand i'm already surpressing the emotions :,) yay

emotions, losing people 

the one fucking time, there finally was a chance for my health to improve. now this. it's always the same. i feel like i'll never get better, bc each time i fucking do, this same shit happens. for once everything aligned for my health to get better, slowly but surely, and i fucked it up. WHY AM I THIS WAY

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emotions, losing people 

and yet again history repeats itself. yet again i lose someone i love a lot because of how i am.

ah fuck i rly should get out of bed shouldnt i

Diese Daten können auch in anderen Fällen gegen die User verwendet werden. Sogar durch Google selbst.

Erste Frage also: Wieso zum Geier _hat_ Google überhaupt eine location history? Das geht die einen feuchten Dreck an, wo eins war.


I remember a abou how what we usually call in academics is really

can anyone point me to it ?

no, i don't make my gender my entire personality, i make my operating system my entire personality

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