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Nude and lewd furry art, solo exhibitionism, very short story 

"Nall decided to drive home nude again, but he's never done it in the daytime before. At a red light and stuck in the left lane, he can feel eyes on him from the car to his right. He stiffens his arms as the thought makes him blush and another part of him becomes stiff too"

Here's the original versions of the nude driving scene, art by Scuzzyfox@twitter

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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

And because I feel like it, here's the first two pics I got from Scuzzy! The sheathed one came first and I still like it a lot. The one with the boner has a couple things that bug me, but I still like it and also has a great pawb shot

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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

Also comes in "conveniently placed censor leaf" and "oh no, I like the thought of being caught a little too much" versions!

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NSFW, nude furry art, canine bits 

This one, art by ScuzzyFox@twitter

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*Tends to be quiet a lot, but can post a lot when doing projects
*Been heavily interested in older tech lately
*Working at a video game store that isn't GameStop
*Collects video games/general interest in game consoles/handhelds & making them do things they normally don't
*I tinker & fix things
*Doctor Who fan
*Gender neutral, he/him or they/them
*Therian/otherkin: wolf, usually anthro in form

I don't bite, promise!

MiniDisc vs. UMD

UMDs are just the tiniest bit smaller, never noticed until seeing the bare discs side by side

I may have finally fixed my NE410 MiniDisc player. Still early in testing, but it just recorded a whole disc while laying down and it's playing it back without horrible skipping!

Lightly complaining about work, game store things 

My favorite thing is when someone asks me how much something is worth or if we have a model specific cable but they have no idea what it is that they actually have.

"I need a power box for a 360."
Okay, which model?
"Uuuuh, the original."
*grabs OG 360 power supply*
"...That plug doesn't look right."
Two barrel jacks together instead?
You have a Slim, not an original.

Ended up with more NPR news LP4 recordings, lol

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So it turns out, after checking all 5 of my official 1200 mAh PSP batteries, I have 2 of them and never knew. Two of the no serial, can't be soft modded to trigger service mode batteries. And I figured out how to spot them without testing: A single number. On the bottom right of the label, ones that can be written to have a string that starts with 3, ones that can't have a 4

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This is so weird. The battery works perfectly fine, I can see the temperature sensor output, it's charging normally, but there's no serial reported and I can't write one. Either the EEPROM on the board is fucked or this is one of those super new batteries that can't be written to that I've heard whispers about

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It works! ...But the serial is gone? That's not right ._.

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Finally getting around to rebuilding this PSP battery

A box with batteries in it, yes, definitely crushable

Aimlessly walking around the house slowly so my tail swings back and forth while I make little "ara" sounds

I would wear my tail all the time if I didn't have to use an uncomfy belt

It's cold enough that I actually put a hoodie on

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If any of you have PS3s that played Playstation Home in the past - get HEN or similar, and upload the cache to the Destination Home team, so the content can be preserved!

Boosts appreciated!

Good morning!

It is cold for once and I don't wanna get out of bed

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