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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

And because I feel like it, here's the first two pics I got from Scuzzy! The sheathed one came first and I still like it a lot. The one with the boner has a couple things that bug me, but I still like it and also has a great pawb shot

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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

Also comes in "conveniently placed censor leaf" and "oh no, I like the thought of being caught a little too much" versions!

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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

This one, art by ScuzzyFox@twitter

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*Tends to be quiet a lot, but can post a lot when doing projects
*Been heavily interested in older tech lately
*Working at a video game store that isn't GameStop
*Collects video games/general interest in game consoles/handhelds & making them do things they normally don't
*I tinker & fix things
*Doctor Who fan
*Gender neutral, he/him or they/them
*Therian/otherkin: wolf, usually anthro in form

I don't bite, promise!

birdsite bullshit, identity stuff (-) 

There's a whole debate going on about whether or not you can "come out" as a furry and everyone saying "no, it's just a hobby not an identity" makes me feel super invalid as a therian/otherkin and I hate it. I want to just scream this out over there, but I know I'll probably get attacked if I do with how heated it is.

I guess I could record them in chunks with overlap and stitch them together later

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That last part is what's going to suck, there's a lot of 6 hour tapes and even an 8 hour one and I kinda wanted the raw recording to be the whole tape in one file

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I need to do more VHS/Beta stuff. Still have 2 VHS to list out and a stack of both to record digitally

Wolf hungry

Thinking about delivery pizza but that's pricey

It's ALIVE! Had to pull the chip a second time and clean up the pads, then solder all the important pins by hand but IT FINALLY WORKS AGAIN

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Got confirmation that my soldering job was shite, gotta haul it to work again and hope I can get everything aligned properly

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Oops, deleted too much or didn't reattach the chip right! Will have to do more tomorrow. At least it stopped bootlooping, lol

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This is what was on my PSX's NAND chip. The only other dump I've ever seen looks nothing like this so I guess I'll just delete the .opt files and hope that fixes the repartition bootloops

Just call me a good wolf and give me pets

existential stuff 

On the flip side, if they do start to talk to me, I can't carry a convo to save my life and it usually collapses into no responses very quickly so IDK why I crave it so much when it usually goes nowhere. I guess I just want to be reminded that I matter to others sometimes, and I also need to get better at reminding the ones I care about that they matter to me as well

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existential stuff 

I often feel like I'm completely invisible or don't exist to others most of the time. Very few seem to contact me out of the blue and if they do, it's usually because I'm their hardware expert and they have a problem. This has made the whole "talking to others" experience even harder because I often have a heavy feeling of not wanting to bother someone for nothing, which is probably one of the reasons others don't contact me either.

Just installed a pre-release version of 1.00 on one of my PSPs just to see if I still knew how. Yep, still got it. Might make a tutorial video tomorrow or something for fun

*shakes head side-to-side*

*googly eyes go spinny*

Here it is, Baryon Sweeper Battery v1.0. Only other thing I could do to it is fill it with hot glue for support, lol

MechaPwn does not allow burned PS2 discs to work, although I've seen some hints something might happen in the future for that part

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