made my first ever twister on the GBA so I'm basically an oldschool scener now

"Cubic Descent"

Released in the Animated GIF compo at Revision 2021.


Released in the 4K Executable Graphics compo at Revision 2021.
A single image rendered by a 3-kilobyte executable.


To explain the flags:
The logo starts 260 bytes into the ROM
The data is 48 bytes in length
The image is 48 pixels wide
It uses a 1-bit luminance format, in big-endian order (most-significant bit first)
The pixels are laid out in 4x4 tiles (rather than standard raster order)

You can find the tool on my github - I've spent this evening giving the docs a long-overdue rewrite :)

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It's always neat when you find a new use-case for your own tools that you'd never considered before.

Today I realised you can use my tool `file2img` to extract the Nintendo logo from GB/GBC games.

the C++ ecosystem is a fucking disaster and I need to just learn Rust already jfc

The video is the classic STNICCC2000 Demo by Oxygene, being rendered by matplotlib.

Polygon data and binary-format documentation was sourced from

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so i think i got this python/matplotlib thing figured out?


here are the six that I found after a lot of zooming and squinting

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hi i'm angry about visual clutter in video games again

this is a screenshot from the new Worms game - can you spot the worms?

printf '\x1b[38;5;196;48;5;214m\xe2\x96\x8c\x1b[38;5;226;48;5;34m\xe2\x96\x8c\x1b[38;5;27;48;5;91m\xe2\x96\x8c\x1b[0m\n'

What I say: "I'm bisexual"

What people hear: "I'm attracted to men and women"

What I mean: "I'm attracted to women, enbies, and Olly Thorn"

It's been many years since I first saw this fantastic slide deck by Olve Maudal and Jon Jagger. At the time, I was very much the junior guy. It's amusing to me that, since then, I've transitioned towards being the other candidate in more ways than one :)

whyyyy does git bisect need to be run from the top level of the working directory

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