Part of me wonders what it would have been like to have been out earlier in college, like freshmen year. Would my floormates have hmu for a bj when they weren't getting any? I def sensed a bi-curiosity in some of them

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depends on the company/CEO. Our new CEO, after replacing our rare female CEO immediately cleared the leadership team and brought in more women, POC, and queer people into leadership roles and immediately emphasized equity and inclusion. I was impressed, to say the least cuz that happens literally nowhere else.

Interesting! I all but assumed no one would ever use in favor of (despite licensing issues). Fedora (and RHEL eventually, I presume) using Btrfs is kind-of a big deal

Yikes! This rabbit repelling smell smells like a thousand animal buttholes and now everyone in the neighborhood in the vicinity of my backyard is complaining about the smell. I will not have another year where squirrels and rabbits fuck up my vegetable garden though! Next step if this doesn't work is straight up shooting and/or baiting/poisoning them. Leave my God damn vegetables alone!

uh-oh.... my brain has produced another code project I am going to obsess over but probably never complete. I really want to write a masto-bot that toots random illustrations in the public domain. Someone please tell me that such a bot already exists so my brain can get back to the other projects I haven't finished yet

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 754 nodes, descending 67 nodes down.

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can everyone PLEASE for FUCKS SAKE stop saying "from birdsite" like, forever? We get it! You're edgy™️ cuz you're on Mastodon but you went on ~TWITTER~. You're not even attributing where on twitter you stole it from so stfu

Random other sensory things about me
* Misophonia. Please never chew or make other mouth sounds near me. If you're eating near me, play music on your phone or something
* I can't stand being touched in the center of my chest. I don't know why, I just don't and will absolutely swat your hand away of you did
* I don't like things touching my hands, wrists, or neck and do not wear any kind of bracelet or necklace. The wedding ring is a struggle.

Plus was surprised to discover for the first time in my life that some places give you a heads and neck massage with the haircut. Very welcome considering the neck pain and random headaches I've been having and was having when I went to get a haircut

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Jumped on the chance to get a haircut during what I imagine will be a short window of things being sorta open in my state before shit hits the fan again. Fun fact: I have weird sensory quirks and the feeling of too much hair is one of them. Tipped 300% (100% which I have been tipping since the pandemic * the number of months since I last had a haircut)

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