hey does anyone on here play vintage story??? reply i wanna play w people!!!

loud, uhh needless 320ish and 160ish bpm breaks over an 86 bpm tune 

continuing my proud tradition of not posting unless it's a bootleg breakcore remix, here is

Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (Ratttzistentialist Mix)


currently high as hell, in my panties cradling my bong in my lap and reading the seminal whitepaper introducing parsing expression grammars

can someone explain to me why ive been watching so much fucking standup on youtube

wait what if I used my old leapmotion to track my hands and unmute my microphone when I make a certain simple gesture

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shouldn't be too hard right? ideally I'd have a simple low actuation force NC-SPST momentary switch, splice it between the microphone element and the interface board, bam. dedicated push to talk

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figuring out where to put the push to talk button so that it doesn't make vscode or chrome freak out is a bit annoying tho. could make a dedicated button for it and solder it directly to my microphone....

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really sad bc I can't really be in a voice call without headphones bc of echo and my music but headphones are an annoying sensory after a while and I wanna just chill in calls and listen to music and code and coexist but I can't do that without

- wearing headphones (not good for prolonged use)
- not listening to music (obv can't)
- muting my mic (but I love talking :c)
- push to talk (honestly the best viable option)

pic of me :BoostOK: 

I don’t have anything funny to say about this, it’s just a really good photo of me

I wrote a short story! CWs inside 

Alright, so. I'm not entirely sure of what came over me but I just wrote a short story that is kinda different in tone to what I'm used to writing. It's about identity horror, in a way. Don't expect something super scary or anything, but... yeah, that is the subject, be warned. It's also a fair bit shorter than usual, so there's that.

Content warning for:
- Robot people
- Mind alteration

Gemini: gemini://emisocks.com/stories/empty.gmi
HTTP proxy: proxy.vulpes.one/gemini/emisoc

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