Being a millennial married to a baby boomer, I think people underestimate how prevalent ageism is, from both sides of the spectrum. It's no less wrong than other forms of discrimination over something about you that can't be changed. Yet this is common in tech!

If you think someone's stance is wrong, then show them why with logic. "You wouldn't think that if you were older" is not an appropriate thing to say. If you can't find a better reason than that, then perhaps you're the one in the wrong.

Some awesome things about my native language, Tagalog, on :
- No gendered pronouns ("siya" is for everyone)
- No distinction between gender for a lot of relationships ("kapatid" means sibling)
- No grammatically gendered nouns or articles ("ang")
- The common form of many nouns is neutral. ("doktor" isn't always a male doctor, it's just anyone who's a doctor)
- It's entirely possible (even common) to tell a story and not mention anyone's gender.

Gender is a construct. 🇵🇭

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It's International Non-binary People's Day.
Non-binary and agender people should be legally recognised as their correct gender, or absence of gender. Gender neutral documentation should be provided and normalised. The UK government has failed to provide this.

10 ways to step up as an ally to non-binary people | Stonewall

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@protonvpn Any updates on the disconnection issue for the macOS apps?

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Hackers breached #EasyJet and exposed 9 million customer accounts. If you fly EasyJet, you should change your password and beware of scammers offering “assistance.” For tips on dealing with data breaches:

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Is it important to be out at work? Why/why not?

As a straight-presenting bisexual woman married to a heterosexual man, I'm not out, but I'm not closeted either. I would tell anyone who asks, but I don't generally volunteer it. I absolutely acknowledge my privilege here because for me it IS a choice - I realize it's not a choice for others.

I have been wondering lately whether being loudly out would be a positive contribution, in that it increases visibility for the community.

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:

TFW you spend hours trying to figure out why something is failing and getting increasingly frustrated, only to realise you just forgot to add $ before your properties. -_-

Sometimes all you need is a break before frustration increases beyond the point of rationality.

After several years on LastPass, I'm switching to Bitwarden, which I can't stop raving about. Main reasons:
- It's and openly audited for security and privacy.
- LastPass had a master password breach last year.
- You can self-host Bitwarden for extra security.
- Credential sharing is cleaner.
- The Bitwarden UI is just simpler AND better, in every way.

I know it's weird to get worked up over a password manager, but seriously, give it a try.

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Forgot to update this with a new link, and yes, I'm still adding more and going to do more with it!

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Hello, Fediverse! I am charmed by your Trekkie references, amused by your "toots", and a little intimidated by your 500-character limit. Funny how freedom can be overwhelming.

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