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Ok, belated

I'm Luna, I work as a robotics engineer on big four-wheeled toasters, something like "full-stack but the backend is a robot."

I'm , , , and love my (a 42U in my apartment!), /#subway content, my cat, and just all forms of hacking, tech, transitioning, , DIY, etc.

I'm new to my city and new to this life, so looking for friends & more! Say hi!

oh and

Weird coming to terms with the fact I don't look like my avatar anymore despite that being taken like 1 month ago

bored of free, open source software. i am now only interested in "win32 shareware and abandonware"

- fast on modern computers
- extremely large catalog, basically infinite
- huge variations in quality, mysterious
- usually just like 1 exe file
- try it! dont like it? delete it!
- consistent UI look-and-feel
- when it's not visually consistent it's at least Visually Rad
- no source code no cheating
- modify functionality with game trainer Poke utility, resource editor, or cracked copy of IDA Pro

Do Android TLs dream of their Android ICs sending 30 file PRs on release day?

Learning at a Philz Coffee in SF... what a pretrans me thing to be doing haha.

I realized something I didn't expect from the surgery: not only did they move my hairline, but my widow's peaks are gone. They didn't do plugs or anything, I think they just removed the part of my scalp that was bald and pulled the other parts over, since I would've had extra skin anyway. It's very confusing, though.

Awake, groggy, don't remember much of the last week except I have some photos and recall the taste of McFlurry.

also apparently i've been taking selfies by t-posing next to my work's AVs as they drive by 😹

omg. omg. my date is a valid private /24. This realization changes everything.

I can't believe I waited until I was today days old to set up wireguard + mosh on my phone/server. This is so good! Works well enough to play on shitty airplane wifi 🤣

also I think it’s called USB4 Gen 3x2 (ugggggggggh) because it’s not 40Gbps x1, but 20Gbps x2, which lmao

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trans, surgery 

Like this is just a bad question all around

Why is it gated? There are people who the answer to "women only" is "no" but who should still answer this. Trans mascs? Intersex?

Just mainline it in the form. Cis men et al know the answer to "reached menopause" or "chance currently pregnant"

Also, it's ambiguous what they're asking. "Hysterectomy" -- are you asking if I have a uterus? This is vague even for cis women.

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trans, surgery 

If your form sucks, I'll just have to be a bitch and fill it out accurately anyway.

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Old but still relevant & infuriating article describing how Flo (a period tracker app) was selling this data to third-parties, and misleading users into thinking they weren't.

A disgusting example of 'you are the product' monetization.

pokemon evolution that goes Char -> Varchar -> Longblob

If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

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