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my is a lil stale! i guess i can do a new one!

i'm emily. they/them is perfectly fine for mastodon. i work on Git at a tech giant; i knit a bunch; i live with 3 dogs and another human in silicon valley. show me your crafting projects and your food!!

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re-emphasizing that this is Really Good

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have you ever dunked an Oreo into hot black coffee

you definitely should try it

translating the tunic manual today, this is really fun :D


in fact i even went back to sleep for 3 more hours. so it's basically normal

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Woke up at 6 instead of 1am today, first day back in home timezone. Heck yeah! This is a good sign!

welp, an elderly German knitter called both my WIP and the lace sweater I was wearing "sehr, sehr schön," so I can die happy ☺️

Day 3 summit sock update: I'm on the ankles

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I woke up too early so I went for a walk, but everyone I pass by keeps calling me Morgan

tech companies at hackathons needs to diversify the swag they give out. if you want the best talent to remember your name don't give us cheap nylon bags and t-shirts. the inclusion of cat ears and thigh high socks will help you find some of the best programmers around. trust me.

my hotel bed in Munich just has a comforter. is this just how european bedding is? is there likely a flat sheet hidden somewhere? I'm getting uncomfortably warm in the night, so if I could use less cover I would, but I'm not sure it's a thing?


This time I woke up at 3 instead of 1! I think I'll go back to sleep for a little longer!

8:30-9:30 happened pretty much involuntarily, in weird sideways across the bed crash mode; 9:30-11 was also fairly involuntary but at least I got under the covers and texted my partner goodnight. 11-3 was easy although I'm wide awake now. 7 hours is pretty good!!!

food, jetlag~ 

I actually love it, I'm not a morning person so I never get to hear birds at dawn and so on, this is kinda nice

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food, jetlag~ 

best kind of jetlag is when you lay in your darkened hotel room reading YA romance waiting impatiently for the second the breakfast bar opens because you were too tired for dinner the night before

Hear (the sfx from doing your rotation)

Feel (satisfaction from doing rotation)

Think (about nothing but your rotation)

dps bimbo mantra #ffxiv

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didn't get carded at the airport bar ..... what could it mean

i finally got it!!! :D

photos blurred for scantily clad videogame catgirls, because of course i took it to costa del sol for pictures, as one does


the black garlic oil topping for the ramen was the correct choice

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