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*Tends to be quiet a lot, but can post a lot when doing projects
*Been heavily interested in older tech lately
*Working at a video game store that isn't GameStop
*Collects video games/general interest in game consoles/handhelds & making them do things they normally don't
*I tinker & fix things
*Doctor Who fan
*Gender neutral, he/him or they/them
*Therian/otherkin: wolf, usually anthro in form

I don't bite, promise!

Light injury, cool cane 

I managed to screw up my ankle while laying in bed. I don't know how, but it happened and now I can't put a lot of weight on it. Thankfully I have a cool cane to use

Trying to decide what Joy-con set to use for a while, been rocking Neon Purple + Neon Yellow and Blue + Neon Pink for too long

I watched a Youtube video and now my brain wants me to buy a bunch of old Pokemon cards pls no

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Users can now transfer screenshots and videos from Album to their smart devices.
Users can wirelessly connect their smart devices to Nintendo Switch to transfer the screenshots and videos saved within their Album.

was that so hard, Nintendo?

My other GameBoy Mega Memory Card is finally usable again without taking apart the good one or a Gameshark to borrow the shell!

(Generic image incl. to show what it should look like)

Thanksgiving, mh (-) 

I really just want to be somewhere else right now

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Thanksgiving, mh (-), death mention 

I've gotten to the point where Thanksgiving (and other family gathering holidays) are just garbage days off for me. My sister is dead and I can't stand my niece and nephew. I was thinking maybe this year would be different since niece and nephew wouldn't be here, but no. Parents have been fighting more and more this past year and of course they're having a bad one today.

I'm still tired and should go back to bed, yet here I am downloading old home design and landscaping software

Am I the first one to play the McDonald's training game on Switch? >.>

Phone complaining ~ 

Okay, apparently it was Lawnchair screwing up. I needed to turn it on as an accessibility feature before it could work again even though it was working before

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Phone complaining - 

My OnePlus 7 Pro recently updated and now I can't double tap to sleep with Lawnchair anymore, it just opens accessibility settings... Why change that now? Why hijack a common gesture without a way to turn it off? Why can't I even find any info on this?

Skin imprinting, ouch 

I love wearing my tail and want to do it way more, but this always happens with the cloth belt I use and I just can't because of it

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Is there such a thing as a pillow belt? Like, a belt to hold a tail on but it's soft and doesn't cause skin irritation

Just therian things ~ 

Not wanting to go to work because it means taking off my tail

Also ignoring the irritation this belt causes around my waist to make tail time as long as possible

Reminder that if you have any toys/collectables with tiny button cell batteries (or any alkaline batteries, really) and you don't use the electronic parts on a regular basis, to remove the batteries.

Just found out I had a couple warped Sonic Screwdrivers from battery expansion. 2 of the cells blew up in my trash can after removal >.>

I demolished this bag of Munchies, oops

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