Also also, how do you guarantee that no one takes advantage of this, deploying a Bitcoin miner or botnet to the cluster?? Is radical decentralization impossible because we just can't have nice things??

oh also this project should ideally enable anyone to start such a cluster and not prescribe a single cluster to be a part of (although it would be great if there WERE one main cluster with compute-power rivaling big tech, but entirely decentralized)

basically experimenting with Docker is a hobby and my project on GitHub was me trying to teach others what I learned

security of the cluster and the participating nodes. How could we prevent bad actors from trying to mess everything up?

Where my knowledge falls short in being able to go this alone:

security/privacy of users using any of the services contained within - how can we ensure folks' data stays safe. I know many of these services offer end-to-end encryption, but is that enough?

scalability - I actually already have a project on github that does a portion of this, but as a single node. It wasn't written to be scalable. I don't know docker swarm well and I don't know k8s at all (cont'd)

My thought is that this can only be successful if and only if literally anyone who has used a computer before can set it up. Like, it would have to be as simple to set up as flashing an SD card and inputting the config necessary to join as a node in a cluster and turning on the raspberry pi.

finally, any governance over a collective could be managed via

Basically the end-goal would be that anyone with a build list and simple instructions could build and self-host their own node in a parallel internet that scale with the number of participating nodes

Anyone out there know docker and wanna work together on a project? Basically wondering how possible would it be to create an easily replecatable way to bring up instances of:


as alternatives to

Google Drive

respectively, with storage being distributed among nodes participating in hosting a collection of instances

fuck everyone who reproduces a work in the public domain and slathers their watermark all over it!

I've reached the level where, when my parents text me for tech advice, I literally gboard search and send them the top result. I've become the "I'm Feeling Lucky" for my parents who are aware of google's existence and how to use it, but don't

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