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It's so so easy to miss when trying to press the show more button on the web ui on mobile for mastodon

Not the first time I've accidently boosted something I was trying to read, and probably won't be the last, sorry for any accidental boosts!

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#introduction Hello! I just realised it's been a while since I made this acct and haven't posted anything so here goes! 

I'm Madds, a non binary (they/them), adhd/autistic, disabled, and married human, with a passion for tech, games, art, poetry, and neurodiversity.

I graduate uni in May with a degree in media studies (focusing on experimental and VR media) and minor in Japanese language.

English is my first language, and japanese is good too! I need more practice lol.

Have a great day!

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A smol danger floof and a wild danger floof friends♥️

Weed and weed-derived things, food 

I wish that edible weed / cbd companies would release non-weed versions of their gummies. By far the best gummies I've ever had have all been by them and I want to enjoy them without having to worry about having too much :blobcat_mlem:

Speaking of, here's that tool:

I think I'm going to rewrite it to be a little rust program + browser extension to simplify it a lot, but the general idea is there! (Please be kind, I'm not much of a Javascript dev) :blobhearttranscat:

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looking for trans affirmations please, boosts welcome

Work and Tech, very positive! 

One of my favorite things about learning new things all the time for work and fun is documenting it. I'm quickly becoming the documentation fixer at my new job (oh hey yeah I got a job I forgot to post about lmao) and it's wonderful!

Like, so many senior devs don't realize how opaque their docs are for newcomers, so I like being that newcomer who learns just enough to fix it then continues to learn more, it's very rewarding for me.

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Subtoot-y shitpost, Java 

Idk why ladles, I just wanted it to rhyme 😅

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Subtoot-y shitpost, Java 

Gradles for the Gradle Gods

Give them all the gradles so your Java may work on ladles!

I also managed to turn the project from "write a simple script to do a thing" into "write a library to make writing the script super easy" so I'll post my odd 'js from a non js dev' library at some point :blobcatgiggle:

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I'm writing a program in Javascript right now and coming at it from a primarily rust background I'm adding so many manual type checks :blobcatsweat:

If I could get the typescript tooling to work with the library I'm using I would do that, but it was being a pain :blobcatknife:

JS is such an odd ecosystem tbh

Tech question because ddg isn't being helpful 

Does anyone know of software to use a laptop as a secondary monitor over USB?

Like scrcpy for android but pushing a virtual display from a desktop to a laptop.

Theoretically USB 3.2g1 should be fast enough for a 1080p signal but all the software I know of is for android.

I'm on Linux with Wayland on both ends if it helps :blobcat_mlem:

Blockchain, linkedin annoyance 

I really wish linkedin would stop sending me "jobs available" postings for the only local crypto game company that has a ton of ppl from my uni working there, it's so horrendous and annoying :blobcatknife:

Also I'm glad I didn't continue with the CS program if *that's* what comes out of it, oof

Ah yes, the wonderful temperature of N/A, which happens to not be a current measurement. It's absolutely N/A outside right now. :blobcatgiggle:

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apparently there's a general strike planned for next week in response to the supreme court bullshit

I finally got a laptop after using a chromebook as my only portable non-phone device for 7 years and it has a fabric lid and it's taking every ounce of self control to not iron my meow wolf and ferris patches onto it :blobcatgiggle:

I'm not sure how the fabric would handle it, or if I could take it off in the case I have to replace it, so I'm on the fence about it, but it would look so cool :blobcataww:

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Every time the cockatoo departs, it does this funny backwards dive off the ledge.

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I love my illustrated icons, but all of mine are from people who never were/are no longer on Masto. I wanna fix that!

Anyone open for icon commissions? Preferably both human and furry. If you know anyone please boost!

It turns out that trying to upload and share 80GB of files with nextcloud doesn't work well when the database ends up filling the entire usable disk space :blobcatsweat:
Putting out database and server fires was not my plan for today 😅

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