What people are missing about Apple "forcing WordPress to monetize" their app is that it didn't take anything for WP to cave and gives then an easy excuse to further monetize their .com brand over the .org ecosystem. Instead of the thousands or more ways a user could connect to a monetized service, it will now offer a direct route back to Automattic. 30% doesn't seem like a huge tax to them for that benefit.

copyright rant (-) 

im currently reading what the fuck those book publishers are doing to the Internet Archive's National Emergency Library, basically a digital library with actual lending and stuff

they're calling it a piracy meltpot;
> On their telling, the Internet Archive is a “piracy” organization, and the NEL is “cheating” authors by “defrauding” them of book sales.

This is making me so unbelievably fucking mad


If your approach to sustainable tech is living off a trust fund I've got some news for you about the whole sustainable part of your business plan.

Bonus if you do this and still criticize anyone who has to make a living without such funding.

why do so many ostensibly well meaning people keep trying to basically hand the government a list of protesters, I’m going to scream if this trend continues - folks trying to register voters or get petitions signed at protests, people not censoring protesters in pics, now we have journalists trying to get people to fill out google docs to help them cover this moment somehow (Vox, specifically and unsurprisingly)... stop it! your teachers lied when they said protesting is a protected right!

'shoplift only essentials' is the weirdest fucking take. like 'oh, if you're so poor you can't afford to live, i suppose you can be allowed to steal, just make extra fucking sure not to take any of the luxury items meant for actual people, you fucking mooch'

animorphs is available for free and ka applegate is a trans-supportive parent, so there's no excuse for letting your kids read harry potter

I'm not so great at my consistency in migrating away from closed social environments, but at least I'm trying each day 😅

Had a lovely time running the registration desk for the second Slack meetup at Shopify! Great conversations, lovely community support. Sometimes it's as easy as making space for geeks to geek out 💖

Every day I stay on regular old social media, I get a small bit more frustrated with the status quo of it all... start planning out all the move to self-platforming, see my bathroom is still not finished, and wince a bit.

This is a good take on device privacy. I also here a lot of people yelling about how superior their iPhone is for privacy while filling it with Google and Facebook software. The truth is it all involves more than just the device. write.as/matt/iprivacy

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