tryna b the first trans woman to have an abortion

Oh look, a book about antennas.


I will never escape trig, will I.

technical, a simple fast cosine 

hi i just made a simple thing for when you need something that looks like a cosine but doesn't have to be super accurate. it's still kind of expensive (four multiplies), but otoh it's actually pretty close to a real cosine.

this is a by-product of when i optimized a magnetic field implementation for uni, which included a cosine. i learnt how to make this fast from naoki shibata's sleef library, though the rounding trick is mine c:
you can find my (hopefully well-explained) code here:

you could get a slightly more accurate result by tweaking the numbers a bit, but i like that they're so nice, so i'm keeping them.

also, this computes cos(2πx), instead of cos(x), meaning that it goes through a whole cycle in 1 unit instead of 2π units. this simplifies things.

round is a normal rounding function, i.e. rounds down for fractional parts < 0.5, and up for > 0.5.


reduced = x - round(x)
sq = reduced * reduced
((-64 * sq + 64) * sq - 20) * sq + 1

I finally learned how to build an automatic bamboo farm

transplaining: where trans people have to explain leftist theory to libertarians as if they're five years old

I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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I've come so far and I'm evolving into something beautiful.

Palpatine: did you get the email I sent you?

Vader: yes, my master

Palpatine: with the minion who hates Mondays?

Vader: it's very funny, my master

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mutual aid request, medical 

My boyfriend broke his glasses a couple months ago and finally has an eye exam appointment. He's already had to give up a job opportunity because he couldn't see, and he needs one soon or we may lose housing.

Before Saturday we need:
$85 eye exam
also ASAP:
~$15 Zenni glasses + S&H

I also do commissions! Please see pinned post!
CashApp $nuktibromos

rip kamala harris. she is now putting minorities into the great prison of heaven

why is open source genetic engineering not more popular

Hmm, thinking about switching to Enlightenment. I've been trying GNOME out for a few weeks, and I'm vibing with it, but systemd makes my boot time unbearably long (~37 seconds, only sort of kidding about it being unbearable). Thoughts?

I'm willing to bet that game console emulation on Gentoo is smooth af

two weeks before using Gentoo: yeah, I use Firefox. what's wrong with that?
two weeks of using Gentoo: wpa_supplicant is bloat

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