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< Introduction > 

Hi hi! I'm Amber!

I'm a trans genderfluid lesbian, and autistic and proud of it. This is my own little new quiet home when I want to escape from Tw*tter~

I'm a graphic designer, Vtuber, and tech enthusiast!

I like Linux a lot, but I generally use The Big Three (macOS, Windows 10/11, Linux) interchangably for their own purposes!~ I try to be versatile!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to DM and say hi, or add me on Discord <3 I like making friends!~

Kohaku ✨ Loveshock#8366

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< Daily kit and specs > 

Main PC (Kohaku ~Append~):
- Ryzen 5 3600
- Radeon RX 5600 XT
- 16GB DDR4
- Windows 11, macOS 11, Pop!_OS, Arch Linux

ThinkPad E550 (Blake):
- Intel Core i5-5200U
- Intel HD 5500
- 8GB DDR3
- Arch Linux

iPhone Xs (Marina):
- Stock iOS
- 64GB, space gray

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< Lewd warnings > 

I struggle with hypersexuality, and as such, I tend to be horny pretty consistently and it's not great. However that being said I figured since this isn't Tw*tter I'll probably be a little more open about this stuff <3

Feel free to interact with my posts of this variety - I frankly do not care and quite honestly appreciate finding likeminded folks. >:3

I got no fucking sleep. I am running solely off of spite and Dunkin Donuts

oh and also gay because I love my new girlfriend to death

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so I booted into macOS to help Runners Revival compile something and realized that at one point I forgot why I loved macOS on the desktop. this shit rules

y'know, i considered making an AD alt, but (A) it's a pain in the ass switching accounts frequently and (B) it's so much easier to just CW stuff here

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please respond, and boost/repeat:

1: search engines, which are most popular?

2: which search engine do *you use*

3: if your result doesn't come up in a search engine, what steps do you take *next*?

thank you for the help

hey fediverse, i've been using metatext for a while now but lookin to spice it up

y'all got any good recommendations for an iOS client?

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We could get gamers behind trains if we just add PC LAN gaming cars with mountain dew fountains to the trains

my favorite thing about mastodon is that my feed is half nudes and half tech. this is it. my paradise

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its cool, how like, i'm a girl, woman even, and my gender is girl, but my gender isnt exactly equal to girl, and its exactly like girl, but not the same because some bits are more girl than girl, some bits are girl, some bits are Hypergirl and some are trans vampire lesbian gender bits

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feel free to add me on matrix, now that my new homeserver has been set up :>

I have been wrestling with my Matrix instance to fucking. federate. for the past hour and frankly I'm so tired

it passes the federation test but it just sits on "Joining room..." infinitely (element)

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Hi hi! I tend to keep my vtubing stuff off of this account, but...

I recently launched a server on Revolt, a fully open-source clone of Discord!

It bridges with my main Discord server, for cross communication! Feel free to join if you're interested~


gender envy. i gender envy for all of you

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chubby girls with small cocks >>>

Not sure if there’s a wrapper but bridge bot was fairly easy to setup; just had to compile it (it’s a dotnet app) and then work on the config file which is tedious but not difficult

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