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Back is finished, pheewwww so much cabling 😂 sleeves next, and if a block doesn't make the cable look less puffy I'll probably have to rip and try something different. It pokes out a lot now!

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beverages and chill tracks and knitting!

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today is Tuesday so I will stream knitting in about an hour! I'm planning on starting the stream by picking up from a provisional cast on, but after that I'll be working on my colorwork Red Moon Sweater 💕


partner and I booked for shot#1 tomorrow!!!!!!!!

dance game scores 

Trying out cute new update. Very very pleased to see these scores on sight read :D

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dance game scores 

One crappy warm up and then I walked off in the middle of the next one :(

mh-/pms/pan de mie 

literally two days ago I told my brain doctor that I was doing amazing on my new rx and doing hobbies on the weekends and felt like I was coming out of covid depression and today I just assumed gravy form on various couches all day long

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How is every single person in home depot the worst person ever

mh-/pms/pan de mie 

one really cool thing about time blending/becoming an illusion with covid stay at home order is that i barely perceive the time when i am happy between having hormonal lows so it just feels like I'm down all the time even if it's just like, one week out of four

There’s a secret trick to speed up your PC that companies don’t want you to know about! 😱😱😱

Install Linux on your PC! 🐧

i wish triple A studios stopped with the trend of "4K graphics looks at this character's pores and individual sweat particles" that either kill your pc or alienate people with mid specs pcs and just had fun with different visual styles

finally got to wear my somewhat expensive weirdly-shaped ear weights :D

a photo of a stretched earlobe piercing containing a not-perfectly-round piece of jewelry is within, it might squick you so be careful

having a lil one off stream in like an hour and a half to celebrate making affiliate on twitch :o

It still looks kinda shlubby no matter what with the bare mattress that's not propped up into sofa configuration. But I don't want to add the velcro to hold it up in Sofa Mode while the walls are still in progress... And I don't want to put the bedding onto the mattress for it to just hang out in my driveway. So shlubby it'll stay for now :)

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It's been a while since I posted van updates to 🐘 I think, so here's a nice pic of how the insulation is shaping up c:

Once the insulation is finished I'll do privacy curtains, and then I think I'll be really ready to take it out again without freezing!

Rhythm game scores 

Bummer I have to be up for an early meeting, because tonight felt like it could have been a fantastic set. Starting out with a S on a 13 is really heartening as I've been struggling with staying in shape so far this year.

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Rhythm game scores 

Just one quick set as sleep aid after last night's shitshow.

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