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Back is finished, pheewwww so much cabling 😂 sleeves next, and if a block doesn't make the cable look less puffy I'll probably have to rip and try something different. It pokes out a lot now!

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second shot second shot second shot

bought a big thing of pedialyte on the way home Just In Case TM

it's saturday morning, i have dunks, join me for sweater knitting and dunks

since i am just sitting on my booty anyway instead i will start my knitting stream a couple hours early, hang with me at

That was really fun and I was heartened to see someone show up from fediverse :heart_bi: :heart_bi:

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it's saturday morning stream time there's crypt of the necrodancer and there's sweaters

it's tuesday so I'll stream in about 40 minutes, until then I'll be talking myself out of switching to VLC for music and installing an edgy 00s mall ninja skin to show on stream

do I just need to labor with my - ugh - arm muscles, if I want to stain something after

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holy shit is it impossible to buy a 1/3 sheet sander that isn't an orbital sander what am I missing here

big shout-out to tusky for reordering these seemingly at random

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We finished steeking on stream but after 6.25 hrs I was very not into the idea of picking up the edges and seaming on stream, so I did the rest offline. But pocket!!

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Join me over on for a pretty special marathon stream today, starting right now! :heart_bi:

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tomorrow stream will be Really Long and I'll be showcasing a bunch of techniques at once, such as:

provisional cast on
fair isle/stranded colorwork
felting to reinforce steeks
cutting steeks
picking up edges from steeks
using kitchener for seaming

I get the feeling that it's gonna go like alllllll day but I think it will be fun

beverages and chill tracks and knitting!

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today is Tuesday so I will stream knitting in about an hour! I'm planning on starting the stream by picking up from a provisional cast on, but after that I'll be working on my colorwork Red Moon Sweater 💕


partner and I booked for shot#1 tomorrow!!!!!!!!

dance game scores 

Trying out cute new update. Very very pleased to see these scores on sight read :D

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