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I used to say "my friends are on Facebook", but I was wrong. *They* aren't on the platform- their wake is.

What we leave as data on a social network isn't ourselves. It's something we have shed- remnants of a point in time that has necessarily passed us. We imprinted some of our data on it- nothing more.

Same is true here. *We* do not exist in the fediverse- it's just our data forming a wake behind *us in the real world*.

But here, that wake isn't being exploited. And that feels better to me.

Had a bit of a hiccup with my web server after the storm that it bricked it. Thankfully I had a backup to prior to the storm. Did have to restart the entire proxmox server though it worked out in the end. (Any matrix peeps that tried reaching out in the last few days, I didn't get your reach out so it'll need to be done once more.)

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Dear software developers:

If I uninstall your software, that means I don't want it on my computer. Which means I should NOT have to trawl through \Users\me\AppData for any leftover files. I thought this was common sense, especially since most people nowadays assume that dragging something into the trash bin is the same as uninstalling it... but my hard drive says otherwise.

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With the recent announcement that #Stadia is shuttering, this comic is once again very relevant:

Mention of Google, death of service, e-waste 

Another day, another Google service being shut down. I mean it's just another Thursday for Google. This stuff happens rather frequently for the company. is being discontinued January 2023 and any hardware is going to end up being e-waste until someone finds a way to get it to work for another project.

I'm told by Valve that I can't use their authenticator because my number is a VoIP number. Though I am using a wide known cell provider that my roommate is a second line on my plan and was able to use his number to receive the authenticator access. It makes no sense at all.

I never understand why companies insist of using SMS as their only 2FA solution. If someone had enough information on you, they can easily get a new SIM card (or eSIM for the matter) and intercept SMS for 2FA codes. Banks in particular are bad for this. Why not use security keys or OTPs via a trusted application ?

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When people say they have nothing to hide, let's reply:

* Post your passwords here
* Write down everybody you hate
* Tell the world who you voted for
* List all the videos you watched

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because 'your' judgement and intentions are.

And it doesn't matter whether or not my communications are weighty or frivolous in nature - they are mine and only for those whom I've chosen to share them with. Not the government's, nor goog's, nor my ISP's, but mine.

Also, what is legal where I live today, may not be legal tomorrow and my discussion of it may incriminate my future self. It has happened in the past many times to others in other places.

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Mastodon needs a "hide this specific post" feature.

I'm in the process of migrating from to , I'm having to do quite a bit of metadata and file name reorganization though it's all coming together well.

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Anyone on tried ? I seem to be able to use my iPad as normal while it being on. Would like to hear people's thoughts on the feature.

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1776 Solutions update, KF is gone forever 

1776 Solutions lost their Autonomous System Number (AS 397702), meaning they can no longer allocate IP addresses.

It is over.

Yeah, I honestly doubt that statement actually holds any weight given the recent news.

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I'm sorry, your pull request has been denied.

Reason: It's a push door.

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Anyone know of a better and trans inclusive alternative to cloudflare ? I don't want to continue using a DNS service that supports doxxing my fellow trans people.

Managing anything outside of RDP/mstsc.exe on Windows for servers is just absolute hell. I'm locked into 680x800 resolution and the server applications don't scale for the resolution. Just because I'm a Linux user doesn't mean you should make my time a living hell.

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Discord is absolutely proof of the fact that you don't have to have a good product to succeed.

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US politics, voting is important 

‘The US could lose the right to vote within months’: Top official warns on threat to democracy | Colorado | The Guardian

"Voting doesn't change anything!"

It sure changes a lot when Republicans do it, now either get to the ballot box or make your plans to leave the country. Shit's about to get real and it's up to us to save ourselves.

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