The 4th episode of Tech Tip Friday

George is an unbranded 4K camcorder I bought from Amazon late last year. I shot this video in December, when I was still a novice, but I thought it would be fun to show. I'm only a month or so into vlogging, and this is so cringeworthy, it makes me feel better about how far I've come.

I had to downsample it to 720 because the original put me over the daily quot

Done with the subtitles (finally), but now I find out the video is too big for the quota, so I have to re-render it as 720p. 🙄

Long video coming. Still have to do the subtitles.

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the early bird gets the worm, but the bird who gets in before noon still gets coffee as a consolation prize

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Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary (2.5 million/year in 2018)

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If you can't make your own millions, store bought is fine

Updating my Patreon page for the first time in a long time. Turn out they don't allow back dating posts 🙄

For most of last year I was trying to lose weight to some extent. Every day, I'd weigh myself and mark it down in an app. Looking back over the past couple of months, I can see I was mostly good at maintaining my weight, but not losing it. Since October, I've been right around 235 pounds, give or take a few pounds. It was rarely more than 237 or less than 233. While there is some comfort in having a stable weight, i

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**US director Spike Lee to head Cannes Film Festival jury**

"Spike Lee has been named president of the jury for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, making him the first black director to lead the panel. This comes amid criticism that film competitions and awards lack diversity."

#news #bot

When I read about this prep, I imagined losing 5 - 10 pounds, but 15 is great. I might have to try it again soon to see if I can lose that much again. I didn't think it would be so... efficient. 🤔

Yesterday I was on a clear liquid diet to prepare for the colonoscopy and managed to lose 15 pounds in one day! 🙌

💩 💩 💩 colonoscopy tomorrow 💩 💩 💩

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best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

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The planet doesn't give a fucks of tons of asteroids. It is about humans who are fucked by #climatechange

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