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"Do you like our owl?"
"It's magical?"
"Of course it is."
"Must be enchanted."
"Very. I'm McGonagall. It seems you feel that our syllabus is not of benefit to the public."
"Wizards are like any other student. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit... It's not my problem.'
"May I ask you a personal question, Mr Hagrid?"
"Have you ever retired a muggle by mistake?"

all masculinity is not bad! masculinity is not inherently bad! masculinity is valid!!

there are people -- cis, trans, and otherwise -- who are doing masculinity SO RIGHT. and i love them.

they will be the ones that heal it. encourage them. you don't have to be masculine to help. and never discourage someone from being who they are.

if masculinity is not for you, don't shit on it. there are masculine people trying to live their lives.

The Home of Federama
In anticipation of Federama actually becoming useful, I've setup as The Home of Federama. It's also the first instance of Federama.

Over the past month, I've made fair progress on the code. While I'm still waiting for the ActivityPub test suite to be fixed, I've managed to find some online tests for for Webfinger and Nodeinfo, so things are moving i

@kaniini What's MRF? I see it mentioned in Nodeinfo on Pleroma sites, but don't know what it means. Search engines turn up multiple possibilities.

Bought an old camera a few months back, discovered the previous owner had forgotten a roll of film in there. Got it developed and scanned, and it looks like these pics were taken in the 70s, then forgotten in the desert heat and super degraded. They're vaporwave as fuck.

It’s terrifying to know there’s pockets of the Internet plotting to murder/β€œremove” people like me from the place I was born and people are just fine with letting it happen because it’s a β€œjoke”

Done (patreon but public post):
Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For the flag ones, feel free to ask if you want other ones.

I can do other modification if you are a patreon or for πŸ’Έ . Or you can modify them or ask somebody else to do that: the license allows it.

If someone use them please let me know, it makes me happier. ^^

It's called Pulcino Gelsomino, Jasmine the Chick.

#commission open btw
#art #chick #creativeCommons #emoji #emojos

PSA: Bread is bad for ducks and their ecosystems! Instead, give them your credit card number, expiration date, and the three digit code on the back.

> Going Dark is a lie.
US citizens are tracked and surveilled more today than any other time in human history. We carry our personal trackers - smartphones - everywhere. LEAs routinely request this data from Google, Apple, etc.

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