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Hi, this is Nelson; my old Mastodon instance seems to be down forever. This is my new account!

Contemplating Gemini and its cultural popularity in the fediverse. Has anyone read something thoughtful about Gemini and why folks are pursuing this atavistic protocol? I have some guesses already (simplicity, privacy, rejecting the overculture). Would like to read more.

(I never, ever want to see a boost or a retweet. Totally fine if the message quotes something and comments but if it's just a straight up copy I am not interested.)

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What's with all the toots showing up starting "RT"? Are these from people automatically copying Twitter retweet posts into Mastodon? It's a shame they don't show up as native boosts so the filtering works. I'm blocking "RT" as a keyword now, which I guess does double duty for blocking Russian propaganda.

I wrote a blog post about learning that I have a brother, a child my mother gave up for adoption and never told anyone about. I'm sad for the difficulty my mother faced alone but happy to know my brother!

@diddledani oh it just started working when I manually went to "twitodon.erhmahgherd.workers.d" in my browser. (But then I had to log in to again later.)

I hope this project succeeds, I think it's an important tool for empowering users to reclaim their own data.

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@diddledani I'm having trouble using Twitodon, I enter for my Mastodon host and the page that loads says "The redirect uri included is not valid." Here's the URL in my location bar with the error:

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@diddledani thanks for writing Twitodon, we need a tool like that again! I hope you can avoid Twitter API limitations, I think that's what killed the old Bridge. There might be a way to make the tool work using Twitter's data exports.

Home alarms are dumb. Are there any good systems that *do not upload video to the cloud* which are based around cameras and Internet notification of what's happening in my house? I'd accept end-to-end encrypted video only uploaded in event of a suspected breakin.

I keep confusing my Mastodon instance with which isn't registered. The domain name would cost $3125 a year 😞

Enjoying re-visiting Mastodon; I've maintained an account in a low key way for over four years but it feels fresh and new now. A big part of why is my new instance defaults to a light background single column layout and it's so much nicer than the multicolumn dark thing I'd been using before. Thanks @david

Hi, this is Nelson; my old Mastodon instance seems to be down forever. This is my new account!

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