Some musings on #PeerTube, and some of the struggles going on with content discovery. I don't know if it's necessarily coherent, but I tried my best.

A sea shanty written by a bot 

Oh, blow the man down!
It's time to blow the man down
Oh, you New York town
And give you to New York town

First for a half a day
Away, we're bound from the days of old.
Her lips are all the way.
Away, I'm bound away to Iceland cold

⭐ < babe are you a .exe file because you exeCUTEable ⭐

From birdsite 

a random thought entered my head: When will there be a vegan version of SPAM? @SPAMbrand

From birdsite 

4 of 5 stars to When Computers Were Human by David Alan Grier

Last week was the second week of classes and the first real week of the semester. Both classes I'm taking are online and asynchronous, so the first week was mainly about introdu

From birdsite 

There should be a superhero team named Action Figures

From birdsite 

I tried some cotton candy flavored grapes earlier. 👍

Vacation and school
Last week I took a week off from work to mentally prepare myself for going back to school, which started this week. I didn't do anything spectacular for va

Long Live the Classic Editor
When logging into a WordPress blog, the user is first shown the Dashboard, which usually includes links to posts about WordPress. This mo

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