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84 years young today! Wishing a very happy birthday to the incomparable computer scientist Margaret H. Hamilton. πŸŽ‚

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/LegoNASAWomen/stat

hey trans gals w big hands who don't like them just remember puppies have big paws and it's super cute n so are u


also no I'm not just some addict I have sever adhd and i need stimulants to focus. caffeine doesnt work

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so does anyone have any tips on how someone who can't get an Adderall scrip but needs it to function could get access to it... if I can get a scrip at all it'll be a month from now and I o ly have enough from my friend to last me the next few days and I have work to do

every day is a good day to tell me if u think I'm pretty

selfie ec boost allowed 

fb showed me this iconic selfie from a year ago

i got my gas hooked up!!!! i can take my first hot shower in my new appt in about 30 minutes!!!!

maul is the vriska of star wars. no i wont explain

brain meds 

taking a break from Adderall and wow I was unfocused today. all I did was resolve a merge and fix a small bug I had missed, but at least I called the gas company!!! I'm gonna have hot water tomorrow!!! and a working stove!!!!!

wtf is husky and why is everyone talking about it

content about the epilogues and hs2 legit make me mad uncomfy bc of these choices. hs has always been problematic but this isnt something that can be easily overlooked and it hits really close to home...

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